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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saike Once Again 83


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 9, 2017 21:04 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 83

Saike's baaaaaack and with the chapter I was most looking forward to translate since it ran so many months ago. Ana is my favorite female character in a shounen and this whole arc does her such justice. Anyway I hope to get one more done today and the whole volume done before the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Also Saike is being scanslated again by:

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So by all means please check them out!

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Take 83: Date.
Hirayasu: You won't give up your ability to “Go back a day”....
So in the end isn't it just that you want to be “special”?
You wanting to do it for the sake of others is just an excuse...
This is all for your sake.
In the end you're no different than this Johann person.

{I am....}
{The same as Johann?}
Saike: No...
{I'M NOT!!}
(Sfx- Pinponnn dingdong)
(Sfx- Hah gasp)

(Sfx- Pinponn dingdoong)
Mom: Coming~
Yes? Who is it?
(Sign- Kuzushiro)
Ana: I'm Saike's bud—uh, friend...
(Sfx- Gohon cough)
Ana: Ana.
Mom: Oh! Ana! I'll go wake Saike up right now!

Ana: Still having that dream, huh?
Saike: Yeah...
Ana: You're not the same as Johann who acts on self interest.
So quit worrying yourself about it.
Saike: Okay.
I'm not the same as Johann...
We're totally....

Ana: Gloomy much?!
(Sfx- Dokooohh thok)
Saike: Ow!!
Ana: Get a grip, Saike.
It's because you're all gloomy that I asked you out on a “date”.
So if you wanna thank me for today, have a good time, dummy.
Saike: Okay!

Ana: This is actually supposed to be eyebrow-dude's job though...
We've regrettably lost a good guy.
(Sfx-Chinnn chiiime)
(Handwritten- Namuuu)
Saike: He's not dead.
He's just not around because of his part time job.
(Handwritten- C'mon.)
{I gotta pay one million in damages for destroying public property.}
{So I'm gonna be on the Japan seas for about two or three days. Watch Saike for me while I'm gone, 'kay?}
Saike: Is what he said.
Ana: What kind of job nets a million in two or three days?!
(Handwritten- It sounds kinda scary!!)
Ana: Anyway...!
It's my job today to cheer you up!!
So get happy or I'll kill you, got it?
Saike: I've gotta be happy like my life depends on it...!!
(Sfx- Zun zun zun pout pout)
(Sfx- Dooon.)
(Sign- Coffee and Parfait Cafe.)

Ana: Super delish~~
(Sfx- Parfaiiiiiit)
Ana: I've always wanted to visit this cafe at least once~
Saike: So she makes that kind of face when eating sweets...
Why didn't you come here with a friend?
Ana: Hitomi's family doesn't allow her to eat out.
But I didn't have the courage to come here on my own.
(Handwritten- Sorry Ana.)
Ana: C'mon Saike, you eat something too!
(Handwritten- C'mon, eat up!)
(Handwritten- O—okay.)
(Sfx- Chiraaa glaaance)
Saike: Still...

(Handwritten- Jiro jiro staaare)
(Handwritten- Uwaaah.)
(Handwritten- So cute!!)
(Handwritten- Look, look!)
(Handwritten- Whoa, Gothic lolita!)
Saike: Ana's clothes really make her stand out.
(Sfx- Aaaan)
(Handwritten- How cute....)
Saike: She's got everyone paralyzed...!!
(Sfx- Dooon)
Ana: But maan, I'm glad you came Saike.
If I had been on my own I'd never have the guts to come in.
Saike: Apparently you don't need bravery to wear that, huh....
(Sfx- Jara jara clang clang)
(Sign- Games)

Ana: Oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraora!!!
(Sfx- Gagagagagagagagagaga clickclickclick)
Ana: Oraaaah!!!
Game: You win!!
Saike: What is this?!
Ana: Come back in a hundred thousand years.
Saike: Why does that sound like a finishing one-liner?!
(Sfx- Baaannn)

Ana: I didn't tell you?
I have a world record from a world tournament.
(Handwritten- They even based a character on my likeness.)
Saike: A world tournament for games?
Ana: They call it “e-sports”.
Let's play together.
(Handwritten- Two on two!)
Saike: I wonder if I can really do this...
Game: Ready....Go!!!
Game: You win!!
Saike: I was completely unnecessary?!
(Sfx- Shuuh suhhh wff wff)
Dudes: Those two are amazing!!!
They're crazy strong!!
A super duo has appeared!
Saike: I'm sorry, but she's the one who's super...
(Sfx- Zuuunn doooom)
(Sign- Manga tea cafe.)

Ana: Whoaaaa!
It's a treasure mountain!!
(Sfx- Mangaaaaaaa!!)
Ana: They've got this..!!
And that!!
(Handwritten- Ms. Rumiko!!)
Ana: Manga cafes are amazing!!!
Saike: Huh, so you like manga, Ana?
Ana: Obviously!!
So what kind of manga do you read, Saike?
(Handwritten- Whoa! Awesome!)
Saike: I, uh...don't read manga.
Novels are more my speed....

