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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 71

Choice of life.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 71

At least some series know how to end.

Psylocke scans only.

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Koichi: Ugyaaah!!

Chapter 71: Choice of life.

Koichi: Where's Mana-san?

???: Good Morning Mana.
The check has been completed and there are no issues.
Mana: Good morning.
How are things?
King: Hmm...
Unfortunately it seems I cannot remove that bracelet.
To undo the charm Mahaya's own power is necessary.
Forcefully removing it will break Ootori Nozomi's body itself.
As expected there's a power conceded from the mainstream in the position of the crown.
Right now he truly is the king of Orbelio...
Mana: “Right now”....

Mana: Thank you very much.
How do I tell Koichi-kun...
That the only way to return Nozomi-san is to defeat Maha...
Koichi: Yo!
What were you talking to Toto-san about?

Mana: I was conferring with him in regard to removing this bracelet.
Maha placed it on me, but when it comes time to return Nozomi-san's body I'd like to remove it...
Koichi: Let me see it.

(Sfx- Hmm?)
Mana: Did anything change when you became King?
Koichi: About that...!
I feel like not a single thing changed...
Like nothing at all! Even a little change would have been okay, y'know?
(Handwritten- I don't get it.)
Koichi: I mean, yeah, it's not as if I sought out the position of King because I wanted to be stronger, but this is a real let down, seriously.
Mana: Koichi-kun, if Nozomi-san were to return...
What kind of answer would you give her?
Koichi: Answer to what now?

Mana: You “confessed” didn't you...?
(Handwritten- Um...)
{He just made an “oh right!” expression..?!?}
Rico: Koichi! Mana!
Agyou: The star group is seemingly prepared to make a move...
and Toto has asked us to gather in the hall.
Koichi: I gotcha. We'll be there in a bit.

Mana: I belong to...
And even now I love him.

Mana: That face tells me you're not too enthusiastic about that.
Koichi: It pisses me off.
Mana: And that's no good.
If that feeble response is all you have, then I won't give you Nozomi-san back.
It's not too late for you to become like Maha and I, you know.
Koichi: You say that, but....

Koichi: Say...
Why'd you die Mana-san?
Ah, I mean if it's tough to talk about it you don't have to....
But y'know I died once too so....
Mana: I was poisoned.
(Handwritten- The royal family...poisoned....)
Mana: Don't read into it as if it was a conspiracy! It was just an accident, an accident!
When I fell off a cliff it was into a field of poisoned plants.
I lost my consciousness and during that time I was completely consumed by poison.

Koichi: Poisonous plants...
So...you consumed some of those plants while asleep?
Mana: No!
There are plants on earth that can poison the entire body aren't there?
I can see plants that Nozomi raised in her memories as well.
There are plants that are poisonous from their branches to their roots!
And I inhaled some of their pollen.
Koichi: ..T—that's scary.
To be able to just casually talk about your own death...you really are like ten thousand years old.
Mana: I'm not ten thousand years old!
Yes I lived ten thousand years ago, but...
(Handwritten- Yup yup)

(Sfx- Ahahahahah)
Koichi: Mana-san you're not a bad person....
I was kinda amazed when you had some choice words for the Orbelian king before.
Mana: Did you?
Koichi: I want to see Ootori-senpai again....

Mana: And you will!
I'll make absolutely sure you will!
I promise....
Koichi: ...Uh, Thanks.
Mana: F-For what?!
Why are you thanking me?
I remember I have something to do so I'm headed out.
Koichi: Wh—wait!
Mana: Go to the hall without me!

Toto: I see you've arrived gentlemen.


Agyou: I can't see anything through the smoke...
Toto: They're circling around in clusters....the Star group's ships are arriving.
They're arriving at full force.
If they're this flashy then the earthlings will most certainly notice.
Maha has ordered them to attack me, but of course my former subordinates would find that difficult.
Agyou: Are you okay, Toto?

Toto: There's no need to worry.
Agyou: Toto?!
Toto: Ugoaaaah...

Toto: Gunuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!
Agyou: Uwaaaaaaaah!!!

Mana: Kyaaah!!
(Sfx- Gakoonn clatter)

Mana: Hah...

Maha: Shhhh
Mana: Maha...!
(Sfx- Muguhh clamp)
TO BE CONTINUED IN ISSUE 4 (Out March 12th.)

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