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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 679

Can't get your master without busting a few dragon holes.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 29, 2018 03:31 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 679

Mostly for my own benefit at this point, but here's 679. I am translating things, it just so happens it's mostly not manga related things. So in short I guess I sorta sold out.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- Gintoki walks upon a harsth path, but what is it he seeks?)
Mone: Investigating the Dragon holes?
But why would you?
You do realize how momentous a task that would be, right?

Ane: The “Dragon Vein” is a torrential stream of planet energy.
That split into numerous paths within the Earth's surface like rivers that run across the planet.
“Dragon Holes” are spiritual places where the veins spout from the surface...
That not only come in different sizes but are countless in number and dot the entire globe.
Even we –priestesses of the dragon do not know everything about them....
So to try to investigate such a surplus of them...
Even if you had a lifetime to dedicate to this...
It still wouldn't be enough time.
If you still insist on embarking on this....
Then you must have a reason, right?

Gintoki: Yeah...
No matter how many years...
or decades it takes....
I'll find....

Gintoki: That person....
(Top text- JC Volume 73, and Ginpachi-sensei class 3-Z are hitting stores June 4th!! (Monday)
Lesson 679: Can't get your master without busting a few dragon holes.
(Side text- A determination that runs deep.)
Takasugi: So you spent two years wandering around countless Dragon holes...
And you found....
That thing?

Shinpachi: Alive?
What do you mean...
By him....
You can't mean...
No way...

Okita: Utsuro...
Shouyou Yoshida....
Or should I say it's neither right now?
It's likely he has a completely different form now.

Gintoki: That guy is probably...
Still alive.
(Sfx- Dokkunn throb)
Gintoki: Utsuro...
or Shouyou Yoshida's heart.
Takasugi: How long has it been since you confirmed...
That he had yet to die?
Gintoki: I knew from the start....
See, back then he had thrown himself into the vortex known as the Dragon pulse.

Gintoki: On first glance it looked like his body was absorbed by the Altana and disappeared...
But he's something originally born from Altana...
So it was the same as taking a water drop and releasing it into the ocean.
In short, it didn't seem to weird to consider...
That maybe he'd be reborn in that deep sea again somehow.
What was most important...
Was what I heard from him at that time.
{You humans...}
{This isn't the end.}
{You chose this....}
{War without end....}
{Life dyed in sadness....}
{and pain.}

{There isn't anyone here anymore....}
{Who can end it.}
{There isn't anyone who....}
{Can save your master.}
Gintoki: He tried to bring this world to an end himself....
But we managed to put a stop to that.
But that's no different as turning the wheel...
On the cursed cycle of birth and rebirth for Utsuro...Shouyou Yoshida.
{I look forward to the day....}
{Where you...}
{Will exterminate the monster...}
{Known as me.}
Gintoki: We saved the world,
But we couldn't save our master.

Gintoki: Which is why...
I once again...
Became alone.
Not as Yorozuya...
Not to save the world...
But as a single disciple...
Gintoki Sakata...
of Shouka Sonjuku.
Because I had found something that I needed to do.

Priest: We've enshrined that Dragon Hole for many generations.
For you see, that's where the holy Ryuujin resides and protects this land.
Because of that we've bore witness to strange phenomena for many years.
For us these are the miracles of the holy Ryuujin.
Though there was one thing....
When I first saw it....
I thought it was merely the hide of an animal that had been washed ashore.
But I realized right away this wasn't the case.
It didn't look like any animal...
It was a mass of flesh that didn't look like a living thing....
But it was indeed alive.
And within a few days it's form changed...
And it began to take shape into something else.
If I am to be frank I'm not even sure what to consider this....
As it's all quite hard to digest...

Priest: Is ths....
a human?
Gintoki: Gramps....this....
Priest: Yes, I understand...
This is more than we're equipped to deal with.
So if this is truly what it is you seek then...


(Sfx- Dooohhh thok)
(Sfx- Haaah)
Gintoki: Whether he becomes Utsuro or Shouyou...
Or something else entirely....

Gintoki: I couldn't end that kid.
I dunno if he could really understand my feelings....
And it grew up almost instantly....
But it didn't say anything...
Or express a will of it's own.
It just quietly followed me around.
Wherever I went.

(Sfx- Doboon booonn crrashhh)
(Sfx- Boroohhh ddssshhh)
(Sfx- Gaatuhhh graaabb)
Gintoki: Geez..
Can't you even cry out for help?
Maybe it's me who's being weird here.

Gintoki: I feel like I'm raising the final boss.
{You've got to use your sword...}
{And become stronger than me.}
Gintoki: Shoyou...
Is this how you felt back then?

???: No...
I believe this is different.
Compared to your childhood days...
I believe I'm a much cuter, better behaved and less of a handful.
You were a much....
Rowdier, mischievous and difficult child than average.
But afterward...
You were one who grew up to be more reliable and thus go through more hardships than most.
However if you don't mind...
May I ask for a last favor?

???: Will you grant me your assistance....
(Side text- Those words and that smile....)
GINTAMA LESSON 679................END.

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