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Saike Once Again 85

In awkwardness...

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 10, 2017 20:49 | Go to Saike Once Again

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And another one. I should be playing Cuphead, but I'm doing this instead. (why?)

Also Saike is being scanslated again by:

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Chapter 85: In awkwardness...

Brothers: Got us some...
Sibling T-Shirts...!!
(Sfx- Babababann tadaaah)
Ana: I wanted that sooo bad....
It's damned unfair that they used their oracles to get those, am I right?
Saike: Uh, pretty sure you used your oracle first, Ana.
(Sfx- Gunnuuh grnnd)
(Handwritten- Yeaaaah)
(Sfx- Suchaaah swft)

???: Ah...!!
We finally got these sibling shirts.
I'm on fire but Lady Venus's smile didn't hurt.
It's lookin' good on you my best little bro,
Let's go get some grub, how do you feel about loco moco?
Ana: They started rapping?!
(TN- Loco moco is a Hawaiian dish –rice topped with hamburger patties with fried eggs and brown gravy.)
Otsujirou: Thank you my dear big bro, I got mad respect.
No matter the sitch your duties as a big bro you don't neglect.
The mystery balloons that pop out of your head tenaciously,
are a warrior's signs of not givin' up till victory.
Ana: The little brother is in on it too?!
(Handwritten- Let's go let's ride the siblings don't hide/we be keepin' it real, just watch our show time./We're brothers our bond is from our head to our toes/ but we ain't got the ice to eat out so we be stayin' at home.)
Ana: I lost to idiots like them?! Like theeeeeeem?!
(Handwritten- Calm down Ana!!)

Saike: Anyway we know now that the “older brother” is an oracle holder.
There's no way we can ignore that fact.
What we need to do now is keep an eye on him.
(Handwritten- Nggh it's so unfair....)
Saike: Is he “good”....
or “evil...?
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmble)
Otsujirou: Big bro, can we please do that thing again today too?
Saike: That thing...?
(Handwritten- What's that?)
(Sfx- Gokuh gulp)
Ana: Ngh, fine let's get this started.

???: Here's a lecture on how to become a man like you're older brother!
On three...!
Brotha seminar!!!
Both: Brotha seminar?!
(Handwritten- What's that?)
???: There are many weak willed men in the world nowadays...
The situation is exceedingly wretched.
Saike(?): He's started lecturing?!
Otsujirou: Sir! I don't want to become an adult like that!!
???: Heheheh...
If you don't wanna end up like that then take my “Brotha seminar”!!
A method of becoming an adult is right here!
(Sfx- Bishiii pooit)
Otsujirou: Awesomeee!! Thank you!!
Both: These two are kinda...amazing...?

???: First up is “physical training”.
We're going to sculpt a body that can stand up to any hardships.
Otsujirou: Gotcha, bro!
Saike: They're surprisingly decent it seems....
First on the regimen is push-ups!!
Otsujirou: 1!! 2!! 3!! 4!!
???: 5, 6, 7, 8....
(Sfx- Poyoooon poyooooon oooing boooing)
Saike: Big bro, aren't you kind of cheating?!
(Handwritten- He's using the balloon!)
???: Next up, Squats!
You're tired, Otsujirou so just watch me.
(Handwritten- Okay!)
Saike: Is it just me or does it feel like he's going to use his oracle to cheat....
(Handwritten- One, two, three, four, five, sicks seven, eight...)
Saike: Ah, so he's going to do it properly this time...
(Handwritten- Ah.)

Otsujirou: Huraay Hurrayy Big brooo!!
Doo your best, dooo your best, big brooo!!
(Handwritten- (9, 10, 11, 12...)
(Sfx-Poyoooon boing)
(Sfx- Poyoooon boooing)
(Handwritten- Whyyy?)
???: Next up building your “evasion ability”.
Men will have times they've got no choice but to avoid things.
Otsujirou: Gotcha, big bro!
???: I'll turn these stones into balloons.
Otsujirou: Good luck, big bro!!
???: Balloonification!!
(Sfx- puku puku puku)

(Sfx- fuwaaah)
Saike: So he can use those balloons to make things float, huh...
(Sfx- Fuwa fuwa float float)
???: Break!!!
(Sfx- Gyuuhhh Grnd)
(Sfx- Baaaaan crasssh)
???: Super evasion!!!
(Sfx- Kaahhh sheeen)
(Sfx- Gon gon gon gon gon thok thok thok thok)
(Sfx- Shyuuuubabababababa fwsssssshhhh)
Saike: They were all direct hits!!
(Handwritten- On the contrary that's actually kind of amazing!)

