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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Gintama 653

Dual blades.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 3, 2017 13:54 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 653

I now realize I just have too much to do to translate anything else, more than not actually wanting to translate anything else. It's from here i can maybe change, probably not.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- Volume 70 of the manga hits stores October 4th (Wednesday!)
(Side text- On a faraway planet is…)
(Sfx- Zatshhh *sffft*)
Old guy: Well, well…
There’s a face I haven’t seen in ages…
And I see…
You’re still goin’ around collecting stuff like that, huh?
(Sfx- Dosaah *thud*)
Old guy: I reckon that to you…
They’d be nothing but pebbles now.
Now that….
You’ve lost your wife.

Old dude: More importantly, where’d you get those?
I’d think you’d know that those crystals are considered S class rare commodities –Altana, the lifeblood of planets.
So how the heck did you manage to get so many of these things that only appear once per planet?
Kouan’s crystals were used up for the sake of your wife, right?
---No, it can’t be that you hopped around the universe gathering---
Umibozu: It’s as you said old timer…
After she died, these are nothing but rocks to me…
The kind of stuff you’d find lying anywhere…
In the universe.
Even regular stones,
Can prove useful.

Umibozu: So, there’s a person I’d like to clobber to death with these…
Mind helping me out?
Old dude: I getcha, but what kinda major enemy are you up against that…
The greatest hunter in the universe needs this many rocks?
Umibozu: The smallest…
And deadliest foe I’ve hunted.

(Side text- The rabbits of the night gather in moonlight…)
Lesson 653: Dual blades.

(Sfx- Kuwaaahhh *roaaaar*)
Someone: Crystals?!
You can use those to…
Cancel out Utsuro’s immortality?!
Umibozu: Utsuro isn’t immortal.
Mutants like him receive altana’s energy when they’re born, warping them into a different –unique organism.
Altana flows through them like blood.
They absorb the Altana flowing through the planet’s surface and convert it into Energy.
As long as they have a source of altana to absorb, it’s possible to live forever.

Umibozu: However, if that supply of altana is severed and they use up what they have…
They return to being nothing but human.
Like her---
Who died when she left her homeland.
The way that humans all have different blood running through their veins…
The altana of different planets is unique.
A mutant can only live on the altana of their respective planet.
If their body receives a strong jolt of altana their body isn’t compatible with…
Their immortality is cancelled out.
The reason why I gathered up Kouan’s crystals was…
To extract the Altana of Kouka’s home planet.
So that I could extend her life by any means necessary for as long or as little as I could.

Umibozu: So if we take that process and reverse it…
Taking the altana of different planets and forcing it on Utsuro..
We can bring an end to him…
And the things he gave birth to.
I couldn’t save Kouka…
But if we had never met…
I doubt I would have ever realized this.
That’s why this time around I will save…
Her beloved planet,
Using the hope she left for us.
So take a good look…
(Sfx- Zzaaaah *sffft*)
Umibozu: at the power…
Of the Altana hidden in those crystals!

Umibozu: Look at the long, flowing hair….
I got after using them on my head!!
(Sfx- Fasaaah *fwaaap*)
Umibozu: What are you all doing?! That hurt! See? Do you see my luxurious locks?!
Kagura: Quit messing around! We thought maybe you had some sort of weapon ready. What have you been using the crystals for?!
Umibozu: I was putting the enemy in their place. See? They aren’t the only ones who are immortal –my follicles are too!
Gintoki: W-wait, you can use Altana that way, and it actually works? And the way you’re talking…is it some kind of seafood topping?!
(Sfx- buchiiin *riiiiip*)
Kamui: Let me take a gander then….
Immortal? Looks like the same wig you always use to me.
(Sfx- Aauuuuuugh)
Umibozu: If you yank on it that hard, then of course I’ll just pop off like a wig!! You’ve left me literally bald you shitty brat!

Gintoki(?): Is this even the time for this crap?! The enemy is….
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah *roaaaar*)
Umibozu: Geez…
What is this, some kind of super sentai show where everyone just stares at the robot combining and then does something about it?!
Shinpachi: Except on this show we’ve got a baldy combining with a wig!
(Sfx- Jyakkiii *click*)
Umibozu: Then we’ll just be willfully ignorant too.
Playtime is over.
Now take a look at the power of a weapon…
Formed by Altana crystals!!
(Sfx- Buuuuhhh *veeeeen*)
Umibozu: REAAADYYY???
Just get me three seconds…
And it’ll grow back!
(Sfx- Bushuuhhh *fwhhh*)
(Sfx- Pushuuu pushuuhhh *ffwww fwwff*)

