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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 24, 2019 08:02 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 23

Nearly two years later, RYOKO is back in the kitchen and I couldn't be happier. Honestly I'm not sure if the group who was once working on this is still around, but I intend to keep translating this as long as the series runs (which I hope will be a long time after this.) Welcome back Mitsuhashi!

(Side text- The serialization reopens!!)
(Yellow and white text- You can read from the beginning (22 chapters!) For a limited time for absolutely free on the Sunday webry site!!)
(Bottom text- The enemy is food!! The last battle action manga!!!)
(Circle- Volume 2 and 3 of the manga will both be released February 18th!!)

(Side text- Riding on Zen and Rere's emotions, Ryoko leaps!! Hunt down the megasized avalone that subjugates the city...!!)
Rere: Goooo!!!
You're right above...
The abalone's heart!!

(Sfx- Goooohhh fwhoooom)
{I can't let the opening Rere-san made for me...}
{Go to waste!!}
{This time I'll use every ounce of strength that I have...}

{To pierce it!!!}
(Sfx- Dohhh whooom)
(Sfx-Gogogogogo rmmmmmble)
{It's still too shallow?! But...}

(Sfx- Pikipiki crackcrack)
Ryoko: I can still go further!!!
(Sfx- Gugugugu grinnnnd)
(Sfx- Buuunn voooom)
Avalone: Abaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
(Sfx- Guaaaaah roaaaaaar)

Ryoko: Did I get it!?
Hurry before the abalone comes falling!!
Rere: Y—yeah!
(Sfx- Pitaah pppth)

(Sfx- Gopaaaah blooorsh)
Zen: Whoa! What's that?!
Ryoko: It's spitting up everything it absorbed as it's life ends, huh...
Rere: Heh...you gotta be kidding me...

Rere: A crapton of pearls are...
falling from the sky...

Rere: We've got pearls....
But they ain't useful for anything...it's a crying shame.
But y'know my little sister wanted an earring like this.
It's a bit simplistic, but I can make at least a little pearl for her.
{I've been living by myself since four years ago where the ingredients became monsters.}

{The reality I wasn't willing to accept...}
{Remained unchanging no matter how many times I closed my eyes and averted them from the truth.}
{I was able to keep on living in this ruined world on the festering anger and sadness within me.}
{But really, why did I keep living up until now?}
Rere: Nana...is that you?
Of course not.
Y'know I felt like Nana was still around somewhere all of this time...

Rere: In my heart I kept living in a dream that I didn't want to wake up from.
Believing that if I died here that just maybe Nana would come back to life...
But this is reality right here, right now it seems.
Ryoko: Rere-san...
Rere: Maybe up until today I shut myself in my world because there was nothing else I could do..
But now that world of hatred and resentment that I stubbornly held onto...
Has been completely blown apart.

Rere: And at long last maybe I can confront the reality that...
My little sister Nana is no longer with me.
Ryoko: All right then...

Ryoko: Let's have a shell party everyone!
(Sfx- Oooooh!)
Ryoko: I'll go gather the abalone!!
Zen: Me too!!
(Sfx- Tatatatatatata tmptmptmtmp)
Ryoko: Awesome! The underside is so soft!!
Zen: Oh? Then it'll be tasty right?
Then I'll just gather me up some scallop.
Rere: Heh, you guys really are some weirdos....

Rere: Geez, look at this!
Pearls have fallen on my house too!
Oh good, Nana's grave is fine...
Zen: We can have a shell party under the blue skies!!
Rere: Aw, to hell with it. C'mon and help me move this table outside!
(Sfx- Gata gata clatter)
Zen: 'Kay.

Ryoko: And done! We've got a heaping assortment of shell dishes!
(Sfx- Dochaa)
Rere: These ingredients are huge. I'm surprised you were able to make somethin' out of 'em.
Ryoko: It's all thanks to your help, Rere-san!
Zen: Awwright, let's hurry up and dig in!
Ryoko: You're right! Well then..
Everyone: Thanks for the meal!

(Handwritten- So tasty...!!)
Ryoko: O—oh...So this is the texture of abalone....
Rere: I see...maybe it was too soon for a kid like you to eat this?
(Sfx- Kukukukuu heheheheheee)
Ryoko: I—I'll get used to it eventually!!
Rere: Yeah, you'll have all sorts of experiences from here on won'tcha?
Like “learning about makeup” and such.
(Sfx- Peshih jab)
(Sfx- Hah gasp)
(Sfx- Zuuuun dooooom)
Rere: Ah it's totes fine if you don't know about that stuff right now.

(Sfx- Soku soku)
Rere: By the way...
There is a thing I wanted to talk to ya'll about.
Ryoko: And what's that?
Rere: I just decided it a moment ago...
That Imma come live in your city.

Ryoko: Yay! I've always wanted an older sister!!
(Sfx- Paaaaaah)
Zen: Now we don't have to worry about running around to hunt with you around to shoot things!
Rere: Uh what kind of messed up expectations do you two have?
(Sfx- Korakora Hey now..)
Rere: Listen it's just as simple as my house losing it's roof and me having no choice but to move, understand?
Ryoko: That's totally fine! By all means please come to stay with us, big sis!
Rere: B—Big sis?!
Ryoko: Yes, big sis!!
(Sfx- Washh buwaah)
Rere: W—well I guess.
Ryoko: Yay!

Rere: Nana...
I'll be back sometime.
Well then, let's head back.
Rere: Ah, c'mon man. It'd be faster to walk than to ride a bike with your slow ass!
Ryoko: Wanna switch, Zen-kun?
Zen: Nah, leave it to me.
Oh whoa...
Rere: Eyes up front, dammit!
(Side text- For her sister's sake she'll live and eat. Ryoko's anticipated older sister(?) joins the group and next issue new developments!!)

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