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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saike Once Again 96

Initial Movement.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 11, 2018 22:04 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 96

And the second of two translations of Saike volume 11. We're making that progress to 100 slowly but surely.

Chaotic scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Take 96: Initial Movement.

Known users

The ability to change materials. Approximately half of the oracle holders have this class.
Myuuton (And so on.)

Able to control objects, time, and so on.
Saike (And so on.)

Able to see certain things or know of them before they happen.
Kumari (And so on.)

Plus minus
Able to increase or decrease barometers of bodily functions or the oracle themselves.
Muteki Yuko
Healing God
Otsujirou (And so on.)

Creates an ideal world, and those who enter are subjected to certain rules.
Ming-Ming (And so on.)

(Sfx-Bakiiiii crack)
(Sfx- Zusaaaaaahhhh dshhhhh)
Kuroda: Wh--
Who the hell is that?!
Clown: Gagigigighhh

Ming-Ming: This guy is the one who will punish the loser, the clown “It”!
(Sign- Acchimuite don.)
Ming-Ming: He's the mascot of Ming-Ming world!
Saike: That Mascot is terrifying!
Ming-Ming: Well then, onto round two of “acchimuite don!!”
(Sfx- Hyuuuhhh sfffft)
Saike: Guh....
Ming-Ming: First up is rock!!
Saike: Huh?!
Ming-Ming: Rock paper....
(Sfx- Baaaan thooom)
Saike: Wa--
Announcer: Saike was not able to make his “Rock paper scissors” call...!!
Saike: Ah!?
Announcer: Ming-Ming wins!!
Ming-Ming: I said it did I not?
If you didn't make the call fast enough you would lose.

(Sfx- Viiinn veeen)
(Sfx- Zuuunnn dhoooom)
Saike: NGH!!
Kuroda: Saike!!!
(Sfx- Hyuunn vwooom)
(Sfx- Doon tok)
Saike: Cough
Ming-Ming: It is not good for you to space out, Saike.
{I don't have time to flinch after that clown's attacks..!!}
{If this keeps up then....}
Ming-Ming: First is rock...!!

Both: Rock
Saike: Acchi muite....
Both: Rock paper scissors!
Acchimuite hoi!!
(Handwritten- Ah!)

Clown: iiiighhhht!!!!
(Sfx- Doshaaahh thuddd)
{Ming-Ming has a lot of confidence in this game...}
Ming-Ming: First up is rock...
Rock paper...
Saike: Scissors!!
Acchi muite.....
{I might be able to win the rock-paper-scissors...}
{But I can't do a thing when it comes to the “acchimuite hoi”!}

Saike: Rock paper...
{But why?!}
Ming-Ming: Achimuite...
It: looooooowaaah!!!
(Sfx- Dokyaaaaahhh Thoook)
Ming-Ming: You want to know why Ming-ming is so good at Acchimuite?
(Sfx- Suhhhuhhh ssshhhh)

Ming-Ming: Because Ming-Ming knows where Saike's finger will point.
Saike: Do you have powers of foresight?!
Ming-Ming: Non, non~
“Initial movement!”
Saike: Intial movement...
You mean like the slight tremors that come before an earthquake?
{Initial movement//major movement.}
Ming-Ming: That is right.
(Handwritten- I learned it in school.)
Ming-Ming: People have that initial tremor too.
It will show whether they are about to make a “big movement” by somewhere on the body showing off a “small movement”.
(Handwritten- It is called a preparatory movement.)

Ming-Ming: Before you point move your wrist for “Acchimuite hoi” your elbow moves...
and before that your shoulder.
Before that is your waist and leg.
All of those movements tell me where your “wrist” will move in the end.
That is why Ming-Ming can tell where Saike's “hoi” will be with 100 percent certainty!
This is Ming-Ming's specialty.
On the other hand, I can read the movements in your neck using the same theory, yes?
Therefore Ming-Ming cannot lose this game!!

Ming-Ming: Ah, by the way, you cannot change your movements even if you're aware of them.
It is not so easy to change “habits” of the body!
{Ming-Ming spent 15 days living with Saike!}
{She's been able to see all of his habits and understand them...!!}
{There's no hope for Saike to win!}
Kuroda: Ming-Ming, we're changing players here!
I'm up next!!
Ming-Ming: No, no, that will not do, nope Saike has not “fainted” yet.
There can only be one person at a time, yes?

Saike: Thanks Kuroda...
But I won't be tagging out.
Kuroda: Saike...
Saike: When we get out of here, we'll still need to protect Hi from our enemies.
Hi: Hi...
Saike: So we can't both be injured here....
I'll beat her...!!

Ming-Ming: That is impossible! Saike, you will collapse after one or two attacks!
After this I'll defeat Yumewo!!
First up is rock!
Rock paper....
Kuroda: Crap!!
Even in rock-paper-scissors, Ming-Ming's luck is overflowing!
Ming-Ming: Acchimuite...
Kuroda: She read his movement!!

It: iiiiiiiiiiiight!!
(Sfx- Bakaaaahhh craaaash)
Mako: Saike!!
Kuroda: Saike!
{It is all over.}
{He is still standing?}
Ming-Ming: First up is rock!
{This time I will finish him off for sure!}

Ming-Ming: Rock paper...
Acchimuite hoi!!
I win!!
(Sfx- Uvvnnnn Vweeeen)
Ming-Ming: The game is over, yes!

Saike: Left.
Ming-Ming: Wha?!

It: eeeeeeeeeeeeeft!!!
(Sfx- Gakiiiiin craaaack)

Kuroda: He's....
Ming-Ming: That is ridiculous! It's punch power is 200 kilos!!
There is no way you can guard it so easily...
Saike: True, but it's a different matter if I know from which direction the punch is coming.
If that's the case, then I can put my full strength into blocking it –It's power isn't so much that it can't be defended against.
Ming-Ming: How could you know where the attack is coming from?
Saike: It's “yell”.
(Sfx- Gikuhh gulp)
Saike: I noticed that when it attacks it yells something different each time.
I had been curious about that from the start...

Saike: And now I get it. It's yelling out what direction it's punch is coming from.
It: Riiiiight.
Saike: So in short the “iiiiight” was “right” and the “eeeeeeeeft” was “left”. Meanwhile “lowaaaaah” was “below”.
(Handwritten- So “nalty” was probably “Penalty”, yeah?)
Saike: And that's how I figured it out.
Ah also it strikes “right” when I'm facing right, and “left”when I'm facing left.
{He..figured that out in only a few turns?}
Saike: You haven't won this match yet!!
The game is still on!!

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