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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 624

Fingers are legs too.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 16, 2017 23:46 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 624

If you can smile at your city burning, you're either a yakuza member or a psychopath. Those things are barely mutually exclusive as is though..

Hi wa mata noboru only

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(Sfx- Dodododoooh thoooom)
(Side text- The surprise attack moves!!)
Someone: You---
Katsuo: Yer boys are takin a nap outside.
Just in case yer lookin' for 'em.
Best watch yourself...
This city's bad neighborhoods are really unsafe.

Katsuo: Fallin' sleep on the side of tha road...
Is just invitin' people to snatch up everything ya own.
Shinra: You..you...
Otose: Now, speak with your fists...
till you're satisfied.

(Side text- Beat 'em down!!)
Lesson 624: Fingers are legs too.
Katsuo: Now ya bad brats of...


Soutatsu: I said it before...

(Sfx- Douhhhh bloorsh)
Soutatsu: Our group tactics will not crumble to the likes of you.
All of us are part of a greater whole.
And each one of us would consider it an honor to sacrifice a single “life” for the sake of the “group”.
This is what it is to be a shinra.
(Sfx- Gishigishi grnnnd)
(Sfx- Pikiii tkshhh)

Jirochou: And I said it already...
That we know...
The way you prefer,
To kill.

(Sfx- Zubooohh fwhoooom)
(Sfx- Kaaah dshhh)

Gintoki: And you ain't the only ones...
Who aren't alone here.

(Sfx- Zaaaaaannn dsssssh)
Jirochou: Being a team player ain't so bad...
From time to time.
Gintoki: I wonder about that...
If I had hung back a little longer, a certain noisy ganguro geezer would have been skewered real nice.
(TN- Ganguro is a fashion trend in Japan consisting of dark tans, bleached hair and heavy makeup.)

Both: Tis a real shame.
(Sfx- Dotsuhhh dshhhd)
(Sfx- Dotsuhhhh bllssh)

???: Soutatsu-sama!!
You bastaaaaaards!!
(Sfx- Dooohhh thok)
Katsuo: Gahahahaha! Take a gander at that!
This is the power of universe's most badass yakuza group lead by Jirochou –the Dobunezumi gang!
And I'm the young master of the gang, the universe's number one seven-three guy Kurogoma Kats--
(Sfx- Gotthhh thok)

???: Who's the number one yakuza group in the universe?!
The one who took the balls of the enemy general was our young leader!! It's us the Yorozuya house who are the number one yakuza in the universe!!
Shinpachi: Um, no?! When did we become yakuza?!
Pirako: Besides, you aren't the young master of the Dobunezumi gang, Kacchan~
Jirochon told me that I'd be the young master for now on~
Katsuo: WHAT'D YOU SAY?!
Hold the damn phone! I didn't hear nuttin about this!! What's goin' on here, Jirochon?!
Jirochou: Who the hell is Jirochon?
Katsuo: While you weren't around, I was the one who busted my ass keeping the group together!
Pops, I...
Since back then I've always...
{Even when...}
{I was like a knife who stabbed everyone who came in contact with me...}
(Sfx- Don tmp)
Jirochou: Sorry 'bout that.
Katsuo: Hey, hold on buddy. You think you can walk away with just an apology after bumpin' into someone...
(Sfx- Gokaaaahh Thuddd)
Katsuo: Gaaaah!!
No way...the name Kurogoma...I've always been feared...
Who the hell are you?
Jirochou: Bro...
It's fine and dandy to go snappin' at everything around you because you're young, but let me say one thing.

Jirochou: Was I really...
In your flashback?
Katsuo: You're denying the flash back while bein in it?!
Jirochou: I'm pretty sure that's how it went.
Katsuo: Don't go modifyin' people's flashbacks any which way, boss!
I didn't go doin that sorta thing when you had your flashback last week did I?!
A—Anyway It was from there that I fell for you hard boss!!
At the very least considerin how much I've done, I should get the seat of young leader!
Jirochou: For one thing, I don't remember saying anything of the sort. What kind of father would let his daughter run a yakuza group?
Pirako: Awww~ But you said earlier that I could be the young leader...
Jirochou: We were merely talking about possible scenarios.
Pirako: But you said it!
Jirochou: I did not.
Pirako: You did!
Jirochou: Did not.
Pirako: But you did....
(Sfx- Shuun droop*)
Jirochou: Pirako this is something I can't hand oer to you.
If you were to act in half measures, how would I face her—your mom who left you in my care?

Jirochou: You can take the Pirarin gang to the very top.
(Handwritten- Jirochon here will be president.)
Jirochou: If she were a female gang leader born in a yakuza house she'd be overjoyed.
(Handwritten- Yay)
Jirochou: Isn't that great Katsuo? With this you'll always be a a young leader.
Katsuo: When the hell did I say I wanted to be the young leader of the Pirarin gang?!
Poooops what the hell happened that you became such a doting idot?!
Little Lady, could you please return Jirouchou to us?!
Pirako: Kacchan, I'm not a little lady, but boss, yeah?
Aww, can't be helped. I'll let you off the hook with five fingers this time~ But next time I'm taking ten~
Gintoki: Gimmie a break. I should have just let them skewer you at this rate.
I mean even if we're able to pay back the Liberation front in full, this city will never be peaceful again.
Jirochou: Heh...
You think if I croak, this city will quiet down?
Even when I'm gone...
You're still here, right?

Jirochou: And when you're gone, they're still here.
There was no hope of this city being a peaceful place to live.
After all it's in this city lives noisy, brash, and lively idiots.
But that's exactly why...
Even on this planet on the brink of destruction, in the midst of all that noise...
The ones who...
run into the fray to fight..
Are only those very same idiots...
from that noisy city.

Tatsugorou: Jirochou...
Seems like I'm not gonna...
Be able to run wild in that city anymore.
I leave her and that city to you.
Jirochou: What idiocy are you spouting!!
You can't die like this!!
Stand up!!
This isn't the kind of place where you can die!
(Sfx- zaahh Sffft)

Jirochou: We have to return together Jirochou...
Back to our city.
Tatsugoro: Heh...Otose's gonna become an old bat,
waiting around for me.
But that's not too bad...
She's....unlike me looking at the future..
Jirochou, our city...
What kind of city will it become?
What kind of old folks will you become?
What kind of youngsters will gather there?
Jirochou(?): Dunno,
But we'll most likely...
Be the type to bore them to tears with our lectures.
I'd probably become...
That sort of stubborn geezer.
{Someday I'd like to see...}
{That city...}
{Would have enjoyed it.}

(Side text- A future that was once his dream...)
GINTAMA LESSON 624.............END.

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