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Saike Once Again 88


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 16, 2017 21:18 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 88

Right on schedule is the second one of these. Maybe I'll be able to catch up to volume releases by the end of the year after all...!!

Also Saike is being scanslated again by:

Chaotic scans only

So by all means please check them out!

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Chapter 88: Schedule.

Monday 1st 8th, 15th, Briefing session.
Tuesday 2nd 9th 16th Storyboards.
Wednesday 3rd Particulars 15:00
Thursday 4th 11th, Drawings
Friday 5th, 12th, 19th, Assistants in at 17:00
Saturday 20th Color artwork upload.
Sunday 7th 14th Original drawing uploads Assistants out 12:00/17:00
Monday 22nd 29th Original drawing upload Assistants out
Thursday 18th extra pages color (2p)
Friday 19th Assistants in 17:00
Saturday 20th Color pages upload.
Tuesday 23rd Briefing session
Friday 26th: Artwork
Saturday 27th: Assistants in 17:00
Tuesday 30th Briefing session

Yuudou: Do you idiots know those siblings?
And there are others aside from big bro that have the same abilities I do?
(Sfx- Zukii zukkii throb throb)
{Just what the hell....}
(Sfx- Zuki zuki thrrob throobb)
(Sfx- Pishii pishii dssshh)
{Is this guy's oracle....?!}

Saike: Ana!!!
Yuudou: So you came to take little bro back, huh?
But that guy's become part of my “schedule” ya see...
Ana: Who gives a crap about your schedule?!
Give Otsujirou back!!
(Sfx- Baaahh fwaaap)
Ana: Packing tape...

{My hand...}
(Sfx- Guuu grnnnd)
(Sfx- Gugugugu grnnnnd)
(Sfx- Gopaaaahhh whaam)

Saike: Ana?!!
(Sfx- Dossahaaa thuddd)
Yuudou: Staying on “schedule” is important.
For embroidery, first you gotta schedule the rough guideline.
Without that guideline you won't be able to craft what you've got in mind.
I hate things that aren't on a schedule.
Saike: Ana!!
Ana: Ungh...

Saike: Ana!!
Get a grip!!
Ana: My hand's acting on it's own...
(Sfx- Gashiiihh Grab)
Saike: A...
(Sfx- Giri giri grnnnnd)
Ana: Eh?
Saike: Guwaaaah!!!
Ana: Saike!!
Yuudou: Oopsie.
I forgot to say this, but your right hand is now my “product”.
(Sfx- Gugugugu grnnnd)
Yuudou: And the creator's “soul” resides in his product.

Yuudou: And so my products move as I will them!!
Now break the bones in his neck.
Saike: Aaaaaaah!!!
Ana: Packing tape-ification on my elbow!!
(Sfx- Biiiiiii fwhoop)
(Sfx- Pehh pffft)
Ana: Return!!!!
(Sfx- Doooonnn tooom)

Yuudou: Packing tape?
(Sfx- Baahhh fwap)
(Sfx- Bassah fwisssh)
Yuudou: Something like that is....
(Sfx- Goaaaah whoooop)
Yuudou: Ain't gonna work on me!!
(Sfx- Bakiiii crack)

(Sfx- Zusaaaaahhh dsiissssh)
Saike: A...
Ana: Guhhh...
Yuudou: Whoops, accidentally let go of her right hand.
{All it took was a moment for him to deal with Ana's oracle...!!}
{He's strong...!!}
Yuudou: Look around this room.
These are all my masterpieces.
All of these embroideries were created by putting needle through paper.
Starting with little tiny boxes.
(Sfx- Gehohh cough)

Yuudou: Though I wouldn't say that the only thing I can create...
Are little works like these.
These little boxes of paper are loose at first...
But by shifting them little by little...
It's possible to create a bigger product.
It's that looseness that's essential in everything.
It's only you widen your field of vision slowly that you can see certain things.
(Sfx- Dododododdo)

Yuudou: Being stubborn ain't gonna help.
What's important is a sense of being "flexible".
(Sfx- Dododododo *thooom*)
{He's different from all the enemies we've met before now!}
{He's not the sort who just has a powerful oracle!!}
Yuudou: And now you're going to be punished for screwing up my schedule.
By having your neck bones snapped by your friend's hands.
(Sfx- Suuuhh *sffft*)
(Sfx- Gyuurhh *grind*)
Yuudou: Right on schedule!!

Ana: You said something's gonna break?
Yuudou: What?
Ana: Your schedule...
Is canceled.
(Sfx- Guuh. Grind)

Ana: Go!!
This is all we can do "this time"!!
Yuudou: I ain't letting you go.
Ana: Packing Tape-ification!!
(Sfx- Biishii Bisshiii *sddshh*)

(Sfx- Tann tmpt)
Yuudou: I'll spread the threads...
around me!!
(Sfx- Hyuubaahhh fwwwff)
(Sfx- Kaaahh kaahh tp tpph)
(Sfx- Gishiii grrnnd)
(Sfx- Doooon Thoooom)
(Sfx- Biinnhh dhhng)
Ana: I figured...
So that's how you were floating in the air earlier.
(Sfx- Giii grrnd)

(Sfx- Haah hahh)
{I know his Oracle.}
{It's manipulating threads.}
{He has the ability to insert needles into the body and control it!!}
Ana: This time around we're trying to find out where little bro is and the oracle of the enemy.
If things get dicey, I'll do whatever I can to slow 'em down, while you redo today.
(Sfx- Baaan slam)

Saike: We've got all the materials together!!
(Sfx- Buoooohhh fwhooooom)
Saike: Thank you Ana!!
Take me to Mogura pond!!
We'll defeat him on the next turn!!

Koutarou: Huh...?
You can save...
Saike: I know where Mibari is and how his oracle works.
Koutarou: Then I should go too...!!
Saike: Stay home Koutarou.
Koutarou: Why?!
(Sfx- Sukuhh shfft)
Saike: It's because today is a day where your balloon power won't be of any use.
It's what you told me the last time around.

Saike: Don't worry...
We're right on schedule...
To save Otsujirou.

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