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Drea.Mer 1

Don't cling to me.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 27, 2014 21:40 | Go to Drea.Mer

-> RTS Page for Drea.Mer 1

And for translation 1,000 I start with a dream...

Here's Drea.Mer. A new series from Weekly Shounen Sunday and both proof that hope springs eternal, and that I do not learn from past mistakes. It's kind of sad that the thing I'm wondering about most here is not where this series will go but how soon my bad touch will kill it. My money is on 4 volumes.

In any case it's really got potential Aka Dori is adorable and Ma-kun is badass and I'm happy to bring it to you all. With Saike being serialized intermittently and Kiriwo almost being finished, I think I can keep on a proper schedule of TLing this. Maybe.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

{November 30th 2015 10:32 pm.}
{Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto City Japan.}
???: Damn.
It's snowing huh?
(Side text- A “Dream Survival” new serial that gouges out the right side of your brain starts!!)
???: I friggin hate snow....
That's not snow...?

{Countless “White drowsiness” flurries from the sky polluting all of the world. Do not take your eyes off of this reality!}
(Pink text- The Jack knife who made his home in monthly publications boldly makes a weekly debut!!)
Chapter 1: Don't cling to me.

(Side text- Mom makes a delicious breakfast with a smile....the one who just got up is a slightly bad boy....this is how mornings usually are.....)
{It's irritating.}
Mom: Good morning.
You certainly slept well didn't you?
{Masara Masato: 17 years old.}
Mom: What's the matter? You're making a scary face.
Masato: I had a horrible dream.

Mom: What kind of dream was it?
Masato: I can't remember.
But...it was horrible.
Mom: I see. Well I've got to go out.
I know you're on break but it's no good to just lounge around the house all of the time.
Masato: Yeah...
I get it...


Dude: That's awesome Masato!
I didn't think you'd actually do it!!
Weren't you scared?!
Masato: I'm never scared.
Now as for your observation fees...
That'll be a thousand yen per person.
You said you'd pay to see me lie on the train tracks...
as a train goes speeding by. That was the agreement right?

Dude: Y—yeah...
Dude2: We—we get it..
Masato: You pay up too.
Dude3: I don't have it.
Masato: Huuh?
Dude3: I didn't think you'd actually do it and stuff...
Masato: Then I'll just take whatever is in your wallet.
Dude3: Ah!!
Masato: Well lookee here. You do have it.
Dude3: Ehehe...

Dude3: Ugnnh...
Dude1: M—Masato!!
You're going too far!!
Don't cling to me.

???: Masara Masato...
{Dori: About 12.}

{It's so irritating.}
{I didn't really do that crap for the money....since I don't particularly care about cash.}
Dude: Hey kid!
Where the fuck are you looking?
Masato: You can't tell yourself?
Dude: Huuuh?
{I just want to prove...}
{That there's nothing that scares me anymore.}

???: Mom!
I have to call an ambulance!
But the cell phone is broken...
Mom: Ma-kun...
Masato: I—I'm going to get help!

Mom: Stay here Ma-kun..
I'm sure help will arrive soon.
I'm fine after all, see?

{I can see a city in the distance....}
{Mom is injured and bloody all over....she can't walk...}
{My head was pounding and I knew I had to go and call for help..}
{But I couldn't move...}
{I was too scared.}
{Outside a blizzard was blowing and the surroundings were midnight black.}
{I was scared....just so scared...}
{Mom held onto me and all I could do was to shiver and cry...}

{It's so irritating.}
{It's been 8 years since that day..}
{And now I've only got the remnant of irritation toward that weak and pathetic version of myself.}
(Sfx- Pachinn shfft)

{I've become stronger.}
{I'm not scared of anything.}
Dude: Stop i---
{So then why...}
{Why won't this irritation settle down?}

Dori: Awesoooooome!!
Ma-kun is sooooooo strong!
Masato: Who the hell are you?
Dori: Doriiiiii~!
Dori came to wake Ma-kun up from his dream~!
(TN- Normally when I translate I ignore speaking in the third person, because it gets odd grammatically. In this case since it's not clear what Dori is, and it seems to attest to (His? Her?) character I'll leave it in.)
{What's the deal with this?}
{Is their head okay? More like that sheep cosplay....}
{It is cosplay right?}

Masato: Ngh.
'the hell?!
Dori: Are you awake yet?
Masato: Huuuuh?!
Dori: Hmm...so just hitting Ma-kun isn't going to be enough to wake him up huh? You're such a sleepy head.
Guess a bigger shock is going to be necessary...
No way around it! Gonna have to kill you after all!
Dori: Ah...
Masato: Cut it out with the stupid jokes.
I'm gonna hit you if you don't.

