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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 59

Arrival of a new semester.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 59

This time it wasn't laziness that made this late, but disinterest. and laziness. Though I'm gonna hang in there as long as I can. Still one more to go before catching up though.

Psylocke scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Rico: Cherry Blossoms! This is the first time I've ever seen them!
???: Oh? Is that so?
Koichi: They're in full bloom!

(Top text- A new season)
Chapter 59: Arrival of a new semester.

(Top text- And we've gotten (bigger is crossed out) stronger.

Koichi: The weather is mild, huh?
Rico: Yeah.
Koichi: It was a long winter...
Rico: Say Koichi...

Rico: Weren't we supposed to get on that?
Koichi: Ahhh!!
Dammit, we got so caught up watching cherry blossoms and lost track of the time...
Rico: We're gonna be late?
Then we've gotta make a run for it!
Koichi: We're in the middle of town, so people are bound to notice!
Listen up Rico, that train runs along the park we saw earlier.
(Train/next stop/Cherry Blossoms/ Park)
Rico: Mhmm.

Koichi: So if we cut through the park, we can reach the train before it arrives on the other side!
Rico: Okay!!
Koichi: Slowly...
Charging straight ahead!

Koichi: Ah...
A lake!
Rico: What'll we do Koichi? We're gonna run late? Is there a way around the lake?
Koichi: The train's going to reach the next station soon...
We don't have much time so...
We're gonna jump it, Rico!
Rico: Let's do it, Koichi!!

Koichi: Hup!!

Koichi: Let's get to the station!
We made it just in time!!

Koichi: Maaan, that was a close one.
(Handwritten- Almost didn't...)
Rico: It's great we weren't late~
Koichi: I've been moving around since morning so now I'm sleepy...
Rico: On that note...
I feel like when we were riding someone else was looking at us...
Ayla: Those dummies...

Coach: You've got guts coming late...
on the very day of the opening ceremony!
Since it seems your attitudes have slackened for this new term...
I'll have you raise your spirits by cleaning the bathrooms.
Girl: Say Ayla-chan, isn't that boy your friend?
(Handwritten- Wow he sure is mad.)
Ayla: Don't know him.
Koichi: Ayla-san!
(Sfx- Horori droop)
Coach: Gather at the staff room after home room is over!
???: Good morning.

Koichi: Sen...
Coach: Ootoriiiiiiiii!
Nozomi: I made sure to put my school uniform on properly!
Koichi: Senpa...
Coach: That's not the problem here! The opening ceremony is already over!
Nozomi: Is that so?
I just woke up and all, so...
Coach: Whaat?
Nozmi: Sensei.
Coach: What is it?!

Nozomi: I'm not feeling too well...
So I think I'll go home!
Coach: Wait...the new semester just started and you're going home?
Nozomi: Yup.
Coach: You really don't feel good?
Nozomi: Yup.
Koichi: He's completely caught up in her tempo...
Coach: Fine, you don't need to be punished for being late...
Just take this and head back to your class substitute.
(Sfx- Pihh shfft)
Nozomi: Thank you.
Coach: Look at that speed!

Koichi: Thank goodness...so she was able to heal with no problems.
Thank goodness..!!
{Before summer vacation...}
Nozomi: Since Zoki's attack, I haven't sensed the star group approaching the port at all.
If I want to focus and heal now's the only time for it...

Nozomi: I'm fine.
Good night Hirose-kun.
Koichi: Good night...
{And after that Senpai went to sleep...}
{Until Spring.}

Brows: Hey Koichi!!
We're in the same class this year too! Lookin' forward to it!
Koichi: Me too, Sugawara!
What is it?
Yupstillgonnacallhimbrows: Naw, it's just...it's been a long time since we hung out and stuff.
Koichi: Really? How long's it been?
Brows: Third year of Elementry school.
Sugawara: I'm gonna check out the clubs, you should too.
Koichi: See you later!

