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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Tiger and Bunny 23

It takes two to make a quarrel.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 19, 2017 23:36 | Go to Tiger and Bunny

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Was doing some housecleaning and realized I hadn't put these up yet.

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Kid: Huh?
Where are Barnaby and Wild Tiger?
Dude: Oh..
These are the cards for the heroes on the first league.
Those two are no longer…
(Side text- Those men who support the heroes from behind make their appearance…!!)
{This is a story that takes place during Kotetsu and Barnaby’s activities in the second league.}

(Side text- Those who strive to do their best at work.)
#23: It takes two to make a quarrel.

Chapter 1: The longest way round is the shortest way home. (When in haste take the longest way around.)
Barnaby: Good afternoon.
Ben: Oh..
Sorry about this.

Barnaby: It’s only this much…is that okay?
Ben: That’s fine.
Never woulda thought I’d see the day where you’re treating me for lunch, Barnaby.
Barnaby: I’m sorry for suddenly inviting you out like this…
Ben: Well?
What did you wanna talk about?
Barnaby: It’s…
Ben: About Kotetsu, huh?
If you’re asking me for advice, that’s the only reason it could be.
Barnaby: As expected of you Ben.
Ben: Well?
Barnaby: He’s far exceeded what’s tolerable here….

Ben: You don’t say~
(Sfx- Gasa gasa *sdssh*)
(Sfx- Zuzuuh *slurp*)
Barnaby: I have my own complaints too…
He uses his ability for every little thing…
Kotetsu: Gah!!
Barnaby: He doesn’t listen to others..
Over here! Quickly!!
Kid: Ah, It’s Kotetsu!
Wild Tiger: I’m Wild Tiger!
Barnaby: And even though everyone knows who he is, he still goes on and on about being called that…

Barnaby: I’m sorry…all I’m doing is complaining..
Ben: Aw, that’s nothing.
Listening to heroes blow off steam is my job.
Yeah, he’s been the sorta guy who doesn’t take note of his surroundings since…forever, really.
Barnaby: Is that so…
Ben: But,
It’s because of that…
That he can devote himself entirely and do his best, right?
Barnaby: I get that, however…

Barnaby: It’s that conduct that makes it difficult for him to see eye to eye with his coworkers, right?
Ben: Huh?
Barnaby: Ben, have you…
Experienced something like this?
Ben: Yeah..
Yeah I have..
Especially lately.

Ben: Heroes who put the fundamentals of the job on the back burner, and worry more about what their sponsors and ad revenue think of them…
And then when I try to make my opinion known, they just say “Business and private affairs don’t mix” and “I don’t see how that idea turns a profit”, among other things.
Barnaby: Is that Mr. Lloyds….
In the end, he’s nothing more than a suit out to make business deals.
And then he has the nerve to complain about how I dress…
Barnaby: That’s Mr. Lloyds for you.
Ben: Geez…

Ben: He doesn’t give a single thought to the heroes themselves, and that can’t stand!!
Don’t you think so…
Barnaby: Actually my lunch break is about up—
Ben: Don’t you hate guys like that who don’t listen to others?!
Barnaby: Yeah.
Ben: One time before he…

Chapter 2: Make hay while the sun shines. (Fortune to those who make haste.)
???: Ah…
That doesn’t need repair…
That one’s fine too.
Kotetsu: Nah, what I need fixed…
Is right there, Mr. Lloyds.
Lloyds: That doesn’t impede it’s functionality, does it?
Kotetsu: Well…
I mean it doesn’t, but…
Lloyds: Listen up, the second tier doesn’t have a budget at all, so unless we earn our money we’re done for.
Especially when it comes to your suit.
Kotetsu: What does that mea—
Lloyds: On that note,
Where is Barnaby? He’s already five minutes late.

Kotetsu: I feel like I heard him mention having lunch with Ben…
Lloyds: Him again?
Kotetsu: Did something happen to Ben?
Lloyds: That man refuses to keep his distance.
Kotetsu: Distance?

Lloyds: Our job requires us to keep a certain established distance away from you heroes!
Yet, our company insists on ever so slowly closing in that distance…
Koetsu: Oh…
Lloyds: For pete’s sake, ordinarily we’re supposed to remain calm and deal with heroes objectively…
Kotetsu: Ah..
Even back in the past, Ben had the tendency to be right in the action…so you could say…

Lloyds: I too am on the scene!!
Kotetsu: S…
Saitou: These machines are delicate you know.
Lloyds: Eh?
(Sfx- Gohohhn *cough*)
Kotetsu: What’s going on? Did something happen?
Lloyds: It was a meeting just this morning…
Kotetsu: Ohh, was there a fight?
Lloyds: We didn’t do anything as trifling as that!

Lloyds: Just a difference in opinion is all…
Saitou: The dispute was over whether the Hero suits should be upgraded…
Kotetsu: Ohh?
Saitou: Right now we don’t have the budget to spare. Once he heard that, he got angry.
Ben: If we update those parts, then the suits will be stronger and bring in revenue, right?
Lloyds: And…
Where are we supposed to get the funds for such a thing?
Ben: Doing something about this is supposed to be our job isn’t it?
Lloyds: Please do not yell.

Lloyds: Dr. Saitou!
Kotetsu: Ben wouldn’t keep quiet about the suits, huh?
Well they are a hero’s life.
Lloyds: You exaggerate.
(Sfx- Fun *hmph*)
Kotetsu: Even in the past he’d test the suits comfortablity and such…
Going as far as testing the practicality of my hero suit too…
Lloyds: How pointless.
Kotetsu: You’re rough, Lloyds.
Lloyds: And I’m fine with that!

