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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Saike Once Again 74

Hirayasu Hideo.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 18, 2017 03:13 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 74

And another one. I'm really looking for someone to work on Saike again, as I'd love for it to stay caught up with Japan, so interested scanslators should hit me up.

Free for usage with my permission.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

{Top Box- What is “M”? Around the world people have witnessed mysterious events, and since the ones causing these are known as “Mysterious” or “Monsters” they are known as “M”. In recent years it is thought their numbers have increased as oracle holders.}
(Middling text- We're humans....right?)
(Side text- The stage is the school....! Part 2 of Series 9!!)
Take 74: Hirayasu Hideo.

Mikan: I'm afraid of “M”.
(Side text- Just one word from his childhood friend Mikan is enough to disturb Saike's heart.)
{In short the oracle holders....}

{Are scary...?}
Saike: Haha...
Those M people are “ability users” right?
They can knock down trees and freeze lakes....
Isn't that awesome?
Mikan: Huh?
Saike: They can do what normal people can't!
Isn't that incredible!?

Mikan: Heehee..
You're so strong Saike.
Saike: Hm?
Mikan: If those who have those abilities were to commit “crimes”...
Or if someone who thought about hurting others were to get that power...
As weak as I am...
My fear would win out.
Well, M is just an urban legend anyway!
(Sfx- Ahahaah)

{These abilities are weapons that will give birth to madness.}
{Those who possess them will have their hearts tempted and use them for evil.}
{We oracle holders will eventually be discriminated against.}
{People cannot accept what is different from them.}
{I'm scared of M.}
{They're wrong.}
{These abilities are nothing to be afraid of.}
(Sfx- Gyuuhh grnnd)

Saike: They're powers –if used correctly can save people!!
I'm sure if people just got to understand them that we could coexist!!
(Sfx- Wai wai wai wai)
Someone: Hey did you hear?
One appeared in the neighboring city!!
M! It's M, man!!
They burnt a house completely to the ground!
Kid: Whoa, seriously?!

Kid: M's scary!!
(Sfx- Pachihhh crack)
{You're wrong...!!}
Someone: A person was suddenly cut down too...
Was that the work of M?
A child suddenly disappeared in the park...
That's M! It's gotta be M!!
{You're wrong..!!!}
Kid: Hey Kuzushiro-kun, did you know?
M is...
Saike: You're wrong!!!
No, I mean...

Saike: W—Why do we have to be so scared of M?
It's not as if anyone's actually ever seen them attack anyone.
Dude: Huuh? What's this? Are you in the M supporting camp, Saike-kun?
Saike: Ah, no...
Girl: Of course he isn't!
(Handwritten- He doesn't seem like the sort!)
Kid: But man that video I saw earlier looked like the real thing!
(Sfx- Ahaahahaah)
Kid: So what, M really exists?!
{They just don't understand....}
{The “oracle” isn't inherently evil..}
{It just depends on how that power is used.....}

(Sfx- Pohh pohh)
(Sfx- Gaya gaya)
Kid: See ya...
Bye bye.
Dude: Hey, where ya headed?
(Sfx- Dooon thud)
Dude: I told you to stay after school, yeah?
So whatcha fleein' for?
Hirayasu: I--
I don't have any money...
Dude: That's no good.

(Sfx- Gorogorogoro rummmmble)
(Sfx- Zaaaahhh dsshhhh)
Dad: I'm home.
Mom: Welcome back Dad.
Dad: Where's Hideo?
Mom: He's already in bead.
Dude: Bring us 30,000 yen tomorrow.
If you don't have it then we'll just keep doubling the pain game.

{Days like these...}
Hirayasu: Uugh...
{I want...}
(Sfx- Bikaaahhh fwaaash)
{Fangs and claws to...}
{Fight with...}
{I want power...!!!}
(Sfx- Zaaaahhh Ssshhhh)
(Sfx- Pishaaaaa fwaaaash)

(Sfx- Chun chun chun tweet tweet)
Hirayasu: I'm off to school.
Mom(?): Don't fall down again Hideo.
Hirayasu: Okay...
{I'm sorry Mom...}
(Sfx- Gyuuh grind)
{I'm going to have to borrow just a bit more money from you..}
(Sfx- Gaya gaya gaya)

Hirayasu: What happened? An accident?
Looks dangerous...
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)


Hirayasu: Huh?
Nara-kun's been heavily injured?
Yeah, they found him in the park torn to shreds this morning.
Hirayasu: Huuuh?!
Could that be what I saw earlier?
He pissed off a lot of people...
Maybe “M” was behind this too?
(Sfx- Pon poof)
(Handwritten- Nara got what he deserved!)

{No way...}
Big dude: Hirayasu-kuuuun.
I'm Muro and I'm here to pick up the cash for Nara-kun.
Don't go runnin' away now, got it? Smell ya laterz.

{What should I do...}
{I don't have any more money to spare...}
(Sfx- Gabaah fwapp)
Someone: Kyaah!!
What the hell is this!?
This isn't normal!!
(Sfx- Dosaaah thump)
(Sfx- Uwaaah gyaaah!!)
(Sfx- Zawa zawa zawa hustle bustle)
Someone: It's M!!
This has definitely gotta be the work of “M”!!
Hirayasu: Wha...
What is this...?!
(Sfx- Uwaah!!)

Kid: He's still concious!!
Muro: Ugh...
A monster...
Kid: What happened to him!?
Dude: Isn't that Muro from Class A?!
{They really exist...!?}
Kid: Call the teacher!!
What's going..

{They're really in this city...?!}
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmble)
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)
(Sfx- Giichi giichi ddshhh)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
(Sfx- Gichi gichi gichi ddshhhh)

Kid: Hey Hirayasu-kun, we're gathering in the gym.
(Sfx- Pon pat)
Hirayasu: Oh, O—okay.
(Sfx- Kuruuh spnn)
Mikan: Eh?!
(Sfx- Zawa zawa hustlebustle)
{Oracle holders.....}
{It's M...........!!!!}
(Side text- The one who wants power to destroy his daily life –Hirayasu, and the one who wants to protect that daily life –Saike...Should these two have a chance meeting, it will connect to an incident that will shake the world!!)

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