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Saike Once Again 100

Raison d'etre.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 8, 2018 23:15 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 100

And at long last I'm here! I believe Saike is the second(?) series that I started with chapter one and got to the triple digits on so I'm so grateful that the series made it to this point and that Psylocke, and Chaotic scans helped with scanslation! Of course I'll be sticking with Saike as long as it's being created, and I hope you will too! Here's to more heroism to come! Thank you everyone!

Chaotic scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Take 100: Raison d'etre.

Hizu: Bastard, you weren't brainwashed by Will were you?
Just what are you fighting for?

(Sfx- Zuuhhh sffft)
Calim: The first ability user I fought and defeated...
Was a guy who had a mozaic-ification ability.
Seb Romnya.
He's Gani Grace.
Ability? Controlling Snakes.
Dorry Jem.
He had the ability to make others dance to the beat of his drum.
San Dino...
He had the ability to turn other materials into Birdlime. (Lol).
My hobby is....
To leave my defeated opponents behind in pictures.

Calim: It's a game...
I hunt down and fight the monsters who run rampant in this world.
By the way....you're quite fortunate...
(Sfx- Jarrararaa jingle)
Calim: To be the 100th!!
(Sfx- Bakaaaahh craaaash)

Hizu: Guh...!!
Calim: You can use your specialty –that Styrofoam to defend yourself,y'know?
Well....the moment you do and that breaks...
The concentrated sulfuric acid will come dribbling out!!
(Sfx- Chaapuunn)
Calim: Heyaaaaaaah!!!!
(Sfx- Dogagagagagaga totktoktotktoko)
Hizu: Then I'll cut this chai---
(Sfx- Gooohhh thoook)

(Sfx- Gaaaahhh)
(Sfx- Mekiiihhh ttthrob)
Calim: I told you didn't I? That this is an equip specially made for you.
Poison morning star!!
Like it?!
(Sfx- Patshh patashh clack)
(Sfx- Doshaah thud)
Calim: “The hero has defeated the monster”!!

Calim: It's as you said....
(Sfx- Shunshunsunshunshunshun wffwffwffwfffwff)
Calim: I wasn't brainwashed by Will.
However, it's not like I believe in Johann's whole “Making the world fit only for those who are ability users” shtick, either....
I'm helping him so that the number of ability users rises, is all.
(Sfx- Doku doku dribble dribble)
(Sfx- katssuh katsuh tok tok)
Calim: I mean if all the monsters I'm supposed to defeat vanish....
Then the hero loses his raison d'etre, right?

Calim: See, I come from a well off home in France.
Ever since I was little I've been bound by all kinds of rules.
It's like in that house I was no more than a puppet manufactured to dance on a string.
Endless chains dug into me and kept me bound.
It was like they were telling me “it's fine, you don't have to be yourself!”
So at 15 years old I got the hell out of there.
Are you listening?!
(Sfx- Gokiiii crack)
Calim: It was around this time that my oracle manifest....
It felt like I had become the hero of a story.
(Sfx- Buuun fwhoop)
Calim: And then I started having fun hunting down ability users with this oracle.

Calim: I really am grateful to Boss Yumewo, though.
(Sfx- Gorooon fwiiiip)
Calim: It's because the boss picked me up that I was able to fight against all kinds of ability users.
Well, it's because of Saike that I had to suppress my ability user hunting for a bit though.
There's no other choice but for a hero to keep fighting.
(Sfx- Kashaa click)
It certainly is a difficult fate to bear~
(Handwritten- And that's 100!!)
Calim: See ya!
{For the lesser panda....}

(Sfx- Jarriihhh clatter)
Calim: Persistent aren't we...
Hizu: Calim.
A pathetic guy.
Calim: Huh?
Hizu: You're....
Like I was a little while ago.

Hizu: Fighting was all I did....
And I acted as if that was all that brought me pleasure...as if that was the only thing that affirmed my existence.
(Sfx- Pota pota drip drip)
Hizu: I get it....
Because I was the same way...
Before I met Saike.
Calim: What the hell are you talking about?
{Because he's here, I was able to find and progress down a “new path”.}
Hizu: It's just you haven't found that person yet.

Hizu: You're who I'd be if I hadn't met Saike.
Walk a new path....

(Sfx- Dogooohhh whomp)
(Sfx- Doshhyaaa thuuud)
(Sfx- Zuunn zuuunn took tokk)
Calim: What's with you? Just blabbering on and on and on....
I'm you?
A new path?
I have no idea of what you're talking about.
“The hero is confused.”

Calim: Now die.
(Sfx- Paaaan thooom)
Calim: “The monster had it's head crushed and was defeated”.
Game Over~ Dedededeeeeen.

(Sfx- Gasshihh gashiiiih graaab)
(Sfx- Mukuriii shfft)
Calim: N—No waaaaay!?
Calim: I know I crushed your head!!
“The Hero is confused!!”
“The Hero is confused!!”
Yo—your face...

Calim: You didn't?!!
(Sfx- Buzuu Buzuhhh sszzzzth)
Calim: Yo--
You used your Styrofoam-ification on the iron ball?!
(Sfx- Shuuuhhh fwhoooh)
(Sfx- Doooon thooom)

Calim: Ngh....!!!
(Sfx- Jyariiih clang)
Calim: Let go!!
Hizu: No way.
I can't see anything....
So these chains are the spider's web connecting me to you.
Calim: Why...
Why would you go this far?!

Hizu: We're connected.
Saike was the one who showed me the way....
So this time I will be the one to show you.
(Sfx- Giriii grnnnd)
Hizu: If I win, promise....
{We'll make a promise!!}
Hizu: That you won't use your oracle for evil.
And that...
you won't indiscriminately hurt people anymore.

Hizu: Promise me...
(Sfx- Guuunn graaab)
Calim: ah!!
{Then I'll do that too.}
{Let me join you and search for ability users.}
{Sorry Saike...}
{These eyes won't be able to help you find ability users anymore.}
{So now that it's all over let me...}
{Do things a little bit like you would.}

{Say Saike...}
{Right now...am I acting like a hero would?}

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