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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 70

Earth and it's master.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 70

Twitter has cursed page 19 for me forever.

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Chapter 70: Earth and it's master
Koichi: The first Emperor of the Orbelian empire....
Agyo: That's right!
But don't worry, he isn't our enemy.
Rico: That guy's the Orbelian king....
King: You seem confused....
Though I don't blame you.
Even as the first emperor, I should have exhausted my lifespan some time ago.
All I am now is a road within this temple that cannot move and isn't alive –a mass of memories.
Feel free to call me “Toto”.

Nozomi: I remember!
The Kings of history would make offerings of important items to a storehouse someone created...
Could it be that this structure is that place....
Toto: Ohohoh....so you're an orbelian?
You're different than Maha...one of my direct descendants?
Nozomi: Yes.
Koichi: Direct descendant?
Toto: The current Orbelian king Mahaya is the youngest of my youngest son.
So then? Do you see it?
Mana is my direct descendant, and Maha is from a branch family...
Maha sought to open the “port” and that's why he sent a young Ootori Nozomi to earth.

Toto: Maha doesn't posses the power to control the “port”.
And the moment Mana died, his line to my direct descendants vanished.
It's because that power is a secret techinique passed down for my descendants to protect the earth you see.
Earth was isolated from the rest of the universe –so it was necessary to protect it from unnecessary conflicts.

Toto: So Maha went as far as creating 144 “Manas”.....
Nozomi: Hm? Who is this older gentleman?
Toto: Mahaya. He had this appearance up until ten years ago...

Koichi: Are you okay Mana-san?!
Toto: Seems like she fainted.
Well, I guess seeing her husband like that was more than she could imagine.
(Handwritten- Not that I understand.)
Agyo: I can't imagine how it'd feel to have to live with being ugly.
Toto: Maha has reigned for close to ten thousand years.
(Stone- One thousand years old).
Koichi: Mana-san...!
Toto: When Orbelio was destroyed, he secretly escaped and managed to find a younger body.
I can only guess at what method he used to do so....
Hirose Koichi of Earth....
How old are you?
Koichi: I'll be 17 soon!
Toto: 16? Just 16?!
And at that young age you'd like to become the king of earth?

Toto: Hohohoho!
You've got me intrigued...
I like scrappy young humans.
You think you'll live forever so you're stubborn and only think of yourselves...
You're full of lively emotions! Where is your lively heart, though?
Hm? Earth....

Agyo: More importantly, Toto! Make haste and allow Koichi to inherit my throne!
Rico: Inherit..
Ah I get it!
I thought that Earth didn't have a king, but it's actually Toto-san who's the ruler, right?
After all I remember hearing from Ayla's Grandma that the first ruler of Orbelio created the “port”!
So even billions of years ago, Toto-san was the one protecting the Earth the whole time!

Agyo: Well...I guess that theory...
exists or whatever.
Rico: Eeeeeh?!
C'mon Agyo, no need to be like that!
Why are you keeping secrets?
Agyo: Shush you.
I just want to make Koichi king as soon as possible! I prefer him over that old man!
Rico: Ah, right you gotta marry him right?

Koichi: Oh riiiight....
I can't do this without marrying Agyo....
Toto: Mm?
Nozomi: Wait a second...you mean to marry the earth? Then...
Agyo: Are you trying to suggest you STILL haven't gotten mentally prepared you weakling?!
(Sfx- Sun sun sniff sniff)
Agyo: Koichi...you sorta smell....?
Koichi: O—oh...
Well I have been wearing the same outfit since I came to space.
Koichi: Ugh, this is really happening, isn't it...

Nozomi: To get married in order to become king....what does that mean exactly?
(Handwritten- No idea...)
Toto: I don't know either....it's the first time I've heard of such a thing.
Koichi: So this is Orbelian civilian wear, huh...
Toto: Choose whatever you like.
Nozomi: Ah, I should perhaps change my outfit as well, no?
Toto: That's fine, the womens clothes are this way.
(Handwritten- This is sleepwear after all...)