???: Next up is training your “ability to remain focused”.
There are situations where a man will have to keep his cool in all kinds of disturbing situations.
Otsujirou: Gotcha big bro!
???: Starting now, your big bro is going to show off his amazing concentration ability.
Otsujirou, you try to shake me out of my concentration.
???: Concentration...
Otsujirou: A—amazing, his ability to concentrate...
It's over five hundred and thirty thousand concentration!
Saike: What kind of unit of measurement is that?!

Otsujirou: Waaah!!
A panty shot!!
(Sfx- Gan gan tok tok)
(Sfx- Gan gan tok tok)
Otsujirou: Panty shot! Panty shot!!
(Sfx- Shiiiiin)
Otsujirou: A—amazing...
You're amazing big bro!!
Your ability to stay focused is awesome!!
Big bro!!
Big bro!!
Big bro?
Big broooooooooooo!!!
Both: He's so deep in concentration that your voice can't reach him anymore!!
(Handwritten- He's even starting to drool!!)

Saike: He got bored and started fishingL?!
Otsujirou: Thank you for your lessons today!!
???: Yeah.
Ana: After all that it's kind of hard to tell whether he's good or evil....
Saike: Sorta feels like he's good and evil wrapped in one package.

Someone: Hey--
Stop, please!!
???: C'mon, just come for a little tea.
Girl: Um..I have tea lessons, so....
(Sfx- Shiheheheheh)
Dude: That's why I'm sayin' you should let us teach you a lesson or two!!
Girl: Teeaa—ke this!!
(Sfx- Bishiiihhh kick)
Dude: Lemon teaaaa!!
Heey now missy, now you've gone and done it....
Girl: Someone help meeee!!

Saike: Those guys....
???: Hold it!!!
(Sfx- Zatthhh sshfft)
???: Take those filthy paws off of her!!
Ya scumbags!!
Dude: Huh?
Who the hell are you?
???: I'm Otsujirou's older brother!!
Dude: Are we supposed to know who Otsujirou is?!
(Sfx- Dooon Thoom)

???: Big bro choooop!!
(Sfx- Bashii shifft)
(Handwritten- Ow!!)
???: Get out of here!!
(Handwritten- Thank you for this!!)
Dude: Bastard you went and really screwed up...
Hope you're ready for this!!
???: Otsujirou...
Here's today's final lesson.
These guys are messed up adults.
You absolutely cannot become an adult like them.
You have to be a man among men.
A man among men is...!!

???: Like our father in heaven...
And like me, your older brother!!
A man who cannot overlook or forgive evil!!
Dude: Quit saying crap that doesn't make any sense!!!
(Sfx- Bakiiii crack)
Dudes: Oraaah!!
(Sfx- Bakiii crack)
(Sfx- Dogaaahh thok)
Ana: Welp..
He's “good” then.
Saike: Yup.

Saike: An "awkward" kind of good.
???: Balloonification!!
(Sfx- Pukuhhh poit)
Dude: What the hell is that?!
(Sfx- Doboohhh Thokk)
Dude: Heheh, this is too easy!!
(Sfx- Petaaah taph)

Ana: ORAHH!!
(Sfx- Dokaaaaah crack)
???: Ah you're the one we met at the store earlier!
Thanks, you really helped us out.
So people like you two have abilities too, huh.
Saike: Hehehh....
Ana: Ah...
By the way...

Ana: I—I--I guess they really do suit you...
Those T-shirts...
I mean.
???: Well, obviously?
We did buy them after all.
Ana: Saike, I think hate them after all...!!
(Sfx- Hahah)

???: I'm Koutarou Jinguuji.
Otsujirou: And I'm his little brother Otsujirou!
Saike: I'm Saike Kuzushiro.
Ana: Yeah...
Ana Egerton.
Saike: Let's meet up again sometime!
Koutarou: Sure. If anything happens hit me up.

Koutarou: They're pretty good people.
Otsujirou: That's right, big bro.
(Sfx- Buuun buuun veeen veeen)
Otsujirou: Big bro?
Koutarou: You again?
???: So, feel like taking me up on what we talked about?
You're hurting for cash, yeah?

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