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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saike Once Again 89

That's what a big brother is.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 17, 2017 19:03 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 89

As a big brother without any brothers, this chapter made me wish I had a brother.

Also Saike is being scanslated again by:

Chaotic scans only

So by all means please check them out!

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Take 89: That's what a big brother is.
Yuudou: Welp, Imma bounce to Kuraki Manor.
Make sure to keep an eye on the brat.
We can't have him running off you hear?
Guard: Understood.
(Sfx- Burooooo vrmmmmm)
Otsujirou: Big bro....
Guard: Mibari's one messed up dude though...
Can't believe he'd go as far as using innocent siblings like this...
Guard: You get your situation, yeah?
(Sfx- Peki peki crack)

Guard: Starting now your brother is a criminal committing a crime.
All to save you.
(Sfx- Guiii wfft)
Guard: After the job is through, we're gonna eliminate you and your brother...
To make sure you don't talk.
Heheheh, that's a good expression.
Is it despair?
Yeah that's gotta be despair.
(Sfx- Pihh plip)

Guard: Too--
(Sfx- Dogaaaah thoooom)
(Sfx- Tahh tp)
Otsujirou: Huh?
(Sfx- Dogooohhh thooom)
Otsujirou: Ah!
Saike: Mibari's out now....
Making this the best time to come.

Otsujirou: Ah!
Saike: Sorry to keep you waiting Otsujirou.

Saike: Koutarou refused to go along with Mibari's plan...he's at home right now.
So now's our chance to get out of here!
What's this?
Ana: Eh?
(Sfx- Dododdodododododo thooooom)
(Sfx- Dododododo)
Saike: There's a thread...
Stitched into this pillar!!

Ana: What? It's just a thread right?
You can't just pull it out by force?
Saike: I can't!!
This isn't an ordinary thread!
Yuudou: It's a “Mibari thread”.
It's a special thread that imitates the properties of carbon nano tubes.
It's tether strength is stronger than diamond.
And with my oracle I can wind it up reaaaal tight.

Yuudou: The emergency alarm went off so I came back...
(Sfx- Kah kahh tak tak)
(Sfx- Pipipip beeeep)
Yuudou: But where'd you rats come from?
I'm gonna make decorations outta you two...
For screwing up my schedule.
(Sfx- Shururruru winnnd)
{I didn't think he'd be back so soon...!!}
{I'll have to redo today one more time and be prepared for this!!}
Otsujirou: Saike..
Saike: It's okay, Otsujirou!

Ana: Saike!! In front of you!!
(Sfx- Doooon Whooom)
(Sfx- Gohhh tok)
(Sfx- Zuuzaaaahhh fwhhhsssh)
Ana: Saike!!

Saike: Huh...?
Yuudou: Your right cheek is now my product.
(Sfx- Kuhnn wfft)
(Sfx- Dogoooohh thooom)
Ana: Sa....
(Sfx- Meki meki Grinnnd)
(Sfx- Doshaaah thud)

Yuudou: Are you bastards ability users?
Not that it matters what your oracle is....you're my puppet now.
(Sfx- Kash kashi dssh)
Ana: Saike!!
Yuudou: Stick around on the floor for a little while.
{As long as this thread has got me tied down...}
{I can't return to Mogura pond!!}
Ana: Packing tape-ification!!
(Sfx- Paahh fwap)
(Sfx- Pehh pthtf)
(Sfx- Byooohhh fwhooom)
Ana: One more strip!!
(Sfx- Pehhh pfft)

Ana: Return!!
(Sfx- Gyyooohhhh fwhooom)
(Sfx- Sukaahh shft)
(Sfx- Chihhh wfft)
(Sfx- Zudaan tmp)
Yuudou: You went all in and barely nicked me.

Ana: A nick is all I need.
(Sfx- Pihh fwiip)
(Sfx- Hhiuuuhhhh fwhooom)
(Sfx- Pihh plp)
Ana: Return!!

(Sfx- Bitaahh fwap)
Yuudou: And? What of it?
Ana: Ah!
(Sfx- Guun gunnn grnnd
Yuudou: I've applied my embroidery to the items in this room.
Which is to say, everything here are “products that move to my will”.
Saike: Ana!!
Yuudou: And for the finishing touch, I'll dye it all red.

{Needle Worker!!!}
(Sfx- Gagagagagagaga ddshsssshh)

(Sfx- Pota pota pota drip drip drip)
Yuudou: And what the hell are you doing here?


Otsujirou: Big bro...
Koutarou: I, Otsujirou's older brother...
Have made my stand!!
{No...you can't do this...}
Yuudou: I get it....
Quite considerate to your little bro's feelings huh? Big bro..

Koutarou: Ballonification!!!
(Sfx- Pukuhhh bloorp)
(Sfx- Dokaakagaaah ddshhh)
{It's no good...}
{Today is...}

{A day where you can only make Balloons come out of your head!!}
{It's a day where your ability is useless!!}
{If it's just you then you can escape...!!}
Otsujirou: Big bro!!
(Sfx- Kui kui windwind)
Yuudou: Heheheh...
'Tis a real heartbreak...
Little broo~
I'm sure the last thing you wanna see...
Is your big brother...
And how pathetic he looks.

Koutarou: No need to worry Otsujirou.
(Sfx- Pitahh pttth)
Koutarou: No matter what he says...
your big brother will not change.
What is bubbling up in your mind...
Are thoughts of your big brother up until now.

Koutarou: That's what a big brother is.
Yuudou: In what way?!
Otsujirou: Do---

Otsujirou: Don't lose to him!!
Big broooo!!!!
(Sfx- Pukuhhh bloop)
Koutarou: Big bro...
(Sfx- Zumuhhh bloorsh)

Koutarou: Kiiiick!!!!
(Sfx- Bokuuuunn crack!)

Yuudou: Wh...
Koutarou: An older brother cannot be defeated....
Not when his little brother is watching!!!

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