Nozomi: What kind of face is that?
(Sfx- Guuh shfft)
Nozomi: It's been a while~

Koichi: What's with you? It's been a minute, right?
Nozomi: I'm back.
Koichi: Is your arm okay?
Nozomi: It's managed to recover it's shape, though I'm still a bit sleepy.
Koichi: Well it's okay if you awaken little by little. Spring's so mild and stuff, that it's not surprising that you're sleepy...

Koichi: Oogh!
Nozomi: Huh?
Ayla: Good morning Nozomi.
Nozomi: Oh it's you, Ayla! Good morning!
Ayla: So your body really does repair itself after you hibernate, huh?
Did you sleep well, alien?
Koichi: Ayla-san, what was that foor?
Ayla: That was for your high jump this morning in the park!
Koichi: I was going to be late for the train so that's why I did it.
Ayla: And in the end you took the wrong train and ended up later for it!
Koichi: If you saw it happening you should have said something!
Ayla: I'm not going to spoil you!
(Handwritten- You should have contacted me!)

Rico: Ayla, you were fast asleep during the opening ceremony, right?
It's because spring feels so nice, right?
Ayla: And how would you know that...
Rico: Cause I saw you from the window of the gym~
Koichi: Ayla-san...
(Handwritten- Not satisfied)
Ayla: What?? It's completely different from missing it because I was late!
Koichi: You didn't even have to try your hardest to get there on your own or anything...
Ayla: What'd you saaaay?

Nozomi: Hirose-kun, Ayla...
As I thought it's much more fun to be with all of you.
But I have to go....
Koichi: Where to?

Nozomi: You know...
In all seriousness I really should have slept more than I did, however...
But I was awakened.
Koichi: By whom?
Nozomi: By an intruder coming through the port.

Coach: Don't be late again, ya hear?
Koichi: Okaay.

Nozomi(?): Only one alien has come through the port to earth...
It's not huge...just a normal sized one.
And it's been watching us this whole time, even now.
Koichi: This again...

Koichi: I thought the scarred city would have time to remain calm..
After we finally managed to defeat Zoki...
Ayla: As long as they have reasons to come to earth, they'll continue to appear endlessly.
Through the entryway known as the port.
Koichi: The port...
Ayla: It's about here...
Jii stop.
Ayla: I'll have to separate from you all...
The Bishahora is still in preparations so I can't head out in it...
Everyone be careful.

Nozomi: That's not a Goz soldier....
Most likely it's a Kilshis star model...
Goz probably threw the star group's ring out of order so it appears all sorts of things have happened across the skies.
It appears to have noticed us down here...
Koichi: We chased out the Goz and now it's the Kilshis's turn...?
Seems that they intend to attack us no matter what, huh...

Koichi: They're going to destroy this city and someone's going to get hurt...
I don't want to fight anymore...
Rico: Koichi...
It's coming!

Koichi: Dammit...
Are you not feeling well?
Nozomi: It's because I woke up earlier than I expected....

Nozomi: I'm fine..
Even if you don't want to fight anymore,
I intend to keep the promise I made with you, Hirose-kun.
Koichi: I promise.

Nozomi: It's words just now...
They're Orbelian?

Rico: Why has an Orbelian...
Nozomi: Ah...

Nozomi: Hirose-kun.
You can't!
You can't use the power of the heart!
You said you didn't want to fight anymore, right?

Koichi: Yup.
So I've been thinking about this for a long time...
A way to end the fighting.

Koichi: If aliens are going to keep coming through the port to Earth...
Then I'll close it.

Koichi: I'll completely seal off the port once and for all!!
Nozomi: You'll close it..?!
Rico: Whoaa?
Koichi: You'll lend me strength...
Right Senpai?
{The spring breeze still softly strokes the cheek of the season..}

{Through the beauty of spring...}
{The wind of this second year blows.}
TO BE CONTINUED IN ISSUE 4 (Out Saturday March 11th).

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