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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 677

The true mastermind is Yasu.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 8, 2018 21:10 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 677

And heeeere I am with the "Too late to matter" version of the script.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
(Side text- The fight of Kanna VS Okita has taken a strange turn...?!)
Lesson 677: The true mastermind is Yasu.
Shinpachi: K--
N—no way...
This couldn't be...

(Sfx- Zaaahh sffft)
(Sfx- Dooon thooom)
(Sfx- Hyaaan fwfft)
(Sfx- Fuh fwhom)
Okita: She's qui--
(Sfx- Meki meki meki grnnnnd)

(Sfx- Gopaaaahhh fwhoooom)
Kanna: Uuuughhh...
(Sfx- Gaatsuhhh sffffe)
(Sfx- Meki meki meki grnnnnnnd)
Shinpachi: Her arms grew!!

(Sfx- Gaah grab)
(Sfx- Dooopaaahhh fwhoooom)
(Sfx- Giiiiiin claannng)
(Sfx- Doohhh thoooom)
(Sfx- Hyaaaann fwhoooom)
(Sfx- Gagagagagaga tdshdshshtsh)

(Sfx- Gashiiiii thooom)
(Sfx- Oooohhhh fwhoooom)
Okita: Hey there.
Nice to see you back.

(Sfx- Gooohhh Thokk)
(Sfx- Dogoooohh fwhooom)
Shinpachi: Ka---
Okita: Heh...
She was never a thing from the start, dude.

Okita: The one who's here now....
Isn't her kid or clone or whatever the hell she was supposed to be...
It's the person themselves in the flesh.

Shinpachi: K---
Kagura: Hmph, you are still the detestable person you've always been, yes?
You went on talking about what people are hiding....then are you prepared?
Okita: For what exactly?
Neither one of us have changed one damn bit.
(Sfx- Kotsuunnn thk)
Okita: You screwed up at the very end.
(Sfx- Dogooooonnn boooooom)

Gintoki: Sup....
Mr. Mastermind.

Gintoki: So what, you came to watch things unfold with an amused expression and folded arms like a supervillian overlord does?
If so, then that low position isn't overbearing enough. Some tall clogs would really help sell the part, Littlesugi-kun.
Takasugi: Heh.
Were I the one in charge of this, I wouldn't have pulled something so careless.
Even if you are Shiroyasha...
Acting if I, Shinsuke Takasugi is your enemy is foolish.
Gintoki: That's cool, cause I don't really need your help.
Takasugi: And I don't intend on helping a half drowned idiot anyway.
Give me that thing...
In your pocket.
To think that you had that in your possession this whole time...you certainly are the incorrigible sort.
No wonder they were out for you at all costs.

Takasugi: As long as you have it....
They will pursue you to the ends of the earth.
Are you intending to stay on the run until you're a corpse?
Or is it....
You think an ordinary human can bear that curse?
I think I already told you that from now on this is the territory of ghosts.
That's not something you have the ability to shoulder.
Matako: Shinsuke-samaaa!!

Gintoki: So how about telling them that, huh?
All you gotta say is “Don't follow me” or “Forget about me”.
I mean not like anything's gonna stop a person who's made it this far, yeah?
Or is it that the one who's having second thoughts and a tinge of affection is...
You, and not them?
Ya think you're going to get very far with stuff like that on you?
(Sfx- Goshiiii blooroshh)
Gintoki: What the hell are you doing?!
When Gin-san's doing his serious sermons, folks are supposed to listen! That's the unspoken rule, dammit!!
(Sfx- Gehoh gohoooh cough)
Takasugi: If you won't give it to me, then I'll just take it from you after you've drowned.
Gintoki: Wait, hold on, dude. What are we talking about here?! Is it nudie mags I borrowed from you as a kid?!
Fine, fine! You've got it! I'll give it back! What was it again? Erotopia?! Deluxe Hotties?! Ah, wait you're into the newbie stuff yeah?
Takasugi: I don't recall lending or borrowing that stuff.
Gintoki: Ah, is that so? Then maybe you just let me have it? I mean you were the well off dude back then right? So yeah uh, I lost it –same for that one Nintendo game...
Takasugi: I want my copy of the Portopia Serial Murder case back.
Gintoki: Wait, I lent you that? You played Portopia?!
(TN- Erotopia and Deluxe Hotties are both defunct porn mags, while Portopia Serial Murder Case is a game by Yuji Hori of Dragon Quest fame.)

Takasugi: Gintoki, it would appear it's too late.
It would seem that we can't...
wash our hands of this and turn back from where we came.
Or, well....
Even upon turning back there's nothing to say.
(Sfx- Dopaaaah ploooosh)
(Sfx- Dododododoon ththooooom)
Matako: Shinsuke-samaaaa!!

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Dude: Do not let them escape.
(Sfx- Dokannn booom)
(Sfx- Dododdododdo Thothothohoooom)


(Sfx- Zabaaahhhh bloboooosh)
Gintoki: FUWAAAAH!!
(Sfx- Hiiiin tokk)
(Sfx- Gakiiiii claaaang)
(Sfx- Buwaaaaaaah)

(Sfx- Kiiin kiin gannn clanng clanng)
Gintoki: Takasugi you bastard!!!
You just used me as a floater, dammit!!
And I'll use you as a human shield too.
But no need to worry, supposing you do die, I'll keep that thing safer than you are now....they'll never get it.
Gintoki: Safe?! Dude, your actual catchphrase is how you're going to destroy everything!! I'm never letting you keep my Portopia game!
Takasugi: I'm not talking about Portopia.
Gintoki: So you can swim a little, big whoop.
If you had my power that allowed me to reach the depths of the waves like an anchor, you'd be six feet under too!
Takasugi: What the hell kind of boast is that?!
(Sfx- Zuboooohh blooosh)
Takasugi: More like if you'd have just given me that thing, this wouldn't be happening.
Gintoki: Fuck! I got water in my nose! Y'know what, screw you!
(Sfx- Basha basha wfft wfft)
Takasugi: That's my line, so hurry up and give it to me!
(Sfx- Zuboooohh bloooosh)
(Sfx- Buku buku buku blop blorp blorp)

(Sfx- Doooooon whoooom)

(Side text- A miraculous combination play!!)
GINTAMA LESSON 677................END.

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