Lloyd: Taking on roles that are disagreeable is my job!
Kotetsu: Talking like that again huh…
Lloyds: Hurry up and do the maintenance.

Chapter 3: Friendship cemented by quarrels. (The Earth becomes firmer after the rain.)
Saitou: How are preparations?
Wild Tiger: Okay.
(Sfx- kapoh *poff*)
(Sfx- Kashaaah *clck*)
Saitou: Tiger!!
Wild Tiger: Ho!

Saitou: Wire!!
Wild Tiger: Awwright! Here we go!!
Saitou: Good luck mode!!
Wild Tiger: Orraaaaahh!!

Wild Tiger: Uriyaaaaah!!!
Saitou: And now the deciding line for the finisher!!

Wild Tiger: I’ll let out a wild roar!!

Saitou: All right! No problems found!!
(Sfx- Kashaah *Sfft*)
(Sfx- Zeehhh hahhh *huff puff*)
Wild Tiger: Was there a need for me to say the finishing line?
Ben: And then y’know what Kotetsu did…
Wild Tiger: Waaaait a minute!
What are you talking to Bunny about?
Ben: Nah, just blabbering on…
Sorry, didn’t know it was already this late.
Wild Tiger: Hmph!
I’ll never forget these fifteen minutes of my life I lost because of you!
Barnaby: Sorry I was late.
Saitou: It’s fine, Tiger was just finishing.
Wild Tiger: What’s with that!? When I’m late you guys never let it go…
Ben: Nah, it’s not his fault…
I was the one who went a bit overboard…

Wild Tiger: That’s what you say now,
But I’m sure the real reason you’re late is ‘cause you didn’t want to run into Lloyds, yeah?
Ben: Huh?
Wild Tiger: I heard the two of you had a spat.
(Sfx- Chiraaa *glance*)
(Sfx- Pui *fwip*)
Ben: I don’t like baseless rumors.
I’ll say it to you like this…I’m not in the wrong.
Barnaby: You’re still talking like that…
Wild Tiger: Yeah…
Do you hate Lloyds that much?
Ben: Hate?

Ben: Now hold on Kotetsu.
In this entire company, he’s the one I believe in the most.
Wild Tiger: …huh?
Barnaby: But you’ve done nothing but complain…
Up until now.
Ben: That’s what it is to be human. Everyone has different opinions and ways of thinking.
And of course things that piss ‘em off.
But you know..

Ben: A person doesn’t get his best work done unless…
They face forward and engage those times when their opinions run into others.
Saitou: Ooh..
Ben: Moreover…

Ben: We absolutely need a guy like him on the scenes..
So you guys can run straight forward without having to worry about anything.
Remember that.
Say something wouldya? This is embarrassing!
Wild Tiger: That’s your cue Lloyds.
Ben: Huh?

(Sfx- Kashuuuh *sffft*)

Ben: What are you doing…
Lloyds: I’m uh…
The suit’s functionality…
(Sfx- Puhh *heh*)

Ben: Buahahahahaha!!
I can’t…I can’t deal with this…
Lloyds: It isn’t that funny!!
Ben: Nah, Sorry..
I…I just wasn’t expecting it you know?
This is really something.
Lloyds: Well…
I at least fit this more than you ever would.
Especially with that belly of yours.
Ben: What’d you say?!
(Sfx- Biiih biihh *beep beep*)
Wild Tiger: Oh crap!
Lloyds, you gotta hurry and take that off!
Lloyds: Huh?

Wild tiger: Hey! Hurry it up!!
Lloyds: Uh..
How do i…
Barnaby: I’ll leave that to you!!
(Sfx- Veeen)
Ben: Heh, You’re helpless.
Let me give you a hand.

{A few hours earlier…}
Barnaby: First, I’ll take Ben out…
Kotetsu: Yeah..
Barnaby: I’ll start up a conversation under the pretense of complaining about you…
And use that to get his misgivings about Mr. Lloyds out in the open.
Kotetsu: You don’t have any other conversational topics to choose from?
Barnaby: Reality is important for something like this.
Kotetsu: Y’know, the way you put that seems to imply all sorts of things.
Barnaby: I’m sure I’ll be unable to stop Ben from complaining and therefore, will be late to maintenance. During that time, you should encourage Mr. Lloyds, Kotetsu.
Kotetsu: Leave it to me!
Barnaby: There’s likely to be a problem here or there,
But we’ll be counting on you for an assist, Dr. Saitou.
Kotetsu: Y—Y’know, It’s almost as if…
You’re saying I can’t be trusted.
Barnaby: Well I do know your acting ability is abysmal at best…
Kotetsu: Are you talking about…
That Birthday Surprise thing? You’re still on that?
Barnaby: Yup…
And I won’t forget it for my entire life.

Saitou: Hehehe..
Barnaby: What is it?
Saitou: I never thought it would be you two working together to stop someone else from fighting.
Barnaby: You’re right about that.
Saitou: However it seems this company’s heroes and staff…
Are always fighting about this or that…
Kotetsu: It’s cause they don’t say what needs to be said…
“Thanks” and stuff like that…

(Side text- Today too those men “Work hard”!!)
They have a lover’s quarrel. (The more one fights, the better they get along.)
(Side text- Next issue, Barnaby is…?!)

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