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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saike Once Again 95

Ming-ming world. (Death game).

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 11, 2018 20:40 | Go to Saike Once Again

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And now another not-Gintama translation from your favorite very lazy translator!

Chaotic scans only.

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Take 95: Ming-ming world. (Death game).

Kuroda: These oracles can all fit into five classifications.
Saike: Classifications?
Kuroda: The largest classsification is that which can turn one material into another....
The “Change” class.
Hizu's “Styrofoam-ification” and Ana's “Packing tape-ification” fit into here.
Then there's the “Control” class...
Oracles that allow one to manipulate their bodies and space time as they wish.
Minegishi's “Plant control” and Wang Chu's “Sleeve control” are of course fitting onf this class.
This is also where your “Time reversal” and Will's “Heart breaker” fit in.

Kuroda: And then there are abilities not suited for combat but have the ability to see things before they happen....the “Sense” class.
My “Precognitive dreams” and Kumari who you met in Nepal who could see the “life span” of living beings...would go here.
And then there are abilities which manipulate barometers increasing or decreasing themselves or bodily functions...
The Plus or minus.
My “Oracle debug”, Yuuko's “Axe” and the healing God's “Perfect cure” are examples of this, and...
The most troublesome of all is the one that forcefully makes the opponent obey a set of “rules”....
The “World” class.
Examples of this are Shiinamachi's “Silent Mist” and Sakagami's “Dream SNS”.
And of course the aforementioned Chan Ming-Ming's oracle is of this “world” class as well.

Saike: Just what kind of oracle....
does this Ming-Ming have?
Kuroda: That's...
Mako: Yumewo!!
My Hammie has found Hi –the lesser panda!!
He's on the floor above us!!
(Sfx- Jariii)
Hamster: Chichichi....

(Sfx- Dododdododododo rmmmmmmble)
Hi: Hi?
Mako: Hammie, slow it down!!
Hamster: Chichihh!
{Mao didn't give it any sunflower seeds so it can't use it's machine gun attack.}
Hamster: Chichiii!!!

(Sfx- Bashhiih slap)
Mako: Hammieee!!!
(Sfx- Chipueeh thk)
Mako: My Hammie got taken out!!!
Saike: That was fast!!
Kuroda; Where is Hi?!
Mako: He's up there!
(Sfx-Shaaahh tppthh)
(Sfx- Daannnn thookkk)
Kuroda: Let's split into three and surround him!!
(Sfx- Kuruhh spn)
(Sfx- Zaatshh sssht)

Kuroda: We've got you surrounded.
(Sfx- Gachaah clack)
(Sfx-Dopaaaaahhh fwwop)
Kuroda: Net Launcher!!!
Hi: Hii...
(Sfx- Baaaaaan thooom)

Everyone: We did it!
Kuroda: That was much easier than I inticipated.
Hi: Hi..!!
(Sfx- Mogo mogo shfffft)
Saike: We should hurry and let everyone else know!
(Sfx- Dorururururu rinnnnng)
(Sfx- Mozo mozo sffts sfftss)
Saike: Ah, Hizu?
Guess what! Y'see....
Hi: Hi?
(Sfx- Jiiii staaaare)

Saike: We've already managed to capture....
(Handwritten- Yay! Yay!)
Hizu: Huh? Saike? What'd you say?
(Handwritten- I found him, I found him!)
(Sfx-Paku paku paku shiver shiver shiver)
Hizu: Huh? What's going on Saike?!
What'd you capture?

(Sfx- Hii!!)
Saike: WAIT!!
Ming-Ming: Oh, they saw me.
Kuroda: SAIKE!!
(Sfx- Gashiihhh grab)

Ming-Ming: This belongs to Ming-Ming, yes?
If you are going to get in the way you will have to play a “game” with Ming-Ming.
“Ming-Ming world”!!!
(Sfx- Zuwaaaaan thoooooom)

Saike: Ngh...!
(Sfx- Baaaaaan Thoooom)

Announcer: Welcome to the...
Ming-Ming world!!!
Saike: Wha....
{What is this place?!}
Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...!!
It's Show time!!
(Sfx- Pashiiihhh fwash)
Announcer: Opening for a “One day only limited engagement” is this world of wonder!!
Where you too can play with and be defeated by Ming-Ming!!
(Sfx- Basaaaah fwaaaap)
(Sfx- Dooooon thoooom)

Kuroda: Damn, it appears we were in her attack radius after all, huh.
Saike: Just what is this...
Kuroda: Calm down. She's just about to explain.
Ming-Ming: This is Ming-Ming's world!
“Ming-ming World”!!
Saike: M...
Ming-Ming world?
Ming-Ming: That's right!
Right now Ming-Ming and everyone have been brought to a world different from where we just were...
(Sfx- Mozo mozo shffft)
Hi: Hi?

{ A different world....}
Saike: It's like Sakagami's “Dream Land” thing?
Kuroda: That's right. The “World” oracle takes the opponent and locks them in an ideal world.
And there the one who created the world makes all of the rules!
Saike: That's ridiculous!!
There were conditions to Sakagami's oracle that he had to follow before it'd open!
It can't be this easy for her to drag us into this!!
Kuroda: That's...
Ming-Ming: Well then...let us begin the “game”!!
Today's game is...
(Sfx- Gogogoggogogo Rmmmmmmble)

Ming-ming: Acchimuite don game!!
(Sign- Acchi muite don)
(TN- “Acchi muite hoi” is the typical name of this game, and it means something like “Look this way” and basically it's rock-paper-scissors, but with an added rule. Player one points their finger up down left or right, as the other player shakes their head in the same directions. If Player one's finger and player two's head are in the same direction, then P1 wins. If they're in different directions, p2 wins. The “don” in Ming-Ming's version is well....you'll see.)
Saike: Acchi muite don?
Ming-Ming: The rules are simple!
We play “acchi muite hoi”,
and the loser takes “don”! Damage! That is the rule of the game!
Saike: ...Wut.
Ming-Ming: Of course if Ming-ming loses Ming-Ming will take damage too!
The first one to faint is the loser of the game!

Kuroda: Yes, this world is different from Sakagami's...
--Ming-Ming herself has to follow the same rules that the victims of her game do.
That is why the requirements for being brought into this world are so lax.
The only way out is to have her undo her oracle...
And the means to do that is to cause her to “faint”....
(Sfx- Pon pon tap tap)
Kuroda: Hngh!
(Sfx- Kaan tok)
Kuroda: Attacks other than those inflicted in the game itself will have no no effect here.
Which is to say in short, we have to win to game or we're stuck.
(Handwritten- Damn, just I figured, no good.)
Saike: I see....
A “game” is it?

Saike: Fine then, have it your way Ming-Ming!
We'll have a match –it's just acchimuite hoi, right?
(Sfx- Baaaaan thooom)
Saike: I'll play with you!
Ming-Ming: By the way, If you do not call out your “rock paper scissors” in time, you will take damage...
Be careful, Saike.
Both: Here goes!!!

Saike: Starting with Rock...!!
Ming-Ming: Rock paper...
Ming-Ming: Acchi muite...
Announcer: Ming-ming wins!!

(Sfx- Gyooohhh fwhooom)
Saike: Huh?!
Clown: LEEEEEFT!!!
Ming-Ming: Welcome To....
the Ming-Ming world.

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