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Tiger and Bunny 25

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 19, 2017 23:44 | Go to Tiger and Bunny

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(Side text- The city watches them as they make their moves...)
#25: Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

{9 AM OBC Parking garage.}
(Side text- It seemed like a normal morning, but...?!)
Staff: Good Morning.
Anies: Morning.
Staff Lady: Ah,
Ms. Anies.
You have a run in your stocking.
Anies: Ah.
Oh no...

Staff: Oh man...
That's an ill omen first thing in the morning.
Anies: Don't base the entire day on the state of my stockings.
Staff lady: Would you like me to go buy a new one?
Anies: It's fine.
I have a spare.
(Sfx- Gachaa clack)
Staff: Ah!
Anies: Huh?

Staff: A...
Are you okay?!
Staff Lady: Mr. Cain, that's a dust cloth!
Anies: Geez...
It's sopping wet...!!
(Sfx- Buru buru veeeen)
Anies: What is it now?
I'll be right there!!
(Sfx- Biiiin tiiiiing)

Anies: Kyaaah!!
Cain: Umm...
It really is a...
Bad omen...

{10:30 AM OBC conference room.}
Cain: This show's basically cancelled.
Staff lady: It's not surprising,
The main personalty's smoking and drinking problem was found out...
Cain: Why is he huffing and drinking anyway?! He's under age?
Other dude: He's set to go on air today...
What'll we do?
Anies: What'll you do?
Bury him, obviously.

Anies: What's the matter?
Cain: Nothing,
It's just, we're not used to seeing you dressed like that, Anies.
Anies: Don't mind me.
We need to get down to discussing our plans.
Other dude: Huh?
You mean a rerun is not gonna fly?
Anies: Of course not.
You think that filling in holes in programming blocks like some amateur will work?
Cain: But we've got no time to get something else on.
Anies: That's right.
It's exactly why we have to think fast.
Cain: Whut...?

{12:08 PM OBC conference room.}
???: Guess we're gonna go with Sky high then?
Anies: No.
The programming before this was a special compilation of Sky high clips.
Cain: We can break three hours of programming with him.
Anies: That's not possible.
There hasn't been any new material,
And even if we do a new interview with him...
Sky High: Lately the food menu I've been most hooked on is...
Anies: It'll end up like that.
A stretched out and pointless conversation.
Cain: If only we had even just a little bit of gossip to chew on...
Anies: Stop bringing up such ill-omened topics!
Staff Lady: Then...
What about Blue Rose?
Anies: She apparently is participating in an underground song show,
And today she's on the radio.
Apparently tomorrow she has a pop quiz as well.

Staff Lady: Then what about Barnaby?
Anies: He's also a no go.
He'll do things like nitpick the concept and want to second check everything.
Barnaby: First, I'd like you to send me the proposal and script please.
And the imagery and set designs.
Anies: There's no way we could get him all of that and make it in time.
Cain: Then...
What about Wild Tiger or Rock Bison?
Anies: Nope,
And nope.
Tiger: Let me go first!!
Bison: You can give this one to me, man!

Anies: Are there,
No other ideas?
Cain: Hmmmm.
Anies: Do me a favor and check the other heroes' schedule Mary.
Mary: Gotcha.
Anies: If only a big incident would occur....
Then we'd have exactly what we need to fill in this gap.
Cain: Isn't that a bad omen?
Anies: What are you talking about?

Anies: If this city were to suddenly be free of accidents and incidents,
Then we and the heroes would lose our livelihoods, no?
Cain: I get that, but...
(Sfx- Burururu veeeen)
Anies: Hello?
Tiger? What is it?
You say you haven't received any marching orders?

Anies: If I had anything to give you, I would have called a long time ago!!
Is that all you wanted?!
Then I'm hanging up!
(Sfx- Butsuhh bzzzt)
(Sfx- tsuhh tuhhh beeb beep)
Anies: For God's sake...
Guy: I couldn't do it...
What Cain and his guys do.
Sure they get double the pay...
But they get pushed around and worked to death.
I couldn't work under that lady.

Anies: Geez...
(Sfx- Gyuhh grab)
Anies: What is with today...?
(Sfx- Gachaah clck)
Dude: Um...
Anies: What?
Dude: For now..
How about we do a man on the street interview?
Anies: ….I guess.

{2:40 PM Sternbild town area.}
Guy: How do I feel about heroes?
Cain(?): Have any thoughts?
Guy: Hmm..
I dunno...
Anies: That's enough of this.
Wrap this up and lets look for the next person.
Mary: Ah!
Yes ma'am!