Dori: C'mon, don't move around so much~
Lets try this again....
Hmm...is it supposed to go here...?
Masato: Oraaaaah!!
W—what the actual fuck asshole?!
Are you trying to kill me?!
Dori: You hit me....
Masato: Huuuh?!

Dori: Uuuugh...
Masato: HEY!
Wait dammit!!
Don't run away from me!!

Masato: Huh?
{You've gotta be kidding.}




(Sfx- Pachii blink)
Dori: Waaaah!!
He woke up!!
Ma-kun woke uuup!!

Masato: What the hell is this...?
Dori: Ma-kun? Y'know what?
You've been dreaming this whooooooole time!

Dori: Ah!
I forgot!
Papa said...
If there's a person who's awake..
Give them this thing and go to Tokyo with them!
Dori can't read it so you'll have to do the honors yourself Ma-kun!!
{The fist time the “Sheep” were witnessed...}
{Was late night November 30th 2015 late night in Japan's Gunma prefecture's city area.}

{They seem completely different from the Sheep we are used to seeing.}
{To be frank it's unknown just what kind of creature these things are.}
{The “sheep's” cry that these creatures utter has the effect of lulling humans to sleep.}
{Upon this they absorb the bodies of the humans who are sleeping and then ascend into the sky...}
{The people who are absorbed by the “sheep” do not awaken...}
{And once they have ascended to the skies with the “sheep” they do not return.}
{It is unknown what their objective is and what it has to do with capturing people.}
{The “Sheep” continue to fall from the sky without stopping.}
{Japan, America, China....they seem to be all around the world...}

{It has been three years since the “Sheep” invaded. The current Japan has lost it's ability to function as a country...}
{Their current situation making it impossible to even identify how many citizens are left.}
{November 17th 2018.}

Dori: Do you get it?
Masato: Yup!
This is a dream!

Masato: What's that?
Nngh...what was that noise?
Dori: The “Sheep” Have found us...
If we fall asleep they'll take us to the sky...
You have to save us Ma-kun...
Masato: No.
Don't cling to me.

Masato: If i'm dreaming then I'd might as well relax.
Besides I actually kind of hate you.
Dori: Are you scared?
Is Ma-kun scared of the sheep?
Masato: Hey...
Let me tell you something. There is nothing I'm scared of.
Whether it be real or a dream.

Masato: Imma kill one of those “Sheep” and prove it to you. Lets go.
The voice came from that building over there.
While we're on the subject...
Just what happened to your papa?
Dori: The “Sheep” took him into the sky...
Masato: ….Does your Papa have a tail and horns like you?
Dori: He doesn't. Papa's a human.
Masato: Okaay, then what exactly are you?
Dori: Dori.
Masato: That's not what I mean...

(Sfx- Meeeeeeeeeeeeh)
(Sfx- Kashaan clatter)
Masato: Huh?
{I'm sleepy?}
{Why? I'm already in a dream aren't I?}
Masato: The “sheep” is behind that door then huh?
Lets get moving Dori.

Masato: Wake up Dori!!
If you fall asleep then there's no point of me even coming this far!!
Dori: Papa...
Ever since Papa disappeared...
Dori's been all alone...
Dori tried looking for other people..
And walked allll over, but wasn't able to find anyone...
So when Dori met Ma-kun...
Dori was so, so, so very happy....
{This is a dream.}

{From where?}
{But this is a dream. It has to be. There isn't a single thing that feels real about this...}
{But then why...}
{Even in my dreams the feeling of irritation I had was always there...}
{But now I don't feel any irritation at all!!}
Masato: We're here.
But my eyes haven't been opened...
(Sfx- Kahh)

Masato: Che!!
(Sfx- Biri biri biri biri)
(Sfx- gacha clack)

Mom: Good morning.
You certainly slept well didn't you?
Masato: What about the “Sheep”?
Mom: Sheep?
What are you talking about?

