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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 680

To save.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 29, 2018 20:30 | Go to Gintama

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And caught up. Admittedly submitting these translations that no one will read does make me kind of irritable, but it's my own fault for repeating the same mistakes humanity does.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- He should have met his end, but....)
???: Utsuro was absorbed into the Altana and erased.
But as a being originally born from the Dragon Pulse...
Rather than being destroyed he was dissolved...
And two years later emerged from a different Dragon hole...
his body reformed....
he was reborn.

Gintoki: But what lives in his body now...
Wasn't the same as before....
It was different from Utsuro.
Back then...
The one who was there...
Was most likely...
???: If you don't mind...
May I ask for a last favor?

???: Will you grant me your assistance...

Gintoki: Shou...
(Side text- The master he admired is here before him...?)
Lesson 680: To save.
Gintoki: A--
are you...

Shouyou(?): Shouyou....
A name with a nostalgic ring to it...
In this life of mine –winding, long, and without end...
I had so many different names –a name for each life I've lived.
I was all of them, while being none of them.
A being with no name that still knows not what it'll become.
However within all of those old names...
That one...that one name is the one this existence remembers fondly.
And the one who reminded me of this....
Seems to be you...

Shouyou(?): So while I have a moment...
There's something I'd like to tell you.
While I still am myself....
There's something I need to entrust to you.
I am...

(Sfx- Donnn bump)

(Sfx- Doddodododododo thoomthoomthoom)
(Sfx- Gogaaaahhh thooook)
(Sfx- Gagaaaan ththoooom)
(Sfx- Gagagagaga dssddhhh)
???: My, oh, my....
Seems we have quite the interference here...
(Sfx- Zaatsuhhh ssshht)
???: It seems....
The seed...
has already sprouted.

???: Now reclaim...
our master.
(Sfx- Bachiii clang)
(Sfx- Gashiii sssht)
Shouyou(?): My apologies....
(Sfx- Misshi misshi mishhi grrinnnd)
Shouyou(?): But I will not hand him over.
(Sfx- Pisshii ddshh)
(Sfx- Piki piki crackle crackle)
Shouyou: I won't....
Allow for that to repeat itself again.

(Sfx- Beki beki beki beki tatatataaak)
(Sfx- Zuuuhhh ddshhh)
Shouyou(?): This is...
My---the current me's heart.
Without it my current body....talk less of my immortality cannot be maintained.

Shouyou(?): Utsuro....we cannot...
remain in this world.
So I'm...
Entrusting this to you.
The end....
and the future.

Shouyou(?): I'm sorry....
That until the very end I was nothing but a nuisance to you.
However, I'm glad that I was able...
To see you...
One more –

Gintoki: Utsuro's body was lost in that battle two years ago.
However the altana remaining his body....
Merged with the Dragon pulse's altana and formed this crystal.
Using this as a medium he was able to be revived.
So in short as long as we've got his heart....
Utsurou can't be revived.
I figure what's left of the Naraku have been lurking in the shadows secretly trying to revive Utsuro...
But the personality inside of Utsuro scooped out his own heart and gave it to me to keep that from happening.
So for the last two years...
Not for the sake of the Yorozuya or even the world....

Gintoki: I've wandered....
To save him.
In the end....
I was saved by him again, though.
Takasugi: What is this “saving”
you've been mumbling about this whole time?
If it's doing as sensei requested...
To bring him and Utsuro to an end so the world won't be destroyed....
Then why are you grasping that thing to the point that you're being pursued by others?
Certainly there's a way to destroy that, or hide it somewhere no one will find it....there are plenty of options.
If you ask me, wandering around is...
A decision you made on your own, right?
Then if that's how you feel....
Why not just give that heart back to Utsuro?

Gintoki: Takasugi.....you bastard...
Takasugi: I mean, you wanna see Sensei again right? Doesn't sound like a bad deal to me.
Though you're rolling the dice on whether Utsuro or Sensei is the one who greets you.
Gintoki: What are you...
Takasugi: No need to get your panties in a bunch...I'm kidding, I'd never take that gamble.
Gintoki: ….What? What are you talking about?
Takasugi: There's no need to worry about revivals....
Because his body...
Still lives.

Takasugi: Utsuro's body was reclaimed by the Naraku after you took the heart.
Somehow, they've found a means to sustain his body even without it.
He's in a state of suspended animation, but that works out pretty nicely for them.
Gintoki: In what way does that work out for them? What are you talking about?
They want to take this heart back so they can revive Utsuro, right?!
Takasugi: No they don't.
While I'm not sure what the Naraku wants, at the very least the group making them dance is...
Gintoki: The group making them dance? Wait, are you talking about...
(Sfx- Gehooh cough)
(Sfx- Geho geho cough cough)

Gintoki: Takasugi....
Why'd you....
Turn your body into that?
Were you...
What did you see...
And what were you doing?
Takasugi: Gintoki....
Utsuro saw humans repeat the same mistakes for thousands of years ad nauseum, and thus tried to end the world.
If we stop him will that save the planet?

Takasugi: It's like he said....
This world repeats it's mistakes.
Over and over.
We stopped Utsuro.
So it's our responsibility to stop these mistakes from repeating themselves, no?
I'm going to take him back....
I'll reclaim Utsuro from them.
(Side text- The answer he found in the midst of this rotted world was....)
GINTAMA LESSON 680..............END.

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