???: Hey you people there!
Could you not do this,
In front of my store?
Anies: We're sorry to trouble you.
We'll be moving in a moment.
Lady: Geez.
This is why I hate people...
In your line of work!
You're all so arrogant!
Anies: I'm sorry.
Lady: Ahh.
It drives me crazy!
Best believe I'll be calling the station to complain!
(Sfx- Gashaahh thud)
Lady: Do you have any common sense whatsoever....
Cain: In front of this store...

Cain: The store itself stretches out into the open walkway though...
Mary: I found the next person!
He's right over here!
Dude: Heroes huh...
Well, to be frank I've been sorta disappointed with them lately.
Cain: What do you mean disappointed?
Dude: Well it's the same old thing when watching 'em on TV.
Straight up? It's like they're stuck in a rut.
Cain: I...
I see.

Dude: Robberies and fires...
Lately it's been pretty humdrum incidents, no?
Mary: You mean...
You want a larger incident to happen to this city?
How do I put this....
Something...violent will do.
Violent enough that the heroes have to risk their lives.
Mary: But that's....
(Sfx- Zuhhh Sfft)

Anies: I see.
We thank you for...
your valuable input.
Let's go.
Cain: Okay...
Dude: You guys...
Are the same right?
You're thinking the same as me....that you want something huge to happen!!
Anies: That's right....
(Sfx- Nyariii grinn)

Anies: But I have faith,
That no matter what huge incident occurs,
The heroes will always be the ones to come out on top.
Let's go.
Dude: ...Hmph.

Guy: Whoops.
(Sfx- Don tap)
Other dude: Whoa.
Oh damn!

Lady: Kyah!!
Dude: Ms. Anies!

Dude: Wha...
Anies: Look out!!
Dude: Hiii!!

???: Uwaah!!
Cain: Hey! You okay?!
Lady: hii!

Lady: I---
It's not my fault!
It's your fault!!
Dude: It's your fault for having a shop that obstructs the walkway!!
Lady: Huuuh?
How I use my storefront is up to me, isn't it?!
(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)
Lady: Hah hah...
Cain: Are you hurt somewhere?
Dude: M--
My leg....

Mary: C--
Call an ambulance!
Anies: Wait.
Let me see that.
It would take twenty minutes or so for an ambulance to reach this location.
Dude: Ah..
Anies: It'll be faster if we take him to a hospital ourselves.
(Sfx- Gyuu gyuuh sffft)
Mary: Huh?
Anies: Bring the car around!!
Cain: Yes ma'am!
Anies: Hold his leg down!
Dude: Got it!

Anies: Hello, Doctor?
I'm bringing a patient that I'd like you to attend to.
His right leg is broken.
It doesn't appear that he's hit his head....yes.
That's fine.
Dude: The car...
is coming!
Mary: I...
Cain: I've confirmed a route ahead...
Mary: I think we should call an ambulance after all!
We—don't have time,
And this isn't our job so...
Anies: Huh?

Anies: We're saving someone...
What does that have to do with being related to our jobs or not?
Mary: Huh....?
Listen up.

Our job is to take responsibility and bear the names of our heroes.
We mustn't do anything that would sully their reputation.

Mary: I'm sorry...
Anies: Then how about this...
You stay behind and continue gathering material.
After an hour, meet up with us at the station.
Mary: Huuuh?
Anies: Will you two lend her a hand?
Dude: Sure thing.
Dude 2: Leave it to us.
Anies: Come on.
You get on too.
Dude: Hmph.

{4pm Hospital.}
Cain: Thank goodness,
It didn't become anything serious.
Anies: I suppose so.
Cain: But geez, that old coot...
He didn't even say thank you.
Anies: That doesn't matter.
We didn't do this for him, but to get a feel good moment for our show.
Cain: That again....
Wanna buy something?
You haven't eaten anything since this morning either have you Anies?

Anies: I apologize...
for always working you so hard.
Cain: What are you going on about?
We gotta bust our asses!
Otherwise how are we gonna produce the best television programming?

(Sfx- fuhh heh)
Cain: Huh?
Did I say something wrong?
{8pm OBC Switch room.}
Dude: Wheeew...
Mary: We made it....
Just barely....

Anies: Nnnn..
I didn't dispatch the heroes even once....
It really has been a horrible day.
(Side text- No matter what happens, there are feelings that will never change...!!)
TIGER AND BUNNY #25................END.
Next issue, What were the heroes doing on this very same day?!

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