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Saike Once Again 59

Lets Trek.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 16, 2016 16:22 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 59

Probably my favorite chapter of the seventh series. It's not many times that a shounen manga does something quiet like this for all or most of a chapter. It's usually either long fights or adventuring. I wish we got more of this kind of thing, really.

Psylocke scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- They’ll have to trek on foot to the Healing power user’s temple but what awaits them…)
Ana: Hah…
Wait for meeee….
C—Can we take five….
Raj: You’ll be fine. We’re almost at the rest point.
Ana: You’ve been saying that the whole time!!
(Handwritten- For the last two hours even!!)
Saike: Ah, Ana! Watch out!
Behind you!
Ana: Huh?

(Sfx- Baaaah baaaah)
(Sfx- Baaah baaah)
Take 59: Lets Trek
Ana: Who…
Saike: Are you okay Ana?!
(Sfx- Dodododo *thooom*)
(Handwritten- I’ve had enough…)

(Sfx- Meeeh *baaaah*)
(Side text- No way! The Goats are coming too?! Ana’s struck with wonder!!)
(Handwritten- Goaaats?!)
(Side text- They’ve come to Nepal to search for the healing ability user!! The “Search” part 7 is a voyage filled with difficulties as they do a mountainous trek!!)
(Sfx- Zuhh *Sfft*)
Raj: Have a drink.
Ana: That’s my Raj!!
You’re quite the thoughtful guide!
Raj: But of course.

Ana: Puwah!!
I’ve been revived!
(Handwritten- Thanks)
Raj: 1000 rupees.
Ana: What?
Raj: 1000 rupees.
Ana: HUH?
Raj: 1000 rupees.
(Under panel- 1000 rupees = 1000 yen.)
Ana: Don’t screw around with me! We paid your guide fees!!
(Handwritten- It was 1,500 rupees!!)
Raj: This is separate.
Water is 1000 rupees.
Ana: Furthermore it’s so expensive!!
Raj: Mountain water is a precious resource.
The further up one goes the more precious it becomes.
(Handwritten- Especially now.)
Ana: You friggin’ cheapskate….

Raj(?): We’ll be staying overnight in this village.
Saike: Phew, we can finally catch our breaths.
Server: Thanks for coming honored guests.
(Handwritten- Have some Chai tea.)
Saike: I’m going to use the bathroom.
Ana: Well?
(Sfx- Zuzuzuhh *slrrrp*)
Ana: About how long will it take to get to the Healing God’s village?
Raj: Here’s a map.
Right now we’re here.
(Sfx- Guruhh *spnn*)
(Sfx- Fun fun *nod nod*)
Raj: We’ll need to go around the valley…
(Handwritten- It’s a bit of a detour.)
Raj: We’ll arrive in about two days.
Ana: That’s quite a bit of time…

Eiji: Are there any other routes?
We don’t have time.
{Saike’s left over life…}
Eiji: Especially not to take detours.
Can’t we take a different way?
(Sfx- Kehoh Gehoh *cough cough*)
(Sfx- Hah…)
(Sfx- Hah…)
(Sfx- Hah…)
(Sfx- Hah…)
{I just gotta hang in there…}
{It can’t be much longer, right?}

Raj: Then the only choice we have is to go through the forest.
Ana: Forest?
Raj: This one here.
If we manage to make it through, we’ll arrive in half a day.
It’s a short cut.
(Sfx- Zuuhhh *sffft*)
Raj: However this forest is dangerous.
It’s the rainy season now so the “leeches” will be out.
(Handwritten- They’re scary!)
Eiji: Does that even matter?
We’re going that way.
Raj: Fine, fine.
Then as a specialty…
(Sfx- Hah…)

Raj: I’ll require an extra ten thousand rupees.
(Sfx- Charinnn *chaching*)
(Sfx- Puchiii *poit*)
Saike: Sorry to keep you waiting!
Raj: Release me!!
It’s only natural I’d charge more on a dangerous route!!
Ana: And I’m telling you that it’s too expensive!!
Are you some kind of alien from planet charge-a-lot?!

