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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Saike Once Again 99

Vital Weak point.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 8, 2018 22:10 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 99

Crawling across that goal line as a corpse counts as a victory too.

Chaotic scans only.

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Take 99
Vital Weak point.

(Sfx- Pii pii tweet tweet)
(Sfx- Chichicchi)
Hizu: Hey.
What the hell has four-eyes been doing there since earlier?
Shinonome: Oh you mean that?
Masamune: Hmmmmh....

Shinonome: He's looking for the lesser panda.
Hizu: ...Like that?
Masamune: Hm!
About 100 meters southwest from here, a battle has started.
Judging from the the sound of footsteps, it's three ladies –Ana's group.
Their opponent is Uuzura.
Hizu: How do you figure that?
Shinonome: Masamune's oracle is “Controlling plants”.
So he can listen to the oscillation of things more than 200 meters away via antything that has it's roots planted and spread into the ground.
Hizu: Ohh?
(Handwritten- That's convenient.)
Hey, how's Saike doing right now?
Masamune: Mmmm....

Masamune: He's currently inside of a building, so I don't know.
(Sfx- Kiraaan glitter)
Hizu: So you're friggin useless four-eyes.
(Sfx- Dooon)
(Sfx- Gaaan poit)
(Handwritten- That's so mean...)
Hizu: I've gotta hurry up and find Hi, or else I won't be able to meet up with Saike again...
Shinonome: What's up?
Hizu: There's something up there....
Shinonome: Huh?

(Sfx- Baaaan thooom)
Hi: Hii...
Hizu: I see 'im...
I'm goin' after 'im!!
Masamune: I wasn't useful at all....
(Sfx- Zuuun doom)
(Handwritten- You did your best.)
(Sfx- Buuun vrrrrm)
Hizu: Where the heck is he going, dammit...
Hey, can't you use plants to, like, capture him or something?
Masamune: No –he's too high up and they won't reach.
Hizu: I see, I knew you were a useless four-eyed nerd from the start.
Masamune: So cruel...!!

Shinonome: Awwright, leave it to me!!
All I gotta do is break that propeller, yeah?
(Sfx- Gashiiih grab)
Shinonome: The pitcher steps up to the first plate....
(Sfx- Zattthhh Shffft)
(Sfx- Guwaaaah fwhhht)
Shinonome: And he goes for the pitch!!!
(Sfx- Booohhh fwhoooom)

(Sfx- Bakiiihh crack)
Hi: Hi?!
Masamune: Awwright!
(Handwritten- Strike!!)
Hizu: Whoaaa!
In one hit!!
(Sfx- Furafurafura)
Hizu: It's slowly losing altitude...
Shinonome: He's headed over there!
(Handwritten- Let's get moving!!
Hizu: You a former high school baseball player from koshien?
Shinonome: Something like that~
Though I had to retire before even getting to the second round.
Hizu: Hmmm?

Masamune: What are you talking about? There were folks coming from the professionals to scout you.
Shinonome was the ace pitcher at my high school.
If he hadn't been injured in an unrelated accident after the first matches, he'd be –without a doubt a professional.
Hizu: Oh?
(Handwritten- Is that so?)
Hizu: You don't look too down in the dumps about it, though.
(Handwritten- Was it really that long ago?)
Shinonome: It's thanks to Masamune being there for me.
It's something that he said to me that stuck...
Masamune, I'll never be able to play baseball again...

Shinonome: If you take baseball away from me, there's nothing left....
There's no point of me being alive!!
Masamune: It's because all you know how to do is baseball that things ended up like this.
But did you know?
There are “plants who do not sprout flowers”.
The pteridophyte, the bryophyte,
Wakame and other seaweed don't grow flowers.
Shinonome: What are you talking about?
Masamune: That's us.
We won't bloom into flowers.
No one will notice us.

Masamune: But we're still alive!!
There are plants like this that spread their roots into the earth and live!!
No matter what kind of life it is....
There's no such thing as there being no meaning in living it!!
Shinonome: I thought at first to myself “Are you calling me bryophyte or seaweed” dude?!
But when he said “us” I dunno, I guess I was a weirdly...happy, y'know?
Masamune: Stop talking immediately.

Shinonome: Because he's here, I was able to find and progress down a “new path”.
Though I suppose it's not like you could empathize much with that story.
Hizu: It's not like that.
Shinonome: Huh?
(Sfx- Gakunnn thoooom)
(Sfx- Zushaaa dsshhh)
Masamune: Hizu?!
Hizu: Huh....

Hizu: Chains...?!
(Sfx- Gunnn draaaagg)
(Sfx- Zuzazazzaaaa dssddssshhh)
Masamune: Hizu!!
Hizu: Go after the Lesser panda!!
This guy is after me!!
(Zfx- Zuzazazazazazaaa dsdsssshhhhh)
(Sfx- Guuun draaaag)

(Sfx- Uuuuuh fhoooooh)
Hizu: Foam Styrofoam-ification!!
(Sfx- Zuuunnn Thooom)
???: Ohoooh, there's that styrofoam-ification!
It's still third rate oracle as always!
(Sfx- Pachi pachi pachi pachi clap clap clap)
Hizu: Figures....it's you.
That was you at the hospital a while back, yeah?
Did you come to get your ass handed to you again?

Calim: Now, now, don't be like that Hizu.
I mean, we were interrupted midway back then weren't we?
So today I was thinking we'd finish what we started!
(Handwritten- Ah, BTW I'm Calim, a pleasure!)
Hizu: Where are we?
Calim: This appears to have been an underground path a long time ago.
Though it's ended up as you see it now.
I'm leaving the Lesser panda to my other comrade.
So there's no way anyone will interrupt us.

Hizu: Hmph...
(Sfx- Bakiii crack)
Hizu: You see that your “chains” have no effect on my Styrofoam....
So did you come here really thinking you could win?
Calim: Do you remember Wang Chiu?
You had a pretty tough time against him....
It was a can filled with gasoline that did it, right?
You can't turn “liquids” into Styrofoam.
(Sfx- Dodododdodo thooooom)

Calim: So here's a riddle for you....
Just what is inside this iron ball?
(Sfx- Dododdododododdodo)
Calim: A: Concentrated Sulfuric Acid...
B: Concentrated Sulfuric Acid...
Concentrated. Sulfuric. Acid.
(Sfx- Doddododododo)
Calim: For the answer..
(Sfx- Jyaaariii clang)

(Sfx- Buunnn whooom)
Calim: You'll find out when this splits apart! Have fun!!
(Sfx- Dogooohhh whoooom)
Hizu: Damn...
Calim: Huuuh? What happened to your Styrofoam-ification?! Isn't that your specialty?!
(Sfx- Gyuruuhh snnnn)
(Sfx- Bashiiii sssffft)

Calim: The Hero equipped a “Poison Morning Star”!!
His attack power rose by 50!!
And now the hero's attack!!
(Sfx- Doddododdododdo)
(Sfx- Dogagagagagaga ssshfffft)

Calim: C'mon I created and equipped this for you to use!!
The foundation of all games is equipping and changing your gear in attributes with your opponent!!
(Sfx- Goohhh toook)
Hizu: Ungh....
Calim: Direct hit!!
(Sfx- Bashiihhh grabbb)
Calim: A satisfactory blow!!
The monster has taken 100 damage!!
Hizu: I knew it...
You're enjoying this fight to the fullest, aren't you?
Calim: Hm?

Hizu: Bastard....
You weren't brainwashed by Will were you?
Just what are you fighting for?

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