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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 14, 2019 02:23 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 27

I really dislike that I got behind in this, but now my motivation is back, and the manga is the best it's been since...ever. Let's goooo.

(Top text- Read the continuation in volume 3!! The battle action manga at the end of civilization's dinner-table!)
(Side text- You can read the story it's entirety!! Volumes two and three are out in stores everywhere!!)
(Middling text- The Grim reaper wears a suit –Kogarashi cometh.)

(Side text- Her home –the place she wants to protect most has become a battlefield!!)
Kogarashi: Ahh~
Now I gotta kill you.
(Side text- Shuuuuuhh fwhoooooh)
(Sfx- Shuuuhhhh whoooooh)
Kogarashi: Poor thing....
At least let me grant you peace in death.
(Sfx- Sowaahh *whooom*)
(Sfx- Dooooh thooom)

Kogarashi: Ooone~
Ryoko: Uugh...
{How...how is he so fast...?!}
(Sfx-Megyoooh thokkk)
Kogarashi: Twoo~
(Sfx- Dosaaah thuud)
Rere: Wha...
What the hell are you doing, asshole?!
(Sfx- Jakakakhhh clickick)
{Ngh...My body...}

(Sfx- Gangan blamblam)
Kogarashi: Whoa.
You've got good aim but that doesn't mean anything when you miss
More like, do you folks normally blast a cap indoors?
Rere: What's with you and that freaky-ass strength of yours?!
I've had it up to here with you!
Kogarashi: Geez...
You're already dead woman, so have some class and be quiet about it.
(Sfx- Goohh thokk)
Rere: Ow!!

(Sfx- Guguu grnnnd)
(Sfx- Mekimekimekimeki throbthrobthrob)
Kogarashi: Aaaand three.
(Sfx- Suhhhh wfft)
Ryousuke: Papa, I need to use the bathroom--
Rere: You idiot! Don't come over here!!
Ryousuke: Huh? Where's Papa?
Rere: Run for it, dumbass! I'm telling you to get away from here!!
(Sfx- Dosuh thud)
Kogarashi: Hey there~

Kograshi: How's it hanging little man? You certainly slept well, huh?
I'm Kogarashi, the cool big bro who just moved in today~
What's your name little man?
Ryousuke: Uh...Ryousuke.
Kogarashi: Ryooske-kun, huh?
(TN- Kogarashi is sort of pronouncing his name weirdly here.)
Kogarashi: And how old are you?
{Please, don't...}
Ryousuke: S—6 years old.
Kogarashi: Ohhh? You can even say your age huh? Incredible!
You're a lot more obedient than that nasty lady over there~
(Sfx- Deshi deshi pat pat)
Ryousuke: Where's Papa and my sister?
Kogarashi: So here's what's going to happen my six year old genius Ryoosuke-kun...
On the count of six, I'm going to kill you just like everyone else!

Kogarashi: Now kneel down.
Kogarashi: Here we go! A ooone~
(Sfx- Gashi Grab)
Kogarashi: Now ain't this weird. I kicked you with the intent to kill...
Kazuo: You'll need way more than that to kill a parent.
(Sfx- Dohhh fwhoom)

(Sfx- Gichiii tok)
Kogarashi: You're going to make that kitchen knife cry.
That's for cutting up food, yeah?
(Sfx- Hyoii wifft)
{Dad, no.....}
Kogarashii: You're really leavin' me no choice here.
(Sfx- Bikiii crack)
Kazuo: Gah!!!
Ryousuke: Papa!!
{His strength is superhuman...}

Kogarashi: But this is weird...
How did weaklings like you manage to survive so long?
This isn't the kind of naiieve world where you can live with the germ around,
yet you folks are just kicking it here without a care in the world...
despite most of humanity being wiped out.
Say Pops, mind filling me in?
How the hell have you managed a daily life here on one leg?
(Sfx- Suhhh sfft)
Kogarashi: Well? Weeeeelll?
(Sfx- Gusari gusari gusari chop chop chp)
Kazuo: Guuhhhh!!!
Ryousuke: Don't hurt my papa.....!
Kogarashi: Now now, I'll kill you in a minute so just wait your turn.
{Dammit, I can't keep my consciousness for long...!!}
(Sfx- Haaaaah Haaaaah)

Kazuo: Hah...hah...why do you want the Germ...
Kogarashi: Hmph,
Orders from my white superiors.
{I have to...}
Kogarashi: They say they wanna eradicate humanity.
Which is bad news for you.
Kogarashi: Gimmie a break here....not you too missy---
(Sfx- ugeeh ugh)

(Sfx- Gootsuhhh thoooom)
Kazuo: Ryoko....
Ryoko: How dare....
How dare you...
Ryoko: hurt my family!!!
Kogarashi: Gugh
(Sfx- Goshaaah thooom)

Kogarashii: Cough...
(Sfx- Goto thunk)
{Ah, crap. The muscles in my arms ripped.}
(Sfx- daran droop)
(Sfx- Gagaaah thoooom)
(Sfx- Gakooh tok)
(Sfx- Shakaka shiiing)

{What the...}
{What kind of ridiculous strength is this?}
(Sfx- Kooon thok)
{Just what the hell is she?!}
Ryoko: Do you think I'll let you get away with this?!
(Sfx- Gakokokonn kerkraaaash)
{I'll be in trouble if I take that head on.}
(Sfx- Buuunn wift)

{If I don't dodge....}
(Sfx- Jajajajajaj dssssssh)
(Sfx- Gyagyagyayga shhhhhhhhhsssssssh)

Kogarashi: Holy crap that's huge.
{Now I get it.}
{It's because this little girl...}
{Is incredible isn't it?}
(Sfx- Shuuuhhh wfhooooh)
(Sfx- Fuuh fuuh)
Kogarashi: Didn't think I'd get hit in the face with a microwave today.
{He's still...}

(Sfx- gararaa clatter)
Kogarashi: Shot in the dark here, but I heard...
That this area up until a little while ago was under the control...
of a foodstuff known as the Black Haired beef.
Was it you who defeated the beef....
and the abalone I was keeping as a pet?
(Sfx- Gooooooooooh whooooom)
Ryoko: No...
It was all of us.

Kogarashi: Heheh...
(Sfx- Mukuuhhh dfft)
Kogarashi: I see....never thought it'd be a little girl behind it...
{He can still stand with those injuries?}
Kogarashi: Honestly you're FAR more interesting than the germ.
(Sfx- Daraaan drooop)
Kogarashi: So you're playing house with your family and friends huh?
The way I see it, you've got far too many things to protect.

Kogarashi: You listenin' over there honey?
Parsley: Darlin' I can't say I endorse this course of action.
Kogarashi: Don't care.
I want to take a bite out of her.
(Sfx- Gyuuhh grnd)
Ryoko: There's nothing for...
you here.
(Side text- She'll protect her home, her daily life, her friends and her family...!! Next issue Ryoko VS Kogarashi!!)

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