Everyone: Screw that.
(Sfx- Doohhh *thooom*)
Are you actually using our last hope on garbage like growing back your glory days?!
Nobume: If that’s our trump card, then Earth is essentially doomed.
We’ll be left with nothing but follicles.
Kagura: Destroy those too!!
???: We keep knocing these guys down and they get back up!!
We’re at our limits here…
If this keeps up we’re not getting into the encampment.
We won’t be able to….make it to Sadaharu.
(Sfx- Buchi buch *dshhh*)

(Sfx- Dooooohhhhnnn *fwhoooooom*)

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
Umibozu: I believe I said it…
This old guy and this cannon combined. Get a clue.
(Sfx- SHuuuhhh *shhhhhh*)
Umibozu: It’s something that can extract the altana from the crystals convert it into energy and discharge it in a single blast –a weapon of Altana.
It’s called a Shouryuumon or “Crystal Dragon Gate.”
It was a side invention to the main course that is the hair restoration gun.

Umibozu: The Altana in this baby was…
A blend gathered from different planets…
So there’s no immortal that’ll be able to stand up to it.
It’ll completely destroy them along with…
Any altana in their bodies.
Moreover the particles scattered by this cannon…
Will hijack the bodies of nearby immortal creatures who avoided eradication…
(Sfx- DOoooon *thoooom*)
Umibozu: And they won’t…
Be able to stand again.

Umibozu: And we, the stubborn ones…
Will be the last standing.
(Sfx- Gushaaahhh *dshhh*)
(Sfx- Gassuhhh *dshhh*)
Shinpachi(?): If you had something like that, use it first dammit! You just wanted to show off your hair didn’t you?
Umibozu: N—no, no, hold on! It’s not like that!
(Sfx- Gosuh gasuh *thok thok*)
Gintoki: Oh is that sooooo? Well if that’s not what you were trying to do then maybe the Earth should just be annhilated~
Umibzou: It takes a while to fire the Shouryuumon, so shots are at a premium and can’t be wasted.
Gintoki: Seriously?! Then do you have any other altana weapons?
Umibozu: Yeah, but I don’t exactly have a lot of ‘em, so we really should save ‘em for Utsuro or…
(Sfx- Doooooonnn *Booooom*)
(Sfx- Goooaaaah *fwhooooom*)
Kami: Wow, these little balls are pretty awesome.
They’re makin’ short work of these immortals. They’re like trash now!
Umibozu: You asshead! When the hell did you get into someone else’s weapons and start wasting them?!

Kamui: I’d say these rock harder than that hair growth stuff.
Besides, if we don’t use ‘em now, then when?
With these things I could wreck this army of the undead alone.
So go ahead.
We don’t have time do we, right?
I’ve had enough of protecting you.
And then you want me to look after your mutt too? Give me a break.
Shinpachi: Kamui-san…
Umibozu: it’s true…
A man can’t always have a young lady watching over him.
Kamui: You wouldn’t be referring to me—
Umibozu: Nope.
I’m referring to me.

Umibozu: There’s no need to worry though…
Even if you aren’t here…
We’re---no, this family…
Is gonna be just fine.
So go ahead.
This time…
Go forth for this family you found…
And for yourself.

(Sfx- Pashiihhh *shffft*)
Umibozu: Take it.
It’s forged from the crystals.
You guys prefer this thing…
To guns and cannons…
Right, samurai?
Gintoki: Samurai…
Used to use two blades in the olden days.
(Sfx- Kachihh *click*)
Gintoki: A katana and wakizashi –carrying these around meant you were a full-fledged warrior.
Though at some point we abandoned that pride.
And lost the belief we should be protecting others,
Leaving us just with a blade to protect ourselves.
I unsteadily made it here somehow….
Swinging this piece of wood around in the darkness....

Gintoki: Because…
I have dual blades
And while they ain’t the sharpest, they ain’t gonna break.
You have my thanks…
For not leaving this dull blade’s side.
As long as they’re attached to the hip…
This ol’ samurai won’t break either.
You have my word I’ll return…
With both of these blades.

Umibozu: Hold the phone…
Was that something like a marriage proposal for one’s daughter? Nah, I’m imagining things…
Kamui: What are you talking about now…?
Here I was thinking you’d have accepted that long ago.
Umibozu: Don’t be an idiot. Kouka didn’t like listless guys like that.
Kamui: So is that why she went with a hairless guy instead?
Sons are definitely easier to deal with.
Daughters eventually go play for another team, but sons stick with their dads forever.
Umibozu: You ain’t lyin.
Trying to kill me, ripping off arms and hair…
Daddy’s proud…
To have a wonderful family like this!!
(Side text- They’ll never be separated again!!)

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