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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 60

Premonition of the beginning.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 60

For once i actually did more than I intended to do! Still kind of so-so about this series still going, but I'll ride this wave out a little longer.

Translation 1250! It's taken a long longer than it should have due to me being just plain lazy.

Psylocke scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Chapter 60: Premonition of the beginning.

Grandpa: That doesn't make me hapy at all.
???: No matter how much I'm made fun of....
I'll never be one who kills my friends.
Nozomi: Good night Hirose-kun.
???: Go on...

Rico: There's my favorite manga!
Ayla: Ohh?
Hmm. It's so very childish.
Rico: Wh—what'd you say?!
Quit reading it! You're not allowed to, Ayla!
Ayla: Hold on a moment....oh? So that's where he transforms?
Nozomi, you've been making a racket since earlier too!
Koichi's making us food so just deal with it!

Koichi: It's finished.
I'm carrying a lot of stuff, so come here and pick it up.
Grandpa: Hey, there are a lot of customers, so hurry and take your place.
Koichi: Sorry Gramps!
Taki: Wah! That's a lot you're carrying there Koichi-kun.
Koichi: Taki-san, could you open the door to the shop, please?

Ayla: You can certainly pack 'em away, huh.
I thought it was strange that you fainted after battle....
But to think it was simply because you were hungry...
Nozomi: Well, I haven't eaten anything since I woke up

Nozomi: That's my first meal in a month!
Rico: Orbelio, do you want this meat?
Nozomi: Rico-kun!
Ayla: Now...
It's about time we got to the main topic here...
Koichi! I'm in agreement of what you said about completely sealing off the port..
Actually executing such a thing is –no matter how I think about it impossible.
You remember what Grandmother said right?
Koichi: Yeah.
Eramea's “Chain planet” and Earth's “Port”.
The technique that placed the planetary seal on Earth, was supposedly put into place for future people to get through, and invaders were able to get through that gap, right?

Ayla: So the if we're able to change the “chain planet” then we may be able to isolate the alien invaders.
Koichi: I see.
Rico: So it's about separating the Earth from the rest of outer space huh...
The problem is how do we actually do something like that?
Ayla: It took the work of thousands of Erameans but they finally perfected a secret art.
But the honest truth is I believe we're lacking in power.
Nozomi: No worries...
If Hirose-kun is here, we can do it.

Koichi: Senpai...
Ayla: and what basis do you have for this?
Nozomi: It's true that it would take the power of thousands of Erameans to create the port, however...
The foundation of the port is already complete, so we shouldn't need the same amount of power to make a chain planet.
Ayla: That's merely a guess of yours....
Nozomi: Moreover..
Ten years ago I needed the King's permission to open the port,
I was the one who did it with my power.
And made the port move to my will.

Nozomi: I believe my heart inside of you has a special power, Hirose-kun.
Ayla: How surprising for you to say that with so much confidence.
Nozomi: It's not like that.
It's thanks to 143 of my older siblings that I was born.
There must have been a reason for me to be created....
Even though I don't think I'm anything all that special.

Ayla: Ahh...
Nozomi: Ayla...?
Ayla: Taking on a challenge like this with weak basis's and flighty assumptions in our hearts is a bad idea.
This huge challenge....
Koichi: Ayla-san...
Ayla: But it does have a purpose.
Rico: Me too! I don't wanna let earth get invaded!
Koichi: Rico!

Ayla: Why not?
Let's aim for the “chained planet”.
Rico: Awwright!
Ayla: For now, should we go talk to my grandmother tomorrow?
She most likely has some knowledge we could use.
Nozomi: Your Grandmother is awake?
Ayla: That's right. All sorts of things have been happening while you've been sleeping, you see!
Right, Koichi.
Koichi: Yup!

Koichi: Rico and I have been training during Spring break!
Rico: Koichi, let's show 'em!
Koichi: Sure thing!
Rico: Obrelio, have a look at this ball!!

Nozomi: A gravitational field?
Koichi: I think so!!
(Sfx- Gyaah!)
Koichi: Whoa.
(Sfx- Gon tp)
Ayla: You suck.
Koichi: I'm not too great at fine control....
But I still have some have some of the intuition I had in the fight with Zoki.
But being able to keep my consciousness during that is a sign.
It's still weak and I can only use it close up –not to mention it doesn't have much of an effect, but..
But I can use it to attack enemies several times heavier than me!

