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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Tiger and Bunny 24

So many men, so many minds.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 19, 2017 23:40 | Go to Tiger and Bunny

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(Side text- As time goes by, the heroes are// stronger// gentler.)
#24 So many men, so many minds.

Someone: OK
Yes! That's incredible!
Feel the wind of Sternbild~
That's good, that's good...
(Sfx- Kashuu kashuu kashuu click click click)
(Sfx- Futsuhh fwip)

Girls: Kyah!
Dog: Woof
Girl: So dreamy!
Look over here!
Dude: Now, we'll move our photo session to in front of the stern hammer statue.
Barnaby: Sure.
Dude: The set up will be a factory observation date---
Someone: Barnaby?!
Barnaby it is you, isn't it?!
It's been a while, man!
To think I'd meet up with you here of all places!!
Guard: Hey you!

Dude: It's me!
C'mon, you know me! We were in the same class back when we attended the hero academy!
Barnaby: Um...
Dude: Here's my business card!
I'm working here now!
Man this takes me back...
Are you busy tonight?
Barnaby: Um...

Carlos(?): Then let's go grab some grub!
Let's do it man!
(Sfx- Bash bash dssh dshh)
Barnaby: No,
Carlos(?): You can find that shop anywhere!
So give that number a ring 'kay?
I'll be waiting!

???: Carlos the motormouth?
Ivan: Yeah...
He's pretty famous at the hero academy.
As soon as he'd find a gap in conversation he'd be there making people luagh.
It's said it would be harder to get Carlos to stop talking for a minute...
Than to end all of the world's wars...

Kotetsu: And,
Bunny here doesn't remember a guy as popular as that.
(Sfx- Mhh puff)
Barnaby: Even I couldn't become acquainted with everyone in the academy.
Ivan: Right,
Plus Barnaby wasn't the type to associate with others either.
Kotetsu: So Bunny's the lone wolf type?
Barnaby: I suppose it...
Would be bad if I didn't call him, huh.
Kotetsu: What's with that?
Do you have plans tonight?
Barnaby: I don't but....
I have no idea what to talk with him about..

Kotetsu: Just go.
It's not often you get to meet up with an old classmate.
This Carlos guy isn't a bad person is he?
Barnaby: Huh...
Ivan: I never really got to talk to him properly myself, but..

Ivan: He....
Took the time out to greet me every day.
Kotetsu: Hmmm....

Carlos: Awwright!
Let's raise one more glass!!

Carlos: To celebrate the three of us hooking up again!!
Ivan: How did things turn out this way...
Barnaby: Sorry to drag you into this...
Carlos: Well?
How long did ya wanna talk for?
Barnaby: Until I get to the bottom of the reason why you invited me out..
to have this interview over dinner.
Carlos: I see...
Then I'll cut to the chase...
Exactly like back then.

Barnaby: Could it be...
You're addressing me?
Carlos: We're at a table for two, man.
It'd say that' it's pretty obvious!
(Sfx- Pan pan pat pat)
Ivan: Hahahah...
Barnaby: You sure have a good memory for something that happened so long ago.
Carlos: I remember lots of things!
Like the one who had the biggest screw up in the locker room....
Old lady: That's incredible!!!
Dude: Right?

Old lady: To think you really do know him..
Carlos: Hows that, old lady?
You get it now?
Old lady: To think a celebrity would come to...
a gloomy place like this...
Dude: Sorry that it's too gloomy for your tastes.
Barnaby: Um...
Carlos: They didn't believe me at all when I said that I was friends with you.
So I decided I'd bring them proof one day.
Barnaby: We aren't exactly friends--
Ivan: The three of you seem to be really good friends, huh!
Carlos: Nah, she's just an acquaintance who won't die.
Old lady: I believe you made a mistake there, you snot nosed brat.

Carlos: You've got some lip don'tcha old bat?
Why don't you hurry up, find a grave and get in it?
Old lady: Too bad for you.
I'll be alive for another one hundred years.
Dude: If you're going to fight please do it outside, and don't be a nuisance.
Old lady: You're so noisy....
Fine, I'm leaving.
That's right...
If you ever get tired of giving idiots your time, you're always welcome to give me a visit.
Both: A shop?
Carlos: Yeah..
The one across from here.
As if heroes would go to a pawnshop!

