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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 61

Ayla's suffering and the whereabouts of Earth.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 61

Back on this again. Still not all that enthusiastic about current events, but at the very least I have no plans to drop it. Might make motivation for translation harder, which means later releases though.

Psylocke scans only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

???: Shall you and I together...
Conquer the earth?
{I said those words to Hirose-kun.}
Ayla: Grandmother....
{And while lots of things have happened since then, it seems in the end it's those words we've returned to.}
Ayla: We're looking for a means to become the king of Earth.
What should we do to acquire the throne of a planet's king?

Ayla: Please lend us your strength.
{Back then it was just Hirose-kun and I.}
{Now we have everyone with us..}

Chapter 61: Ayla's suffering and the whereabouts of Earth

Grandmother: Mnn.
Koichi: Is she still asleep...?
Ayla: Of course not! I had a conversation with her just last night!
Grandmother: Ayla, come here.
Oh, such a good girl.
Oh my are you hungry?
That just won't do. I'll prepare something immediately.

Grandmother: Now go on, eat up.
It's your favorite –Sirloin steak.
You can put katsuboshi on it as well.
Nozomi: Ayla...
What's the matter with grandmother?
Ayla: G—Grandmother...
Someone: Half asleep?!

Ayla: I knew it from earlier when I called home...
(In box- Big brother.)
Ayla: Lately her lengthened sleep cycles have had an adverse effect...
From time to time I'm able to get straightforward answers from her so I was hoping to talk more..
But it would seem that if we want more info on Earth's King we're stuck figuring that out on our own.
Koichi: I see.
I was hoping to hear more about that mysterious guy too...
Ayla: That's right...
After the ordeal we went through with Maaya, i'm thinking it wouldn't be too weird if other orbelians still remained alive.
Is he an acquaintance of yours Nozomi?
Nozomi: Hm...probably.

Ayla: On that note...
What's the deal with that pillow?
Nozomi: Well...
I was thinking of staying over at your place tonight Ayla.
Ayla: Huh!? Why!?
Nozomi: Well there's a hole in the roof of my house...
Ayla: Ah...right from when that guy broke in..
Nozomi: it's usually quite pleasant but now the conditioning isn't effective anymore...
So until I get my house fixed can I stay here?
Ayla: I guess so. We've got plenty of room.
Koichi: Conditioning?
That thing doesn't have anything like that! In the first place it's just an abandoned bus with thin walls! How the heck is that pleasant...
{It seemed that Koichi's soliloquy is going to take a while so we stopped listening.}

Ayla: When are you going to get it fixed?
Nozomi: Probably while I've left it for a bit.
Ayla: So you'll go to school from here?
Nozomi: Yes, that'll do.
Koichi: Well, I guess I'll go home.
Rico, you and I will take every day of spring break to do special training. Sound good?
Rico: Okay! It'll be fun to transform a lot!

Koichi: Hm.
That's right...
Rico: What is it Koichi? What are you looking at?
What's wrong Koichi?!
We haven't started the special training het!
Where are you going!?
Ayla: Nnnnh...

Ayla: Kyaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Jii: Hm?
Ayla: Wh—why are you there Nozomi?!
Where'd you come in from?!
Nozomi: The truth is...
I actually have one other place I could stay at.
(Handwritten- Computer glasses.)
Ayla: H—huh? Is that so?
Then wouldn't it be better for you to stay there?
Nozomi: Maybe, but that house doesn't have any furniture in it...
And the room you gave me is pretty but has nothing in it....

Ayla: ...Are you saying you'd feel better if you could have MY room?!
Nozomi: Ayla, your room makes me feel calm...
Get out!!
For the freeloader to think that she can stay in the main house is hilarious!
Ayla: Hmph....
Nozomi: Wow, your room sure is secure....

Ayla: Even Jii can't break through these locks so how did you...
(Handwritten- More like, did you just jump through empty space...)
Nozomi: Ayla, please...
I won't get in your way...
Ayla: Your existence is already terrifying enough.
Nozomi: I'm fine with this space between the sofa and the bookshelf...
Ayla: Well, if that's all you want...
quit screwing with me!
You're leaving and that's it!
Nozomi: Whooaa...
That's Ryuu-niichan! Was this your date last weekend?
(Handwritten- Date!)
I'll kill you, I swear!
Get out! Get ooooout!!

Ayla: Siiiigh....
Koichi: Are you okay Ayla-san? You look pretty tired...
Ayla: N—No, I'm absolutely fine!!
Koichi: You..sure?
Ayla: Nozomi...
Nozomi came into my room...
Koichi: Huh?
Ayla: Koichi, I know it might be weird to say this now but...
Koichi: Yeah?
Ayla: You might want to think twice about marrying Nozomi.
Rico: What's up Koichi? Your ears are bright red!
Koichi: I don't know either!!
(Sfx- Hahah)
Rico: Ah! Look over there Koichi!
Koichi: That kid's got a lot of backpacks...
I wonder if they're rich like you, Ayla?
Rico: No...

Koichi: Hey!
You dropped your bag!
Want a hand with these?
???: Eh? Uh, no...I'm fine...
Ayla: Of course you aren't! Here, just hand those to me.

Ayla: Uwah! These are brazenly heavy!! You should just toss these bags away.
Koichi: Are you alone?
???: Everyone else went on ahead...
Koichi(?): Whew.
???: Thank you.
Ayla: So you all are into soccer...

