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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kiriwo Terrible 10

Synchro 320 kilos.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 2, 2014 22:57 | Go to Kiriwo Terrible

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Finally Kiriwo hits the double digits. Actually I think I'm in double digits for everything I should be translating other than Saike which has an odd schedule anyway.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Chapter 10: Synchro 320 kilos.
(Side text- Potatoes coming apart as they cook make for good curry.)
(Text- You can’t fight on an empty stomach. New generation Hero entertainment!)

(Side text- Nina has seen the ‘monster’ in the basement. Mikagura Kiriwo has been seen through. For the sake of this secret is a fierce battle nearing…?!)
Nina: We need to talk Kiriwo-kun.
Kiriwo: Crap, this atmosphere is really bad…
Why is it that really inconvenient stuff seems to happen all of the time to me?!
I’m in my own house for pete’s sake, yet I feel like running away!!
If I don’t say something then….!!

Kiriwo: Hey! Did you know a sneeze can travel at speeds of…
Nina: What’s the deal with the monster in your basement?
This time around too, the ‘super class monsters’ destroyed a industrial complex…and the resulting fire resulted in many casualties.
I too…lost my job and home,
Due to the super class monsters.
They are dangerous beings.
So then….why would you keep one in your home?

Kiriwo: So you did enter the underground laboratory huh.
Nina: I’m sorry for going in without permission.
But now I can’t ignore what I’ve seen.
Truthfully knowing that right now beneath me…
One of those dangerous and evil monsters resides frightens me…

Nina: Kiriwo-kun….what on earth are you doing?
Kiriwo: Dad!
What happened to Kurumi?!

Kiriwo: Can’t you return Kurumi to normal?!
Dad: Return her to normal?
Right now Kurumi is happy. She has a body that won’t age or die….she’s been reborn.
For what reason is it necessary for her to return to being an imperfect human?
I see….Kiriwo,
You’re jealous of her aren’t you?
The truth is I wanted you to undergo this change.
Kurumi: I’ll do it instead.
{So Kurumi…}
{Did this for me…}

{Then I will…}
{Return Kurumi to normal no matter what it takes!}
Nina: Answer me Kiriwo-kun.

Kiriwo: This has nothing to do with you Kousaka!!
Nina: ….I see.

Nina: It was only for a short time, but I was overjoyed that you came to help me and allowed me to live in your home.
Good bye.
Norman: Kiriwo-sama, are you sure it is a good idea to allow her to leave like this?

Kiriwo: Auuuugh!!
What do I do?!
All I had to do was think of some convincing dodge to her question, and instead I went and blurted something stupid!!
(Handwritten- I’m such a moron!!)
Norman: This is exactly why I was against her living here in the first place.

Norman: Do you think she’ll inform others of what she saw here?
Kiriwo: Holy craaap!! And the reparations…how much will THOSE end up being?!
Norman: Enough panicking. This is neither the time or place for it.
If we don’t take countermeasures immediately Kurumi-sama’s existence will be exposed.
Might I suggest since we’re in this situation anyway that we put an end to the gathering of super class monster experimental ingredients for Kurumi-sama?
Kiriwo: Absolutely not!
Norman: Then what will you do?

???: Still this is one outrageous plan you’ve cooked up Reid.
Reid: Normal weapons barely scratch Duende.
So from here on in we’re going to use the best of the best.
Lady: Though if the Japanese government catches wind of this plan we’re in big trouble right?

Lady: To release the monster we caught in America here in Japan to fight Duende….
Reid: I did say this job is a major one right?
And our country is known for handling the big jobs.
Lady: A big job huh…?
I do wonder how many victims will come about from this?
It’s just as I thought….somewhere deep down you’re one messed up kid!
Reid: You sure it’s okay…
To talk to me that way Melissa?

Reid: Because if you don’t like my plans, I can have you sent back to where you came from, and you can eat cold food in solitary for the next 30 years if you want?
Melissa: It was just a joke hun!
You shouldn’t make scary faces like that Reid!
You can join in at any time Cuadras! Reid’s getting angry!
You’re always like this!
Cuadras: I agree.
Talking about pointless things in the middle of a plan is an amateur mistake. I think that’s what Reid is saying.
Melissa: Yeah, sure.

Reid: Whatever. I’ll overlook it this time.
I don’t want to meet with any other people from here on in.
Everything will go according to my instructions.
Melissa, Cuadras.
Cuadras: Okay boss.
Melissa: I only take orders from you Reid!
Reid: Thanks. I’m depending on you guys.
Melissa: But y’know…

Melissa: This fight…
Nishizono city might be annihilated.
Depending on how it goes down…

Nina: Hmm…what should I do now?
I should probably call the police.
Officers, this boy is keeping a monster in his house!!
(Handwritten- What?!)
Nina: If Kiriwo-kun were to get arrested then…
???: Who’s going to get arrested?

Reid: A pleasure to make your acquaintance Kousaka Nina-san.
(Side text- Nina who ran away from the estate runs into the American Government operative Reid who targets the ‘Black Monster’. Is this an arresting situation for Kiriwo?!)

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