Old lady: Bleeeh.
(Sfx- Pataan slam)
(Sfx- Kashaah click)
(Sfx- Piii beeep)
(Sfx- Kashaaah click)
Barnaby: You're a regular here, huh?
Carlos: Yeah.
My job's near here after all.
The one thing I'm grateful for after leaving the academy,
is that I didn't have problems finding a job.
Ah, but that's not what you came here to talk about guys!
Barnaby: Ah,
No problem.
Carlos: But I'm serious though!
It's cause of the academy's degree that that even at the interview I was treated differently!
Barnaby: I see.

Carlos: Maaan....
I'm sure glad I went to the academy.
In the first place I didn't think I'd ever become a hero.
Ivan: Huh?
Carlos: Well...
I was aware at the very least that I couldn't with my power...
Not with some of the awesome guys there.

Carlos: To be granted with a great ability by fate...
Well, I know myself the best....
Barnaby: My ability...
Is something I can only use once an hour.
Ivan: Barnaby?
Barnaby: Due to it having a restriction like that, I do not think it's a particularly notable power.
I do not want to limit myself
“because of my ability.”
Carlos: Because of your ability?

Barnaby: Because to scorn my ability is the same as scorning myself.

Carlos: Whoops.
(Sfx- Pota drip)
Carlos: Damn! Sorry!
Gimmie a min!
I'm off to the john for a sec.
Ivan: Me too...
I used to think that way too...
That I couldn't become a hero...

Ivan: I always thought I was special, but...
Once I set foot in the academy with that crowd...
I gave up on my dream,
and accepted reality...
became humble and realized just how hasty I was.
Barnaby: S..sorry.

Barnaby: I...
didn't enter the academy with dreams or hopes like that in the first place.
(Sfx- Jaashaaah ssshhh)
(Sfx- Goso goso sfft sfft)

Dude1: Do you smell something?
Dude2: Hey lady, you okay?
Whoa, this is bad.
Old lady!!
Are you alive in there?!

Barnaby: What's going on!?
Dudes: Barnaby?
Barnaby: A gas leak?
Dude: Leave it to me!!
Dammit old woman, you friggin' spent your money on bullet proof glass?!
Ivan: It's dangerous here everyone, so please step back.
Dude: What are you spacing out about?! Hurry up and use your power to save her!
Barnaby: The interior is filled with gas.
If I were to destroy the door, the impact could set everything aflame.
Dude: No way...
Dude 2: Is there anyone here with a key to open the door?!
Barnaby: We don't have time for this...

Carlos: I'll save that rotten old bat!!
Barnaby: Huh?
Carlos: Haaaaaah!!!


Barnaby: The ability to alter his body structure?
Carlos: Ugh..
Just wait a sec...
(Sfx- Piiihh beeeep)
Carlos: Dammit old lady...
Just a bit more...
(Sfx- Doohh thud)
(Sfx- Kashuuh kashuuh sfff ffft)

Carlos: A hero is coming to save you...
Dude: Hang in there old lady!!
Carlos: See?
What'd I tell ya...

(Sfx- pipo pipo wheoooh)
(Sfx- Pipo pipo wheeeoooh)
(Sfx- Gara gara clatter clatter)
Carlos: About...
what you said earlier...

Carlos: Turns out...
You were absolutely right, man.
Barnaby: Could it be,
You're addressing me?

(Sfx- Fuhh grin)
Carlos: Hah..

Dude: How are things over there, Carlos?
Carlos: Everything's fine!!
Dude: Hey, over there.
You sure....
You don't wanna go over there? Today'd be the day for it.
Carlos: I'm good.

Carlos: We're both at work right now after all.
(Sfx- Kachaa clack)
Carlos: And you can expect a whole lot more from the great Carlos...
From here on in.
Dude: What's with that?
(Side text- Shining in their various workplaces...)
(Bottom text- Next time Anise is...!)
TIGER AND BUNNY 24..............END.

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