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Drea.Mer 12

D Set.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 17, 2015 17:15 | Go to Drea.Mer

-> RTS Page for Drea.Mer 12

My dream is for more than five volumes. I guess with these new characters appearing that there's still some time left...

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Chapter 12: D Set.
(Colored text- Is innocence a sin? [Innocence is in blue])
(Pink circle- Contents of the setting, loads of extras and even some corrections...volume one is in stores everywhere today!!)

Bon: Sheet music..?
(Side text- What was unsealed wasn't a letter but...)
Bon: Hey...this an accompaniment to my tune isn't it...!

Bon: Did you come to listen to this...?
It's the same as before..
You made this..
For my sake...
{For us to..}
{Perform together again...}

Bon: 'Sup?
Masato: What do you want?
Bon: There's a hotspring over yonder...
Wanna take a dip?
Masato: Why should I with you?
Bon: Ahahaah!
Could it be that Ma-kun's packing a pea shooter?
Masato: I'm packing a bazooka.
That's for hitting me yesterday.
Consider us paid up.
Bon: So he wasn't all talk....
Masato: Hey...
What the heck is that thing on your back?
Bon: Cool aint it?
Masato: Even if a lifetime passes it'll never come off...
Bon: Though because I have it I've never been to a hotspring.
Man, even when the world has been annihilated, there are still good things huh?
Masato: This guy is off his friggin' rocker.
Dori: Dori wants to see too~

Bon: Don't get any closer!!
Even a cool, badass guy like me...
Has one thing he can't handle.
And that's little girls!
Little girls are the same as roaches and shit to me....!
So back the fuck up, monster!!
Dori: DORIIII!?!?
Bon: Go over there and splish splash or whatever.
Dori: Dorii...
Masato: You've got lots of energy..
For someone who was bawling his eyes out.
Bon: Whatever could you be referring to?

Bon: On that note, you never seem to smile...
Masato: If there's nothing to smile at, why would I smile?
Bon: Ma-kun.
For waking me up from the “sheep's” dream.
Masato: Are you serious about that?
Bon: Of course brah! If you can't excite a person in real life, then even songs to 'em are gonna suck!!
Masato: Shut the hell up, assbreath.
Bon: Hahahahahah...
That aside...

Bon: Even in that stupid dream I was having...
Only disappointing things floated up to surface.
Masato: Your brother you mean..?
Bon: Eh, it's not like he's anywhere to be found now.
If only I weren't such a lame older brother.
Lady: It can't be helped...
Moreover you get a sizable insurance payout to look after him don't you...?
Masato: It looked sorta fun to me..
Your little brother seemed to enjoy having a stupid idiot like you by his side.
{I too wanted an older brother like you.}

Bon: Heheh....
Well there's no need for us to get down in the dumps about it.
Now look at the water's surface!
Whooa!! this reflection..
Isn't he a fucking handsome guy?!
It fills me with all kinds of energy man!!

Masato: Hahah...
{Why did I laugh just now?}
{...I'm having fun.}

{This is the first time since I awakened from the “sheep's” dream that i've had a good time.}
{No...even bfore that.}
{My heart's had plenty to spare.}
{It's been crushed..}
{By the feeling of hopelessness because I've been unable to do anything..}
Bon: Huh?
Did I just see a smile Ma-kun?
Am I entertaining you?
Masato: Not really...
I figure when one is having a good time they should smile.

{For now I'll laugh.}
{An excess is essential...sort of like Bon.}
{If not I won't be able to do anything and I won't be able to progress from my failures.}
{For now I'll laugh.}
Masato: Hahahah...
{Next time I meet up with Poussecafé...}
{I'll work off all of this agression.}

Dori: Dori's just a little girl....
At this rate Dori won't be able to become friends with Bon...
Dori wants to hurry up and become an adult...

Dori: A lady....
Bell: So cute.
Dori: Dori~
Dori is so happy!
So what's your name?

(Sfx- Smile)
Dori: Eh?
Um...Your name..
H—hold on...
Bon and Ma-kun are over there...
Ma-kun! Maaa-kuuun!!
Bon: What's up?
Hey! You'll slip and fall!!

Dori: Ma-kun!!
{A survivor?!}
Masato: Agh!!
Bon: Huuh?
Didn't think t here were people in this town.
Masato: Hey! Hide your shame!
Bell: D SET!!
Masato: Huh?
Bon: D...?

Dori: D—dori?!
Masato: A bed...?
What the heck did that woman just do?
Bon: Ah, it closed...
Dori: I—It's so dark...
Dori can't see anything..

Bell: Look~
{A dream is a disguised fulfillment of a suppressed wish. --Sigmund Freud.}
{However within the dream itself, that desire may be reflected in another form.}

{A dream where one becomes a dog}
{Symbolizes an “unknown” desire.}
(Side text- Transforming the fantastic into reality...that is the “awakened”!!)

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