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Tiger and Bunny 26

Forewarned is Forearmed.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 19, 2017 23:47 | Go to Tiger and Bunny

-> RTS Page for Tiger and Bunny 26

And the last of the set. Though really if you head to the tumblr here, you can see I've actually been doing a lot of TL's for the franchise even if the manga ones have been slow. It has been nice to do some non Gintama/Saike work though.

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(Top text- To reflect a city constantly on the move...!!)
#26: Forewarned is Forearmed.

{This is a story of a “day where nothing happened” in Sternbild where there were no incidents.}
{At the time where Anise's unlucky day had begun...}
(Middling text- On a day where nothing happens, the heroes are...)
Anies: Ugh I left my change of clothes!!
This is the worst!
{10:11 Am: Training Room.}
Kotetsu: Hah...
(Sfx- Dan dan tmp tmp)
Kotetsu: Hah..
Nathan: My, what a big yawn that was.
Ivan: Got an early start,
(Sfx- Dan dan tmp tmp)
Kotetsu: Yeah.

Kotetsu: Bunny's got filiming for some commercial so,
the only time we could have for a meeting was this morning.
Ivan: Barnaby has it tough.
Kotetsu: Well...
Being busy is a good thing.
Nathan: If you've got free time, I can hire you for a day.
As my attendant~
Kotetsu: Hey!
Do I look like I've got that sorta free time?
Nathan: There's nothing else for you to do though?
Kotetsu: What are you going on about?

Kotetsu: I have to train...
for my work as a hero, yeah?
Quit looking at me like that, Origami!
(Text- Worried.)
Nathan: A hero who has no idea what to do with their free time..
Is really quite pathetic, no?
Keith: Huh?
Is that so?

Keith: I too suddenly find myself without any news coverage...
So now I've got a day off, but...
Nathan: Oh?
Isn't that a good thing?
Kotetsu: Huh?!
Ivan: Rest does a body good.
Nathan: This kind of thing doesn't come often, after all.
Kotetsu: Why are you treating him so differently than me?!
Nathan: Because you've always got free time.
Kotetsu: What's that?!
Nathan: How about forgetting work once in a while and enjoying yourself?

Keith: Forgetting about work...
I think I'll do just that.
I'll take half the day off and enjoy my time with John.
Nathan: That's good.
If an incident does occur, we'll contact you.
(Sfx- Zushaah sfft)
Keith: Thanks for the advice!!
(Sfx- Zushaaah sfft)
Keith: And thanks again!

Kotetsu: Since it's him,
I thought for sure he was gonna say “I should go on daytime patrol” or something like that.
Nathan: Sky High is human.
Sometimes he needs to take a breather.
Kotetsu: Then....
(Sfx- Guihhh sfft)
Kotetsu: Should I take it easy too?
Nathan: Despite saying the same thing, the impression you give is completely different.
Ivan: Yup.
Kotetsu: Hey!!
{10:52 AM, Sky High's house.}
Keith: I'm back John!
And today I have presents...
(Sfx- Gasaahh shfft)

(Sfx- Ruff)
Keith: John!
Are you okay, John?!
(Sfx- Nuruuhh drooop)
Keith: Paint?

Keith: Was this all your doing?
It doesn't seem like you're hurt...
Whoa John!
(Sfx- Woof woof)
Keith: Stop that boy!
{11:34 am, Kotetsu's house.}
(Sfx- Gacha gacha gacha clack clack)
Koetsu: Now then....
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(Sfx- Gasa gasa shfft)
(Sfx- Mogu mogu chew chew)

(Sfx- Gachaa clack)
(Sfx- Pih pippipi beepbeep)
Kotetsu: Hello?
Ah, right, you're in school.
No, no. It's not about reparations or anything.
Call you later.
(Sfx- Gachaaah click)
Kotetsu: Guess I'll do some cleaning.

{Noon, Sky High's house.}
Keith: Haaaah!
You're looking great!
(Sfx- Wuuff!)
You're a bad boy for taking out my paints, though.
I'll have to be more careful next time.
Intercom(?): It is now noon.
Now for the daytime news.
Just now in the downtown district of east silver stage, the main road..
experienced a collision of several cars, and part of the road has been closed.

(Sfx- Baah fwap)
John: Woof.
Keith: Sorry,
Next let's feed you..
(Sfx- Woofh)
Keith: John...
(Sfx- Guguhh sffsfft)
(Sfx- Gasaaah Sffft)
(Sfx- Gotohhh tokk)
Keith: Jo--
(Sfx- Gashaaann clatter)
(Sfx- Bashaa basahaah dsssh)
{12:10 pm, Kotetsu's house.}
TV: We will give more information on this as it is provided.
On our next item of news..
The massively popular teen idol has been suspected of alcoholism...
(Sfx- Gohh thok)
Kotetsu: Ahgh!?
(Sfx- Dan dan tap tap)

(Sfx- Pih vihhh beep veeeh)
News: We have confirmed that there are more than six injured in the accident that resulted in a pile up,
and two of those are in critical condition.
Kotetsu: Yeah,
Rather than what's up....
Why haven't we been ordered to head out yet...