Koichi: On that note, how'd you get out here into space Agyo?
Agyo: When you launched,
Ayla and I were worried about you!!
We racked our brains trying to come up with all sorts of ideas...
And then we came upon that hint from ten years ago.
Koichi: Ten years ago?
Agyo: Mhmm.
Do you remember when Nozomi opened the gate, and more importantly how she did it?

Koichi: Well yeah, of course! She gathered the “memories of the stars”....
{Listen well, Arsha is the King's property.}
{A lot of older things still have magic breathing within it.}
{And the overflowing “Memory of the stars” from Arsha...}
{Is what I'll send back to the King!}
Agyo: There you go.
Now after that where did the “memory of the stars” go?
Koichi: To this sky...
Agyo: That's right!
Ayla and I redid Nozomi's actions at that time ourselves!

Koichi: What?
Th—then you're saying that the King senpai was talking about back then...
Rico: Of course!
Earth's King is Toto-san!
Toto: I cannot come down to earth....
Because I do not posess a sufficient amount of “Stars memories” to do so.
I was rather surprised when something got here for the first time in a while, and when I opened it up...
What I found in there was...

Koichi: You sent yourself....?
(Handwritten- How reckless...)
Rico: So then...
Agyo...Earth sends letters to Toto-san every so often?
That's right, time had gone by and I had heard things from the sun and moon, but no news from you for some time.
The last time I received anything was ten years ago...

Koichi: Awwright, this looks good!
Mana-san have you finished changing?
Nozomi: Hey!!
I'm still changing! No peaking you lowlife!
Koichi: Still?! How long is it going to take you?!
Nozomi: These are all clothes from the first's era so there's nothing recent here at all...
Agyo: “Recent”? More like ten thousand years ago, right?
(Handwritten- All though this is all so sudden)
Nozomi: Stop that! I am not ten thousand years old!!
Wait, aren't you going to change?
Agyo: I don't have to be wearing anything to be beautiful, because I always am.

Nozomi: Is that so? You have a cute face...
But after all this is over, we'll have you and Koichi-kun's wedding ceremony, no?
So you should pretty yourself up a little.
There we goo! That's really fitting!
You descended upon my surface too....
Ten thousand years ago...

Nozomi: U—um...yes...
I did.
It was in antiquity, I came with the Senate that discovered that Arsha couldn't be the next Orbelio.
We knew that the lifespan of Orbelio was coming to a close...
It was only for a bit, as after Maha's reign I was taken right back with him immediately...
Agyo: You orbelians are always like that.
You just come and go as you please.

Nozomi: Earth-chan...?
Koichi: Y—yoooooo, so you came, Agyo...
Rico: Agyo!!

Rico: Look, look! We decorated!! How's this?!
We're going to celebrate your new life together!
Koichi: S—stop that...
What's wrong Agyo?
You know you have to stay on Earth forever right?
You won't lave me behind for some other planet will you?

Koichi: What are you talking about?
Agyo: Since the olden times everyone's done the same.
They come down to my surface and before long return to different planets...
Those damn tourists....

Koichi: But Toto-san is always watching over you...
Well, it is from the Moon, but...
Agyo: Just to leave and return....they're all just out for their own self benefit!
It's the one who gets left behind who's lonely...

Koichi: Agyo...um, no..er, Earth!
There's no way for me to say how thankful I am to you!
I can't say i'll be there for your entire lifespan or anything...
But Ryuu-nii, Gramps and other gramps will always be living on your surface, y'know?
And besides we're Earthlings! You're like family to us.
So here's to now and now on!

Agyo: I'll believe in you....

Toto: I promised to return to earth and meet it again...
But while I was alive I never returned...
I left you feeling lonely didn't I....
Nozomi: I see...
So that's how it is...
It's a marriage in hopes of always having someone at it's side...

Nozomi: So that's how Earth and Koichi-kun will be married.
That's pretty important...
I'm sure Nozomi-san will be upset.
If she knew about this I wonder what she'd say?
Toto: Mh?

Toto: Ooohhh....
Nozomi: Great Ancestor..?!

Agyo: K—Koichi?
Toto: I—I've given it to you....
If the Earth is the property of the Earthlings like you said, then show me..
Your resolve...!!

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