Koichi: I just have to make it stronger....

Nozomi: Good evening.
Grandpa: Hm?
Oh it's you?
Nozomi: I'm here to return our plates.
Grandpa: You didn't really need to...
Nozomi: But...

Grandpa: I wanted to say this earlier...
But Koichi, lately his expression has changed don't you think?
Nozomi: Yes...
Grandpa: After Nagi passed, I was worried about them.
He had a face like he wanted to die himself in Nagi's sickroom.
I guess that's' about right.
He's been revived now, heck, it's me who's the one trying hard because of him it seems.
Nozomi: I didn't do anything in particular...
The one who decided upon this was Hirose-kun.
Grandpa: Is that so...

Grandpa: So men just go and grow up on their own, huh...

Koichi: After everyone had headed back, Ayla-san turned around...
Ayla: It's an evening feast for you.
Go ahead and rejoice,
and I accept your feelings of gratitude.
I wanted to give some to Nozomi, but she wouldn't tell me the means of getting into her secret base.
So then you'll just have to give it to her, and make it fast as the freshness of those is important.
(Handwritten- Why can't she just be honest with herself...)
Koichi: I feel like she's getting the wrong idea here...

Koichi: Se-Senpai?
Are you awake in there?
Wh—what the heck is this? What's going on?
It's inside of the bus...?!



Koichi: Wha?!
What—what the...Senpai, are you okay?
Nozomi: Hirose-kun..
It seems when the orbelian language appeared this evening it left a seed within me...
And when I got home this happened...

Rico: Ah—ahhh....
Koichi: What's wrong Rico?


???: You look quite different....
You did well to grow this much.
We can communicate with our souls...
And start together from the beginning.
Isn't that right...

???: What's wrong with your body?
It's you then...!!?

Koichi: Whoaaa!
Rico's acting weird...!! Let me go!!

Koichi: Guwaah!!
Senpai, wake up!!

Koichi: The bus is....

Nozomi: Puwaah!
Koichi: Sen...
Nozomi: Let go....
And get out!!!

Koichi: Oww!
???: Mana...

Koichi: That guy's planning to come back...
Nozomi: Stay back!

???: Ma...nza...
Koichi: Awesome...
(Sfx- Hah...hah...)

???: I'll be waiting....
Koichi: Senpai.
Are you okay?
Nozomi: Yeah...

Koichi: Um...
Rico: Nnnnh...
Koichi: Rico..
Rico: Koichi!! I can't believe I did something like that to you!
Koichi: Don't worry about it!
You were being controlled, yeah?
Was he the king of Yafumanaf?
Rico: N-- no! Our king doesn't have a Earthling form like that!

Nozomi: That person was attached to the message left in orbelian..
But who was it...
I've never met that person, and there aren't any other orbelians...
And he called me Mana...
Koichi: I'm fine, though he came after my life out of nowhere...
Well..I guess it makes sense since it's not like he's my king...

Koichi: Ah!
Nozomi: Hirose-kun, what's wrong?
The star group –Goz Kishis and Yafumanaf all have various kings...and they're able to subdue the aliens of this star system, yeah?
The earth is the Orbelian king's juristiction.
However the Orbelian world blew up and there aren't any remaining survivors, right?
Nozomi: Is that so...
Koichi: A—anyway I just realized but..

Koichi: This planet –Earth doesn't have a king!

Nozomi: Th—that's right...
Rico: Now that you mention it....
Koichi: Right??
So this is but a thought, but what if I were to become king?
And as the representative of earth, I'd probably be able to fight or negotiate with the king of the star group, right?
And if I win then the Earth's king becomes the most revered too!
Nozomi(?): I hadn't even thought of that...
Rico: That's a totally new way of thinking...
Koichi: Right?
Senpai, you said it earlier this evening, remember? I want to make a promise with you as well.
Nozomi: Promise...?

Koichi: Conquer the earth with me!!
TO BE CONTINUED IN ISSUE 5 (Out April 12th.)

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