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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Saike Once Again 75


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 18, 2017 19:50 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 75

Not the Fire Emblem type, but the Freaks and Geeks type --of awakening, I mean.

Free for usage with my permission.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Top text- The third chapter of the “M arc”!! The latest volume #8 is in stores everywhere!!)
Take 75: Awakening.
(Side text- Those who fight monsters should be mindful of their heart...that they don't become monsters themselves.)

(Side text- The school that Saike and Mikan attends has been the site of attacks on delinquent students in the school. From the severity and cruelty of their wounds it's possible that “M” with their rumored strange abilities might be behind this, but...)
(Sfx- Zawa zawa hustle bustle)
Teacher(?): Quiet!
Everyone quiet down!
We're closing school today!
(Sfx- Zaw zawa zawa Hustle bustle)
Teacher: However the perpetrator might be loitering around the neighborhood!
So on orders from the police, everyone is to stay in class and await further instructions!
By no means are you allowed to freely leave the school grounds!!
(Handwritten- What? We can't go home)
(Handwritten- Idiot! Of course not!)
(Handwritten- Awesome, we're lucky not to have class~)
Mikan: Saike...

{The way he was injured...}
{That's not the work of a mere perpetrator...)
{A vicious oracle holder is nearby!!}
{I know! If I can get Hizu-kun he can identify the culprit by their power fumes!}
Mikan: Hey Saike!
{Should I call him right away..?}
{No, but knowing Hizu-kun he'd probably treat them like the perpetrator off the bat...}
(Sfx- Goonn thok)
Mikan: Saike, do you not know your name?!
Saike: Eh? What's up Mikan?
Mikan: You need to stop thinking so hard that you lose track of your surroundings.
(Handwritten- You've been doing that often lately...)

Mikan: This is definitely...
The work of M!
Saike: “M”?
Ah right, she's referring to the oracle holders...!
Mikan: It's gotta be them!!
To think we'd get proof that they're real so suddenly....
M really exists...!!
(Sfx- Gokuhh gulp)

Mikan: Moreover they're attacking people! They're rotten to the core!
Those M guys...!!
{Eventually we Oracle holders will be discriminated against.}
{That's wrong.}
{There has to be a path that leads to co existence.}
{There has to be a reason that they're attacking others.}
{If I can find them and talk some sense into them...}
{It'll work out for sure..!!}

Mikan: Why are you making such a scary face?
Saike: Eh?! Ah, No reason...
Dude: 'Sup bro.
(Sfx- Bikuhhh poit)
Dude: You're Hirayasu ain'tcha?
I need to see ya for a minute.
Hirayasu: Huh?
(Sfx- Bakiihhh crack)

(Sfx- Subaaah dshhhh)
Hirayasu: Ow!!
What was that for?
I didn't do anythi---
Dude: You know Nara, yeah?
Yesterday he was sent to the hospital.
Hirayasu: What about Nara-kun..?
Dude: So, when we went to see 'im...
He was havin nightmares and sayin stuff....
“I called Hirayasu to the park and got attacked.”
Hirayasu: Huh?

Hirayasu: N—no way You think I did that to Nara-kun?
Dude: Don't screw with me dammit!
You got someone to jump Nara didn't you?!
And even this morning, it was the same thing for Muro –you paid someone off!!
Hirayasu: N—no way..
I didn't...
Dude: You'd better quit acting spineless you little brat!!!
Hirayasu: What is he talking about?
I didn't do it!
I really didn't do it!
Dude: Shut the hell up!!
Who'd you pay off huuh? Spit it out!!
Don't screw with me asshole!!
(Sfx- Dohhh Thokk)
Hirayasu: Agah!!

(Sfx- Dosaaahh thhhhuud)
Hiryasu: Unnngh..
It wasn't me!!
I'm telling you it wasn't me!
I didn't---
Dude: SHUT UP!!
(Sfx-Goshaaah thoook)
Hirayasu: Nnngh!!
Dude: Spit it out dammit! Who attacked him?!
Hirayasu: Sto--
Dude: I know a little pissant like you ain''t got the balls to do it yourself!!
(Sfx- Goshaa thook)
(Sfx- Doguuhh dokkuun thuud thuud)
Dude: A weak little bastard like you...
Dude: Don't have the right to raise a fist to those who are strong!!
{Days like these.....}
{I'm sick of them.}
Dude: Open your damn mouth, dammit...
Or I'll friggin kill you!!

(Sfx- Bahhh fwiisshhh)
(Sfx- Pihh blishh)
(Sfx- Doshuuh bllorsh)
Dude: Huh?
Guy: Eh?

(Sfx- Bushuuuhh blooorsh)
(Sfx- Pikkuhh pikuuhh twitch twitch)
Dude: It huuuuuurts!!

Hirayasu: Huh?

Dude: Uwaaah!!
What the....what's with your arm?!
(Sfx- Biki biki twitch twitch)
Dude2: It's M...
It's M!!!
(Sfx- Doshaaa thuuud)
Hirayasu: M?
What are you talking about?
(Sfx- Dododododo)
Hirayasu: Huh?
What's this?

???: I'm the power you wished for.
{Who is this...?}
???: Those claws are...
My desires..
???: I am..
What you've wanted for a loooong time.
(Sfx- Zukih Zukiih thrrob throob)
Hirayasu: No...
I didn't ask for this...
Who are you?
???: I am you...
And you are me.
(Sfx- Zukiiin zukkkin zukiin throb throb throb)
(Sfx- Bogoohh fwhoom)
(Sfx- Baki baki crackle crackle)
Hirayasu: Ah...
(Sfx- Bakiii riiip)

(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(On phone- Sent)
{This'll do.}
{I'll meet up with Hizu-kun and Ana when they show up later.}
{I have to do something before this becomes a huge incident for the sake of..}
(Sfx- Dadadadadadaa*thmtmtmtmtmmp*)
Kid: Everyone run for it!!
(Sfx- Daraaah clatter*)
Kid: It's “M”!!
M has shown up..
(Sfx- Pishiiihh dshhh)


Hirayasu: Do--
Don't look...
At me...

It's a monsteeeeerr!!
Hirayasu: I'm...
(Sfx- AAAHHHHH!!!)
(Sfx- Kyahhh!!)
(Sfx- Uwahhh!!)
(Handwritten- Run!!)
{A path of...}
(Side text- It all was the stuff of dreams...)

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