Masato: Ah...yeah obviously..
Those couldn't have been real.
{It's irritating...}
Mom: What are you talking about?
Masato: I had a horrible dream.
{It's irritating.}
{The irritation from before has increased....}
(Sfx- Kiii)

Mom: Masato...
It's cold...
Close the door dear.

Mom: You hate the snow right?
Masato: Mom...
Never called me Masato.
Eight years ago it was the same thing...
The door was open and snow was blowing in...
They came to save us in time...

Masato: Mom was frozen.
Been having a dream this whole time.
Mom: Masato...
Masato: Don't touch me!!

Masato: Shee-

Mom: Ma-kun.

Mom: If Mom were to ever disappear...
I want you to stand up, don't avert your eyes from realty....
and live strongly.
Sheep: Meeeee....


Sheep: MeeeeeeeeeeeeEE
Masato: I finally understand.

Masato: What has been irritating me this whole time...
I convinced myself mom was alive...
So I've been just living in a convenient dream this whole time.
I was irritated at myself...

Dori: Hmm...
(Sfx- Gachaah clack)
Masato: So you're up?
Dori: Nnn.

Masato: Damn. What a fucked up reality this is...
Everywhere is all fluffy...
the hell is going on here?
Dori: Probably the sheep's shedding....
Masato: Why didn't the “sheep” take me into the sky?
Dori: The “sheep” grant the sleeping people they take very happy dreams...
But there are some people where such dreams only serve to make them angry from time to time.
Those people frighten the “sheep” and they drop them from the sky. At least that's what Papa told me.
Ma-kun, you came here after falling from the sky!
Masato: So those “sheep” are afraid of me?
Dori: Nnhm!
That's right! You're so strong and awesome Ma-kun!!
Masato: So the “sheep” grand people happy dreams do they....?
I see...
Then I..

Masato: Was just afraid of acknowledging that mom died...
because of my weakness this whole time...
Dori: Ma...
Masato: Don't cling to me.

Masato: To start I want to get an idea of Japan's current situation.
According to your Papa's notes, there's a shelter underground in Tokyo.
It is there that a device that the “sheep” do not allow anyone to access is located.
If we wanna stay alive we'll have to head to Tokyo.
{Can I really trust the intel given to me by something with an unknown nature...?}
Masato: Well...
It is thanks to it that I was able to awaken from the dream the “sheep” had me stuck in.
Dori: Ma-kun..
Masato: Yeah?
Dori: I'm sorry for waking you up.
This horrible world...
Must make Ma-kun sad...
and lonely...
Masato: Hmph.
I'm intrigued.
Dori: Eh?
Masato: I'm much more acclimated to live in a post apocalyptic world based in reality than a happy dream.
And if those “sheep” get in my way, I'll eat 'em up Gengis Khan style until there isn't a single one left.
I'll live strong through this reality!
(TN- Genghis khan is a dish with mutton and vegetables.)

Masato: And then this time I'll be able to prove it to this world..
That I'm not scared of a damn thing!!
Our destination is Tokyo.
If you hate being alone that much then shut your mouth and maybe I can put up with having you along.
Dori: Nn!
Masato: Damn.

???: Mofu...



Masato: Don't cling to me.
{February 4th 2020: 8:30am. Dori and Ma-kun depart for Tokyo.}
(Side text- Emerging from cocoons are new species of “sheep”...with unimaginable battle capabilities!! How will you challenge them Ma-kun?! Next issue!!!)

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#1. by vinceled ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2014
Congrats on your 1,000 translation^^ I doubt I'll ever get to that number given how lazy I am and my slow pace... Thanks for the great translation. I wonder if a scanlation team will pick it up?
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2014
Thanks. It's not something to be proud of though. Rather than TLing 1,000 of these I could have been contributing to mankind in a profound way.

I dunno if anyone will pick it up TBH. Really I just worry about the TL part. After that as long as people credit me I'm not big on microchecking groups and stuff.
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