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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 65

To our Friend.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 65

And sliding into home base right before the game ends is I with last month's Hitoribocchi chapter! Still on the fence as to whether I like this turn of events, but too stubborn to stop after translating this series as long as I have, so in short business as usual.

Psylocke scans only

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Chapter 65: To our Friend.



???: Star Group....Yafumanafu space ship.
???: Hey.

Thingy: You're a kikeroian, yeah?
To think you'd be in a place like this...!
It's because it's a source of shame that we're a rare species...
But rest easy, as we are brethern.
It sure is noisy up there, though.
Seems a spaceship with some elites from Arsha exploded, and they're making a big fuss about it.
The search team has headed out, but there don't seem to be any survivors...
After all they've been lost to the void of space.

Thingy: Ahh...
I wish they'd finish with the work up there so I can head back already..
If you want after this we could head back for some tea...
A—are you okay!?
???: It's just a bit hot...
You're right! You're burning up!!
We gotta get you to a doctor right away....

???: Th—the truth is I'm really sick.
If I get hot I'll melt and die.
Thingy: Wh—what?!
???: It'd be bad if you got too close to me and the contamination spread.
I'll head to the doctor on my own.
Since we're brethren and all, I'd hate to put you in a tight spot.
Take care.
Thingy: W—wait! At least tell me your name...
???: Ah, that scared me!
Didn't think there were other kikeroians here...
I thought I'd be able transform and keep quiet...
But there are guys who wanna talk to their friends here...

???: You okay Koichi?
Koichi: Nggh....
???: Shhh!!
Just stay hidden in me for a little longer!!
{It's so hot....}
{More like, Rico, I can't breathe...}

{A few days before...}
Rico: There! It's up there!!

Ayla: There are traces of a magnetic storm left over...
It was a miracle for Maaya to be able to reach earth in the first place.
Koichi: So what do we do? Can we use Maaya's ship?
Ayla: The base form hasn't been stable, and more than half of it has returned to being soil.
This isn't going to do us any good...
All of our means to reach outer space on our own have...
fallen apart.

Rico: T—then we won't be able to see the orbelian anymore?
Ayla: It's not like that.
It's not like that, but...
Koichi: There still has to be something...some way we haven't thought of...
There has to be...!
Rico: Koichi...
Something's falling!!
It's falling here?!

Koichi: The bus...!
That's Senpai's bus!!

Ayla: That ship...
Wait Koichi!
That bus isn't Nozomi--
Koichi: Wha...
What the heck?!

(Handwriten- It's Japanese.)
Ayla: This is...
An invitation.
Koichi: Wha?!
Ayla: “We would like to humbly invite you to our wedding reception where you can see our beautiful bride.”
“As such we would ask that you bear witness as we depart on a new life together.”
“So we invite the earth's representative, Hirose Koichi, and three others to our mothership.”
Rico: Marriage?! Really?
Who's getting married?

Ayla: “Ootori Nozomi of Earth and...
“Storasmore Varo Kurasico Orbelio.”
Koichi: “Orbelio”...?
agyou: Going as far as giving us his name like that....someone's quite confident, huh.
Is that the Orbelian king?
A planet who's lifespan has been destroyed with a living king...
means he must have the power to once again seize the power of the star group.

agyou: And with this I understand how he was able to control Rico...
Excluding Earth, he intends to become the king of the universe.
Rico: Is Earth different somehow?
agyou: I sure am.
I'm a special planet.
Koichi: Orbelian seal of state....
agyou: That's right! What I have is the proof of power from the universe itself!
The orbelian king who has obtained Nozomi's is making moves towards his first objective which is to make Earth a second Orbelio.
Ayla: And he starts things off with a marriage?
Aaah...why is it when earth is in such a crisis...
The only thing they have in their brain is marriage?
agyou: Koichi, be careful...

agyou: The Orbelian king has got you in his sights.
Without a doubt since you have Nozomi's heart, he hates you with a passion.
Rico: By the way, a wedding reception is....
agyou: Why do I have to go to someone else's wedding reception?
There's nothing fun about that at all!
We're obviously heading right into a trap!

agyou: Koichi, don't fall for the enemy's provocation...
You have to bear with it.
This isn't a sudden attack on the earth via the “port”...
Right now this is Pol Happi's awakening.
Ayla: Grandmother's name...
agyou: They have the power to gain knowledge that we don't, for sure.
We might have lost Nozomi, but our objective remains the same...
We have to head to the moon so Koichi and I can have our wedding ceremony!!
Ayla; If Koichi doesn't go to the moon with you he can't become Earth's king, huh.


agyou: I knew you'd come.
Koichi: Agyou...
Agyou: What do you need here?
Koichi: Just came to take a look around.
Agyou: You should know lies won't work with me.
By taking this space ship, you're basically riding right into the hands of the enemy.
We can't hand you over to the enemy especially now that we've lost Nozomi!
You need to cool your jets.

Koichi: I have no intention of being caught.
I'm only going to act as if I've accepted the invitation.
Rico was able to sneak onto earth secretly without the Star Group knowing anything...awesome huh?
So with his abilities, we should be able to do the same thing to our enemies without being caught!
Agyou: So you want to infiltrate the enemy's ship?
Koichi: That's right! So we'll be doing the opposite and boarding them!

Agyou: How could you think of such a thing...
Koichi: And Rico's fine even if he's in outer space!
If he heads out there –in space I mean, we can use that ship as a decoy and head directly to the enemy's ship...
Agyou: That's just pure foolish recklessness!!
To begin with, you were born upon my surface....
You don't have the type of body that can go into space!!

Koichi: “Earth”.
I am...
No longer a pure Earthling.
I want to go.
To where....
The owner of this heart is.

???: Siiiiiigh.
Koichi: Ayla-san?!
Ayla: I've really sunken low...
To think that a day came where I actually agree with Koichi....
Ayla: I promised Nozomi that I'd treat her to a parfait in front of the train station....
So if possible I'd like to bring her back immediately!
Agyou: You two...
Ayla: I'll make the proper preparations, as well as the battle plan.

Agyou: If you're prepared, then go on ahead.
What will be destroyed and what will live will eventually be your duty.
Koichi: Yeah...
Agyou: I'll just warn you of one thing...
If it gets dangerous flee to the moon.
Koichi: The moon.
Agyou: That's it from me.
No matter what happens, you must survive.

Rico: Koichi!!
Koichi: Ngrrrh...

Koichi: Where are we?
Rico: We're in the airvent of the Yafumanafu ship!
The wind passing through feels good.
Koichi: So I'm in space now....
Yafumanafu! So that's your home system, right Rico?
Good timing to investigate all kinds of things.
Lets go Rico!
Rico: Yup!

Koichi: Wait for us, senpai!!

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