Kid: Hahahahahaa!
(Handwritten- A bag worm!)
Saike: Are you kids from the village around here?
Kid: That’s right.
Saike: And that grass?
Kid: This is the bull’s food.
The goats find their own grass to eat.
But the bulls can’t eat the grass unless it’s cut.
Saike: Oooh…
You’re so awesome to help out at home.
Kids: Are you a Japanese?
Saike: Yeah.
Kid: Do you have a camera?
Saike: Uh…
I do?
(Handwritten- It’s my phone camera…)

Kid: Take our picture!
Saike: Huh?
Eiji: Saike, we’re headed to our room.
(Handwritten- Then 5000 rupees. A pleasure doing business with you~)
(Handwritten- Ugh.)
Eiji: Huh?
What are you doing Saike?!
(Sfx- Kashako kashako *snap snap*)
Saike: Well…um…
(Handwritten- They suddenly multiplied…)
(Handwritten- Camera!!)
(Handwritten- Namaste!)
(Handwritten- Tadaaaah!)
(Handwritten- Take me! Take me!)
Kids: Camera! Camera!
Guy: Hey you guys!!
You’re troubling the nice Japanese boy!!
(Sfx- Waaaaah)
(Handwritten- No, no it’s fine…)
Guy: Those kids always get bored of working…
And this is what happens whenever they see tourists.

Saike: Work?
Despite still being so small?
Guy: That’s just natural in this village.
Raising cows, working the fields…
From five years old, even kids are hard workers.
Generally by twelve, girls are able to handle most housekeeping duties on their own.
Mountain villages don’t have hospitals.
So there are lots of kids who have lost their parents.
In order to stay alive, everyone has to work….it’s only natural.

{No hospitals…huh…}
(Sfx- Pachii *blink*)

Eiji: You’re awake?
We’re gonna reach the Healing God’s village today.
You doing okay?
(Sfx- Gyuuuh *grab*)
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)

Saike: I’m fine.
(Sfx- PI pi *tweet tweet*)
(Sfx- Kakakakaka)
Ana: Hey Raj, is this route really the right way?!
(Handwritten- There are no beasties crawling around here, right?)
Raj: I am a man who does his work with the utmost zeal once he’s been paid!
(Handwritten- You’ll be fine.)
Hizu: Are you okay Saike?
(Sfx- You feeling hot?)
Saike: I’m fine!
(Handwritten- Thanks!)

(Sfx- Kasaaah *Sffft*)
(Sfx- PIi pii *tweet tweet*)
(Sfx- Kakakakaka)
(Sfx- Chichichichi)
{What the…}
{Something was…}
Eiji: What is it Saike?
Saike: Nah…
{My imagination I guess?}
Saike: Nothing at all.

(Sfx- Ujuruhh *dripp*)
(Sfx- Juru juru *blip blip*)
Saike: Huh?
(Sfx- Uni uni *wff wff*)
Saike: Uwaah!!
A leech!
(Handwritten- It’s huge!)
(Sfx- Pah pah *fwap fwap*)
Saike: Hizu-kun, be careful.
There really are leeches in this forest…

Saike: Hizu-kun!!
Quickly turn around!!
There’s a huge number of Leeches!!
(Sfx- Ujiruuuh *drip*)
(Sfx- Ujiruuuhh)
Eiji: Damn!!
(Sfx- bashiih *wff*)
(Sfx- Bashiii *wff*)
(Sfx- Uni uni)

Ana: Uwah!!
(Sfx- Zunnnnnnnn *doooom*)
Ana: Why are there so many of these leeches?!
(Sfx- Uni uni)
Ana: This isn’t normal!!
(Sfx- Zozozozzoo *sfffft*)
Ana: Have all the leeches around the mountains concentrated in this spot?!
(Sfx- Zozozozozo *Sffft*)

???: My leeches are good at sucking up blood.
Eiji: Who are you!?
Dude: Take out all yer cash and leave it there.
If you do that I’ll call back my “leeches”.
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *rmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Poto poto poto *drip drip drip*)
Raj: T—
{Ability users!!}
(Side text- A disgusting new enemy appears! Next time the battle starts!)

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