Anies: If I need you to go out I would have contacted you a while ago!!
Is that all you wanted? Then I'm hanging up!
(Sfx- Pustsuhhh beep)
Kotetsu: What's eating her...
(Sfx- Gahh tok)
Kotetsu: Gah!!
It would seem traffic congestion is delaying the transportation of the injured.
We also have information that some of the cars have caught fire...

(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(Sfx- Utushhh sheen)
(Sfx- Tatsuh shfft)
{12:46pm, Animal Hospital.}
John: Ruffh.
Keith: Um..
How is he,
Doc: Hmm.

Doc: There don't seem to be any problems...
Keith: Thank goodness.
It's just a pack of dried milk opened on his head.
You're okay.
(Sfx- Kuuun whiiine)
Doc: Have you been busy lately?
Keith: Hm?
Doc: It seems he's been playing lots of pranks because he wants your attention?
(Sfx- Hah hah)

{1:39pm Main Road.}
(Sfx- Kikiii reee)
News: Due to the accident that occurred at noon, the next 15 kilo have been congested.
(Sfx- Burooonn verrm)
Kotetsu: I dunno what I'll do, but...
{2:40pm In the neighborhood near the animal hospital.}

Keith: I'm sorry that I've made you feel so lonely lately,
I know I said I'd forget about work today, but...
I suppose I should be thankful that things are quiet, huh?

Keith: Even when there are no incidents, they're still working hard, huh.

{4:07 pm, East Silver park entrance.}
(Sfx- Gasaah shffft)
TV: Eyestrain hundred cool!!
Kotestu: Hm?
Wanna eat some?
(Handwritten- They're the new Cyclone onigiri.)
Kid: What are you doing, Tiger?
Kotetsu: Huh?
Kid: Is it okay...
For you to not be protecting the city?
Kotetsu: No,
If something does happen, of course I'll go straight there...

Kid: Tiger?
Kotetsu: An incident is happening...
But what am I thinking about...
They say it's good to be busy but..
We're the one exception.
Time to head back.

{7:48 pm, Sky High's house.}
TV: Sky hiiiiigh!!
(Sfx- Jakajaka jaka)
???: So? How was it to take it easy today?
Sky High: I am thankful for your support!
And again thankful!
Thank you so much!
CEO: We'll be looking forward to making another special program with you again, so keep at it.
Keith: Yes sir.
{Poseidon Line CEO}
(Sfx- Pihhh beep)

Keith: It seems it's impossible for me to forget about work,
TV: Continuing with this programming, there will be a special program airing from Hero TV beginning at 8pm.
So stay tuned to this channel!
Keith: I wonder what everyone else is doing...
Right now.
(Sfx- Jajaaaan tadaaaah)

TV: Special Program “The Hero reflected in your eyes.”
Do you love heroes? Despise them?
Are they reflected in your eyes everyone?
We go on air with your honest opinions!
Dude: Heroes? I don't particuliarly like or hate 'em really.
Girl: I love Barnaby!
I wonder if his injury from before is okay?
Guy: I've always been nuts for 'em, so I can't look away.
Other dude: Stuff like robberies and fires...
It's been pretty humdrum lately, yeah?
{Same time, Kotetsu's house.}
TV: We interviewed 35 people...
And 10 people loved the heroes,
while 8 hate them.
17 responded they didn't care either way.

{The same time, Sky High's house.}
???: Just seeing them makes my heart hurt.
It doesn't matter since we have cops right?
How do I feel about heroes?
Not much of anything, really?
Hmm, yeah I guess....
When nothing's happening...
I don't think too much of 'em?
Which is to say...
It's thanks to the hardworking heroes...
That we have “days where nothing happens”.

???: Days where there are no incidents are perhaps...
The days where those who protect Sternbild feel most like they're a part of the city.

Keith: A part of the city, huh...
John: Woof.
Keith: John...
Next we'll have a rousing pep talk dedicated toward our heroes...

{9:49 PM: Training room.}
(Sfx- Veeen veeen)
Anies: Hm?
Kotetsu: What is it? You need something?
Anies: The showers at the OBC are full.
Keith: That's excellent.
A shower refreshes the body and mind.
Anies: More like..
You two are training until this late?
You have that much free time?
Kotetsu: Training is a hero's job, right?
Keith: That's right.

Both: After all we are a part of the city!

Anies: It figures –you really do have too much free time.
Koetsu: What?
You saw it too?
Keith: You watched it, Wild?
Kotetsu: Yeah, wasn't it great?
Keith: It most certainly was...
The very best.
(Sfx- Guuh grnd)
Anies: Leaving it to you tomorrow too, Heroes!!
(Bottom text- Next issue, who is it Kotetsu meets up with...?!)
TIGER AND BUNNY #26............END.

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