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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 17, 2019 23:11 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 26

Doin the lord's work. (I went from simureleases back to being a scanslator again though.)

(Top text: Even if the world has ended, we're still going to eat dinner! The dinner table action series of the end opens up with new developments!!)
(Side text- Sorry to keep you waiting! The long awaited 2nd and 3rd volumes hit stores February 18th!!)
(Middling text- There's both a daily life and a dinner table I want to protect.)

(Side text- The mysterious man in a suit's past opens with a trivial look into his life....however the “end” is fast approaching...)
(Sfx- Gatan goton gatan goton clang clang clang)
Guy: Say...don't you think something's kind of off about this rail car?
Dude: Yeah, something smells weird.
Lady: What could it be? A gas leak?
Or is it that someone threw up?
Dude: Ugh, give me a break here...

Guy: Hnn, my head feels kinda fuzzy too...
(Sfx- Biki biki Crackle crackle)
People: GYAAAAAAH!!!
(Sfx- Buchi buchii blooorsh)
People: Guuruh...
(Sfx- Gucha gucha peki peki munch, munch)
(Sfx- Gyorohh whifft)

Dude: Uuuhhhh
A killing massacre between human beings...
(Sfx- Battatatata blooorsh)
???: Oh? Are you still alive?

Parsley: Unbelievable! How could you have survived?
Dude: Did...did you do all of this?
Parsley: …...
Sure did.
Dude: Heheheh....Hey can I ask you a favor then?
Could I....
Do it all again?

(Sfx- Gatan gotoooon gatan gotoooon cling clang cling clang.)
Dude: Cling clang...
Cling clannng.~
Parsley: What are you doing?
Dude: Just feelin' nostalgic for old times, honey.
Parsley: I found a place that's pretty likely to be what you're looking for.
And that completes the work you hoisted on me, right?
Dude: Yup, that's right.
Parsley, you really are the best.

Parsley: What's with you only saying that now? You should know that I'm always the best.
On that note, how's your arm?
Dude: It's perfect.
(Sfx- basaaah fwap)
Dude: Now then, shall we make a house call?
Parsley: Do all of you humans do this sort of thing?

Ryoko: Oh C'mooon!
Did Zen-kun run out and leave a mess behind again?!
There's a half eaten Cherry fruit here too...!
(Sfx- Gochaa)
Dad: Ah, about that...
The thing is, I made a new tool for Zen and gave it to him....
Zen: Yaay! I'm headed out!
(Sfx- Zuuunnn dooom)
Ryoko: If you were going to do that much you should have told him to clean up first!!
Dad: S—Sorry.
Ryoko: Fine, I suppose this time I can tidy up....
(Sfx- Gararara clatter)
(Sfx- Mechaa)
Rere: Ah, whoops.

Ryoko: What are you doing Rere-san?!
(Handwritten- Just looking all casual in there!)
(Handwritten- Busted....)
Rere: Nahahah...Sorry, sorry!
Ryoko: I wonder if you'll ever become a good bride if I don't scold you more....
Rere: Don't go actin' like I don't get a say in the matter.
Ryoko: Ugh...I guess I'll go ahead and make lunch a little early.
(Sfx- Pinpoooon dingdoooong)
Dad: Hm?
Ryoko: What's that?
Rere: It's probably whitey.
Ryoko: Oh right!
(Sfx- Tatataa tmptmp)
Ryoko: Coming~
You shouldn't randomly play around with the doorbell Zen-ku
(Handwritten- C'mon...)
(Sfx- Garararara clatter)

Ryoko: n...
Dude: A pleasure to meet you Tenba-san.
Are you home alone? Or are Mama and Papa home?
{I should be happy...}
{That we were able to meet more survivors here, yet...}
{I feel like I'm frozen in ice.}

Dude: But man this is a surprise! I didn't think I'd find people living out here.
{There's no intonation in his voice and he seems completely disinterested.}
{He just continues with the smooth talking...}
Dude: Moreover for such a young looking girl to be alive here...
without yielding or wandering lost is really moving.
{Yes...it's all off-putting...to an unnatural degree.}
Dude: I'm sure you've seen some...
dreadful things too right, missy?
{I might have...}
{Opened the door to someone who should never...}
{Be let into our house.}

Dude: But man, this house has really been taken care of huh? It's pretty in here!
(Sfx- Suutsuhh step)
Ryoko: W—wait!
Rere: What's up Ryoko?
Wh—who are you?!
Dude: Oh? So Dad is home! That's good.
(Handwritten- Don't ignore me!)
Rere: I'm asking who the hell are you!?
(Sfx- Zuuiii sffft)
Dude: My name is Kogarashi. Pleased to meet you.

Kogarashi: But man...
It's hard to believe that there are civilians still eking out a life here.
Rere: What are you blabbering on about after forcing your way in--
Dad: I'm the head of this family Kazuo Tenba.
It's strange to think that you'd just pop in on us to visit,
So do you have some business with us?
Kogarashi: Haha, aren't we on guard today.
Though on the flip side, that saves me the troublesome small talk.
See I'm looking for something....
Or, no, someONE.

Kogarashi: Do you know about....
the Germ?
(Sfx- Giiii grinnnd)
{Germ?! Then does he know about Zen-kun too?!}
Kogarashi: Hm? That's a strange expression you've got there...
I do wonder what it's in response to?
{I heard that very same term when I was fighting the white rice....they're looking for that person too.}
{What does it all mean? Why does he know them too?}
{Wait, no way...could he be in league with the white rice?}
{If that's the case then...}

{Assuming that this man who knows the Germ...}
{Is connected with the white rice, then...}
{Right now The house, my family, my friends and I...}
{Everything I hold dear is being held captive.}
{It's dangerous to make any weird moves to get him out of the house....}
{But before Zen-kun comes back, I have to do something to get this man far away from our house..!}
{Right...what am I going to do about Dad?!}
Kazuo: The Germ is it?

Kazuo: I've seen many people come and go, but unfortunately...
I don't know and haven't met anyone with that name.
(Handwritten- Just what the heck is a germ anyway?)
{I thought so, Dad is trying to protect Zen-kun.}
Kogarashi: Well, it's not like I've ever seen this person for myself....
So I suppose you're probably not lying.
(Sfx- Gataa clatter)
Kogarashi: Welp, if the Germ isn't here, then you'll have to pardon me.
Ah, and by the way...
I really am moved by you people living out a normal life in a world like this.
Because if it were so ordered....
Your cozy little life would come to an end with a murder spree.

Kogarashi: I hope that you can keep living here quietly without being eaten.
See ya.
{He sure gave up quickly...}
{But at least it's ove--}
Kogarashi: Oh?
That half eaten cherry fruit over there is rotting.
Just that one.
That corrosion is far too fast.
(Sfx- Zokuhhh whooom)

ogarashi: This really is a crying shame.
I was hoping to come in and show my smart...
and awesome side...
But now the facade has fallen apart.
(Sfx- Shuuuuhhhhh fwhoooom)
Dad: Where'd that smoke suddenly come from?!
Ryoko: Dad, get back as far into the house as you can!!
Kogarashi: Ahh~
Now I gotta kill you.
(Bottom text- The house has become a battlefield...!! Next issue will be shocking so don't miss it!!)

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#1. by broraconcurrent ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2019
Nice topic.
Level [D] Translator

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