(Sfx- Dosaaah thud)
Saike: That's one heck of an expression...!!
Ana: You're kidding right?
You're Japanese, yeah?
Huh? What does that mean?
Saike: It's like I said, I don't read manga...
Ana: But that's weird innit?!
You've in Japan but you don't read manga?!
You've got high class food before your eyes but you're not using your chopsticks?!
(Handwritten- WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE?!)
Saike: Wah!!
Ana: There's this and that and this that you need to read, as well as more than 100 written descriptions of my thoughts, you Japanese essayist!!
Saike: I thought we were here to make me feel better though?!

(Sfx- Doyooooon droooop)
Ana: So? Feel better?
Saike: Eh? Wha...
Y—yeah! Totally! I'm feeling awesome!!
(Sfx- Gikuhh poit)
(Sfx- Jiiii Staaaare)
Ana: Well then! That's great.
(Sfx- Hohh sigh)
Ana: Saike!
Saike: Yeah?!

Ana: Do your best from here on in, hero!!
{Be my ally....}
{That's right....I said that so what am I getting depressed for?}

{I'm me!}
Saike: Thanks Ana.
Ana: All right! Next we're off to the main event!!
(Sfx- Pyuuuhh vhoooom)
Saike: Huuuh?!
(Handwritten- It's not over yet?!)
(Sfx- Doyo doyo doyo doyo)
(Sfx- Doyo doyo doyo)

Saike: What are they gathered for?
(Handwritten- There are so many people.)
Ana: Heheheheh...
It's this!
(Sfx- Jyaaannn tadaaaah)
Saike: T-shirts?
Ana: This is a rare item from the super popular anime “Bakumatsu-san”.
These shirts are worn by the twin brothers in the series –and is on sale in restricted numbers.
Saike: Ohhh.
Ana: I was waiting for an opportunity like this to pair up with Hitomi and wear them together!
(Sfx- waaaiii)
(Handwritten- She'll be overjoyed!)
Saike: Oohh.
I wonder if Hitomi is aware of this....
???: Big bro, is this okay?
I heard there are only 10 of 'em, right?
???: Heh.

???: Have I, your older brother ever broken a promise?
???: Gasp.
No! You never have, big bro!!
???: Right?
???: Pay close attention, Otsujirou....
To this legendary moment!!!
Otsujirou: Uwohhhh!!!
Saike: It's popular with those sorta people too?
(Handwritten- You're awesome big brother!)
(Handwritten- Right?)
Girl: I'm gonna get it for sure!
Girl: Yeah!
Girl: All right!!

Girl: Yaaay!!!!
(Sfx- Dooon thok)
Dude: Hm?
Saike: Watch out!!!
(Sfx- Pukuuhh point)

(Sfx- Boyoooonn boooooing)
(Sfx- Zutaaan tpt)
Otsujirou: Are you okay big bro?
???: Yup!
(Sfx- Pukuhh throb)
Saike: What did I just see?!
{Meanwhile Hizu was...}
Hizu: I wonder if Saike's feeling better...

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Psykofreac, Chaotic Scans

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#1. by Psykofreac ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2017
Great work Bomber, thanks for the translation.

I'd say this new arc is off to a great start, I was a bit worried about the lack of involvement from Hizu and Ana in Volume 9 so I'm glad they're getting focus again. I always felt Ana's really lovable but this chapter really showed why. I love how she took Saike out to cheer him up and also being a fun chuuni weeb. I always wondered what japanese people thought of foreigners who are obsessed with japan for the otaku culture, I'm quite glad Fukuchi fittingly portrayed them as delusional in a cute way here.

So taking Saike out on a date was apparently Hizu's job huh, makes me wonder what Ana thinks of the Saike and Hizu yaoi ship(they're all pretty much my OT3 though). It's nice we're finally getting a bonding arc with Ana and Saike now, Hizu had one back in cat country arc where they could hang out and have fun for a bit but I don't think Ana had one yet. Understandably though, since after her introduction, we got an urgent crisis with Saike's oracle. I wonder what Hizu's doing, his part time job does sound scary.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2017
Thanks! Sorry I just noticed this, but I appreciate your comment.

Ana is truly my favorite female character in Saike, and probably my favorite female Fukuchi character ever --and this chapter just cemented that. I really like that Ana's the one who's hugely into anime and manga while Saike is just...not.

I like the trio's synergy as well, though admittedly Saike and Ana are cute together and this is coming from someone who has no interest in romance at all. So from that standpoint this arc is a blessing --I knew this date was no more than two friends hanging out, but I still really enjoyed their interactions.

I wonder what Hizu is doing too, lol....
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