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Saike Once Again 73


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 18, 2017 01:47 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 73

Saike's back bitches. Hopefully I can finish this before the end of the month and then get hopelessly behind with part ten in July.

Free for usage with my permission.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- I want to protect your daily life.)
(Middling text- The 9th part of “conflict” opens!! Darkness stands before Saike's school...!!)
(Side yellow text- Long time no see, Heroine! Mikan makes her appearance!!)
(Bottom text- The story up until now: Saike who's ability is to “revisit today” had caused his body to become tattered with repeated usage. To heal himself of this affliction, he landed in Nepal and overcame all kinds of troubles to meet the “Healing God” who can heal any sickness. However Johann suddenly appeared and the gang confronted him directly. After the struggle to the death, Saike was able to cause Johann to retreat, and the “Healing God” used his power to return Saike's health after which he returned to Japan, but what was waiting for him there...?!)
Take 73: M
(Side text- A cover that's connected to volume 7!!)
(Bottom text- The latest volume #8 is out in stores March 17th!)

(Side text- A new series begins. A new trial awaits Saike upon his return to his home country...)
Kid: Icchan, you're awesome!
It's goin' great!!
Icchan: This is a cake walk!
I'm a superhero after all!
(On bridge- Cars shouldn't come to a sudden stop!!)
(Sfx- Zuriiihh sshfft)
Icchan: Ah...
Kids: I...

(Sfx- Pehh fwip)
(Sfx- Hyuuunn wffft)
Icchan: Huh?!
(Sfx- Gyuuunnn whooom)

Hizu: On three!!
(Sfx- Guuunnn fwhoop)
Kids: Huh?!
(Handwritten- He disappeared!?)
(Sfx- Gashiiih dddshh)

Saike: You okay?
Icchan: Huh?
Saike: It's still too soon for you to be practicing flying, wouldn't you say...
Lil' Super Hero!

Kid: Huh?!
(Handwritten- How'd you get on the other side?!)
(Handwritten- You're awesome Icchan!!)
(Handwritten- I knew you'd do it Icchan!! --But how'd you do it?)
Saike: With that we've closed today's case.
Ana: Saike how many times have you returned today?
Saike: 4 times, Ana.
(Sfx- Pakaah fwaap)
Hizu: How's your body? You're really feelin' okay now right?
Saike: It's weird to me too...

Saike: I'm in such great condition that it feels like a lie!
Right now I feel like I could return many times over.
It's all thanks to the healing god's oracle.
I'm feeling better than I did before I started using this oracle!!
Hizu: Saike.
Saike: Huh?

Hizu: The Healing God doesn't have an oracle anymore.
So you should be conservative in how you use yours.
And don't go drowning in places other than Mogura pond, got it?
The Nepal thing was an irregular case.
There's no proof that your oracle will activate if you use it in other places!
Got it?
Saike: I get it, Hizu-kun.
We were playing catch up back then so there was no other choice.
You have my word...
I'll be conservative with my oracle, and I won't use it anywhere else.

Saike: I promise.
{But Hizu-kun..}
{I'm really feeling great.}
{I'm going to help more and more people for now on.}
Saike: Welp I'm off to school!
Hizu: Y—yeah.

{Started today too...}
???: 'Sup Hirayasu.
(Sfx- Baaaann smack)
Hirayasu: Ah...
???: After school today...
You get it, right?

{I don't have any...}
Hirayasu: Y...
(Sfx- Gyyahahaha)
(Handwritten- Right?)
{I don't...}
{Have any...}
{Claws to defend myself...}
{Or fangs to strike back with.}

Mikan: Saaaike!!
Good morning!!
A new semester starts today!!
And you even came right on time!!
(Handwritten- Good boy!)
Saike: Mikan!
Mikan: I was really surprised when you suddenly took off for Nepal!!
So, how was your first trip overseas!?
(Handwritten- Hm?)
Saike: Ah, it was lots of fun!

Mikan: Thank goodness...
You look much better!
Lately you've been acting really weird Saike...
(Panels- Waitwaitwait!!//What are you doing Saike?!//Thank Goodness you're alive! I thought you wer done for after you were hit by that truck)
Mikan: It was like after you fainted that one time your memories got all vague and stuff.
But you seem fine now!!
(Handwritten- Sei!!)
Saike: Heheheh...
(Handwritten- Thank Goodness for that.)
Mikan: Ah, right!
By the way Saike...
Do you know about “M”?

Saike: M?
What the heck is that?
Mikan: Aw, you really don't know anything huh?
It's a super huge topic on the net and everything....
Lately people all around the world have witnessed mysterious beings!
So they're calling them “M” for short!!
(TN- The “M” here is from 'M'okugeki or “Witness”.)
Mikan: And at first glance they look like human beings....
But on the inside they're completely different beings altogether –is what I heard!
Saike: Huh? Is that so?
You really love the occult don't you Mikan...

Mikan: Totally, right? Anyway it's said these beings use strange “abilities”!
Mikan: Like one was able to knock down a tree using nothing but their bare hands...
And another was able to completely freeze a lake in the middle of summer in an instant...
There have been videos popping up all over lately!
(Handwritten- There have been all sorts of eye witness reports too!!)
{Could this be...}
{...Oracle holders?!}
Mikan: Ah, right you remember...
The story about the person who walked across the surface of Mogura pond!
That's gotta be “M” too –is what the chief of the arts club said!!

{Now that I think about it, the Healing God said something like that..}
Healing God: Saike...
There's one more thing i'd like to say to you.
Saike: Hm?
Healing God: Around how many Oracle holders are in Japan?
Saike: I'd say dozens, maybe?
Why do you ask?
Healing God: This might only be the case in Nepal, but...
In recent years it feels as if the amount of ability users has risen exponentially.
Though it may just be my imagination.
{The amount of oracle holders have increased...?}
{Then that means the amount of witnesses has increased too huh...?}
(Handwritten- What do you think Saike?)

Mikan: Are you listening to me Saike?!
Saike: Huh? What were you saying again?
Mikan: I was saying there might even be “M” in our neighborhood!
(Handwritten- Geez.)
Saike: Y—yeah? Maybe.
That's awesome...to think that there are people with abilities like that out there...
Mikan: Huh?
What are you saying Saike?
Did you not hear me?
Saike: Huh?
I mean those M guys are...

Mikan: People who can knock down a tree and freeze a lake..
Are hiding in human skin and perhaps near us at this very moment...
(Sfx- Zaaahh sfffft)
Mikan: I'm scared of “M”.

Dude: Hirayasu...
Why didn't you bring it?
Hirayasu: Th—that's all my spending money...
Dude: You've got parents right?!
Dude's crying...
{Someone please destroy it...}
Dude: Don't screw with us..
(Sfx- Bakii dokohhh crackk smaaack)
{These horrible days of mine....}
{Someone please....
(Side text- It just takes a single word from Mikan to shock Saike. Meanwhile a tragedy unfolds at the school....)

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