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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saike Once Again 86

An older brother's determination.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 10, 2017 22:00 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 86

And the last one for today. Dunno when I'll get to 87, but I'm making good progress which is nice.

Also Saike is being scanslated again by:

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So by all means please check them out!

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Take 86: An older brother's determination.
???: So feel like taking me up on what we talked about?
You're hurting for money, yeah?
Your “balloon” oracle can net you a huge sum of cash.
You and your brother would be able to take it easy.

Koutarou: I refuse.
I'll keep saying this, but that is a “crime”.
And I won't do anything that's against my core beliefs!

???: I see.
(Sfx- Putshh click)
(Sfx- tsuhh tsuhh beeep beep)
Otsujirou: Big bro...
(Sfx- Pako fwap)
Koutarou: Otsujirou...
I'm sorry...I just wasted a chance for us to improve our lives.
Otsujirou: What are you talking about?
I don't care about something like that!
One day I want to have the same convictions...
As you, my beloved older brother!!
Headin' out on the breath of the wind...
shoulderin' heavy experiences within.

Otsujirou: My brother floatin above like Venus in the universe high and around
Walkin' the earth with my chest out not lettin' our passed parents down.
Koutarou: That's good Otsujirou.
Your lyrics are full of soul.
Now then, gotta get back to my side job,
and proudly defeat poverty!!

Otsujirou: Yeah!!
???: Yup...
Proceed as scheduled.
{Three days later 8:00pm.}
Saike: Hello?
Oh, Hizu-kun?

Hizu: How are you feelin' Saike?
You okay? Getting three square meals in?
Saike: I'm eating, yeah.
(Handwritten- Why are you asking mom-like questions?)
Hizu: That's good.
What? Me?
I finished my part time job without any issues.
Managed to save up two million six hundred and seventy thousand.
Saike: What kind of part time job are you doing?!
(Sfx- Dooon tok)
Knight: You're amazing, dude!
To think you'd get 50 copies of that rare one...
(Handwritten- Wanna join my guild?)
Saike: What the heck did you get?!
Hey, are you serious?! Hey!!
(Handwritten- What rare thing is it?)

Hizu: Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.
So don't do any crazy hero work, ya feel me?
Saike: Roger that.
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
Saike: As usual he's so private...a real man of mystery.
(Sfx- Piririririri veeeeen)
Saike: Oh, it's Ana?
Ana: It's real bad Saike!!
Go turn on your TV!!
Announcer: We are on the scene at the Kuraki Mountain mansion.
Ah! Just now the culprit has been brought out, and we'll be able to get a good look!

Announcer: Koutarou Jinguuji has been arrested as a suspect for attempted burglary!!
He has been brought out of the mansion –his eyes fixed straight forward!!
This has to be a sign of the false pride in his heart!!

Ana: That's big bro balloon we met the other day, yeah?
He got arrested on suspicion of burglary....
What the hell happened?
Announcer: Ah! What's this?!
Something is forming from the suspect's head....
a balloon?
A balloon like thing has grown from his head....
(Sfx- Fuwaaah)
Announcer: Eh...?!
He's flying?!

Announcer: The suspect –Jinguuji has escaped! He's getting away!
He used a balloon growing from his head as part of an escape strategy!!
He's disappeared into the darkness where no one can see him!!
Ah!! The police have begun their pursuit!!
{You're kidding....}
{He's not the type of person who'd try something like burglary!!}
{He's a man who's the embodiment of justice!!}
(Sfx- Pih pihh beep beep)
{Pick up!!}
{Please pick up!!!}
(Sfx- Dourrurururu dorururruru Triilll trillll)

{Why would he run away?!}
(Sfx- viiiin veeeen)
Koutarou: Hah...
Saike, is that you?
Saike: Koutarou!!
Where are you right now?
Koutarou: The cops are after me.
So I can't talk for long.
Saike: I was watching the news! Just what happened?!
Koutarou: My little bro was kidnapped.

Saike: ...Why?!
And by who?
Koutarou: Yesterday...
A certain man called me.
He's tried to get into my head before...
Now in exchange for my brother's life...
I have to help him with a certain job.

???: Hold on a moment, I'm almost done.
(Sfx- Gyuupihhh shffft)
Koutarou: He's okay, right?
???: Done.
(Sfx- Pushhhin sfft)
???: Mmhm.
It's pretty good if I do say so myself.
Otsujirou: Big bro!!
Koutarou: Otsujirou!!
???: Of course he's perfectly fine.

???: I'm Yuudou Mibari.
My hobby is embroidery.
And you're going to help me with an “attack on Kuraki mountain mansion.”
I'm sure you know of Kuraki mountain's mansion, yeah?
It's the highest class mansion in the city.
There's an unseen mountain of treasures in there.
A month ago I was in town when I saw your oracle and it's perfect.
I thought to myself. “I can use this.”

Yuudou: The plan goes like this.
We'll go through the back way and make the four secret service guys immobile with your balloons.
And then the two of us will head up to the second floor.
And there four more secret service guys will be waiting.
Once we get further in there'll be a powerless old fart in the main room...
And then a safe.
(Sfx- ton ton tap tap)
Yuudou: There's only one entrance....
And I'll seal this off with my ability.
After that we'll restrain the old dude...
And using your ability balloonify ourselves and the safe –then from the balcony dive off into the night sky.
Of course after you do this you'll be a hated “criminal”.
Whether you wanna do it or not is up to you.

Yuudou: But you're not going to abandon....
the little brother who thinks the world of you, yeah?
{One day I want to have the same convictions...}
{As you, my beloved older brother!!}
{Walkin' the earth with my chest out not lettin' our passed parents down.}
(Sfx- Girii grinnd)
{Your older brother here wants to be someone you can be proud of...}

Koutarou: I understand.
{However, without you around, I can't be an “older brother”!!}
Koutarou: That's what happened.
Saike: But how did the police capture you?
Did you steal the safe?
Koutarou: No...
The plan failed.
Saike: Huh?
{We were okay when we entered through the back way...}
Guys: Who the hell are you?
{And as we had planned I was going to render the secret service four with my balloons.}

{But then...}
Koutarou: Take this –balloonification!!
(Sfx- Pukuhhh bloop)
Secret Service: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!
(Sfx- Araaaahahhhh!!)
Koutarou: I got my ass whupped.
(Handwritten- and Mibari ran away.)
Saike: That's what happened?!
(Handwritten- No wonder you got beaten up!!)

Koutarou: The basis of my oracle is to make “Balloons come from my head.”.
On a good day I can make balloons come out from all sorts of places, but...
Today must have been a bad day.
Saike: An oracle that depends on having good days and bad ones is completely useless one!!
Cops: There he is!!
Koutarou: They had cellphone detection on me?!
Guh! Let me go!!
(Sfx- Gagaaah)
Saike: Koutarou!!!
Koutarou: I have to....
I have to save my little brother!!

(Sfx- Butshhh click)
(Sfx- Tsuuu tsuuu tsuu beeep beep)
(Sfx- Pihh beeep)
{Yuudou Mibari...}
{From our conversation I can tell he too is an oracle holder.}
(Sfx- Giriih grnd)
{Mark my words, I will save your little brother.}

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