Ayla: Go there and and say what's on your mind! Let them know how you really feal!
???: Why?
Ayla: Because they left you all alone holding these bags while they went off to play! Doesn't that upset you!?
???: Upset me....?
Ah...they were bullying me...is that it?
Ayla: Wait...
You didn't even notice?
???: Well this is pretty normal for me...
Ayla: But you were making this face like you were really tired earlier...like this was what was on your mind, right?
???: No, that's....
Ayla: See? You are annoyed by it!

???: No, I mean...it's just lately I've had a lot of other things on my mind....
Ayla: I'm out of here.
Koichi: Ayla-san!! We've already heard this much of their story, so why not just listen to their troubles to the very end...?
???: Well it's not really an issue that you could solve by talking about it, sis...
Ayla: Hurry up and spit it out already!
???: The truth is..
My folks want me to take over the family home....
Ayla: Ohh?
Why not take it over then?
(Handwritten- There! All done.)
???: The thing is I don't have any confidence in myself...

???: Be it inheriting the work of my ancestors...
Or a power that that was suddenly granted to me that I have yet to own...
Everything is well beyond the acceptable limits of what I could possibly inherit..
Why do people bother living? What are happiness and sadness?
Rico: You're saying some really complicated things all of a sudden...
???: Ah a talking cat! Truly all things in this world are ephemeral at best...
I don't have confidence in myself...something like me...
Never had confidence from the beginning after all.

Ayla: I don't know anything about this work your home does...
But if there's a little bit of you that wants to do it, why not try?
If you find you don't want to do it then use your full strength to find something you DO want to do.
???: Big sis..
Ayla: I do believe in what I want to do!
It's true it's troublesome, but what i've inherited isn't a bad thing at all.
I believe the people who have been entrusted with it are extremely happy.

???: I see..is that so?
I just met the two of you and yet...
How are you able to make such good faces...?
Kid: Thanks for our bags Fujishiro.
Fujishiro: Ah.

Kid: Geez, you're as slow as they come man.
(Handwritten- We're gonna be late.)
Fujishiro: You're headed back?
Kid: Yeah, we forgot today's cram school day.
Wh—what the heck are those High Schoolers doing here...
Fujishiro: Um..
Big sis and the little guy there...
Koichi: Little?!
Fujishiro: Thank you!

Ayla: That was one strange child.
Koichi: Right?
Rico: The Orbelian is probably waiting for us.
Ayla: Probably.
Nozomi: Hm?
Welcome back, but you're late!
Koichi: She's just made herself comfortable...

Ayla: Nothing changed right?
Jii: No ma'am.
Ayla: Understood. You can go now.
Jii: Yes.
Ayla: Oh? Koichi you like milk right?
Koichi: Ah, yeah.
Rico: Y'know what? Koichi started drinking and doing muscle training too!
(Sfx- Dzuhh)
Ayla: Oh? Just now?
By the way I was able to talk to Grandmother a little yesterday.
Koichi: What'd she say?
Ayla: She had a response when I mentioned the King of Earth...
Grandmother: Arsha...
Earth's king...
Four billion years...

Grandmother: Of friendship...
???: Hmmm.
Ayla: Honestly speaking with only that to go on, we can't do much...
Nozomi: It would seem Grandmother really does know something..
Koichi: Say...
Ayla: What?
Koichi: How about inquiring about that mystery guy?
She might end up beginning her sleep again after this...
Nozomi: I said it before the other day but I don't know...

Ayla: Ah, Koichi...
I happened to peak into your bag and I saw this inside...
Just what is this? You really started doing this just now, or is it something you've been doing lately?
Koichi: UWAAAH!!
I just wanted to change my body image a bit so I was looking at it...
Nozomi: Hirose-kun.
Don't tell me you've had that man on your mind....?
Nozomi: That's small..
Small of you Hirose-kun.

Nozomi: Your body is already tiny, so if your heart shrinks to match what would be left of you?!
(Handwritten- Tiny.)
Nozomi: You did say you'd take over earth with me, right?!
Have more confidence in yourself!!
(Sfx- Oooohhh)
Koichi: You held him in your arms, senpai..
I knew it...you think taller guys are cooler don't you...
Nozomi: I...I don't particularly care...
And I didn't hold him, I was being held...

Nozmi: By...
???: Geez, a lovers spat...?
That's not the kind of thing a man aiming to be king of Earth should be doing.
Ayla: Hm?
Rico: Ah! That was the kid being bullied earlier today!
Fujishiro: In December you sure ran wild over my head...
and your scraping of the ground was kinda painful.
Koichi: Wut?
Fujishiro: It's been a while....
For you too.
Nozomi: Do I know you from somewhere...?

Koichi: Nghhh..?

Nozomi: Aaaaah!!
Koichi: Wh—what the heck are you doing?!
Fujishiro: The proof of passoinate love.
You too...
Mr. Talking cat.
Rico: Wah!
Rico: What's with you? Don't surprise us like that!
Fujishiro: Heheh...oh did I?
Nozomi: Hirose-kun...?
Koichi: Wah?!
Nozomi: What are you staring at?! You've been accusing me this whole time and now you look like an idiot!
Koichi: I haven't been accusing of of anything! And I'm here trying to figure out just what the heck this kid is talking about...!!

Koichi: Ayla-san, what are you doing?!
Ayla: There's no way to get over or dig under the high walls that surround this house.
And there's no way that Jii would open the gate and let someone through without telling me.

Ayla: What has happened to Jii---no, Pyotr?
And just who are you?
Fujishiro: I don't have any particularly special name.
You stand upon me, and I watch over you.
Yes, even at this very instant.

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