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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 14, 2019 02:26 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 28

And two for two. Gonna try to get caught up (or close to it) this week. For now I hope these'll do.

(Top text- The Japanese sword touting girl X Food end of civilization battle action manga picks up speed!!)
(Side text- Volume 2 and 3 of the manga are out in stores!! The White Rice arc and the Abalone arc are both in print!)
(Middling text- Whatcha starin' at punk? This world belongs to Rere-sama and Ryoko-sama!)

(Side text- Ryoko vs Kogarashi! Ryoko's counterattack begins!! Protect your family, our friends and the dinner-table!!)
(Sfx- Para para clatter)
Kogarashi: Don't stop me, honey.
Ryousuke: Sis! Papa isn't moving!!
{This isn't good...I'll have to finish this fast.}
Kogarashi: Aw, is he really that bad off?
He can wait a bit for us right missy?
Ryoko: What did you come here for?

Kogarashi: Sorry 'bout that kiddo. I was thinking he'd just die from that.
Didn't think he'd suffer instead, y'know?
(Sfx- Chiraa glare)
Kogarashi: Don't you go running off on me though. I'm not the type to turn my back on my responsibilities.
{He's dangerous.}
{Without any hesitation he completely ignores our morals and logic....!}
Kogarashi: The silent treatment? You're gonna make a guy lonely here.
Just when I finally had met folks of the same species....
{It's likely he only sees other people as tools for his use.}
{I'm scared....}
{I never thought I'd ever be terrified of another human like this.}
Ryousuke: Sis!

Ryousuke: I brought your geta and katana!
(Sfx- Gashaaah)
Ryoko: Ryousuke, when did you....
Ryoko: Th—thank you, but hurry back into the house!
Ryousuke: W-wait!
I—I want to beat up...
The bad guy who hurt everybody.
B—But I can't do it so...
Sis you have--
Ryoko: It'll be okay.
I'm sorry you had to say that Ryousuke....
But don't worry...

Ryoko: Big sis is going to take care of him.
(Sfx- Goooooooo rummmmble)
Kogarashi: Hahaha! Is that a katana? Sweet!
Turns out you've got quite the killer intent after all, huh?
This is going to be a scream.
Now let's bite each other to death, missy!
(Sfx- Kankankan clompclompclomp)
(Sfx- Kaaaan clomp)

(Sfx- gakaaaaan thokooom)
(Sfx- Gasshiii graaab)
(Sfx- Goookaaah crassh)

(Sfx- Gikiiaaah claaang)
(Sfx- Zazazaaah dsssssh)
(Sfx- Gyaari gyarri gyarrri clanggggg)
(Sfx- Goohh thooom)

(Sfx- Giikiiiii)
Kogarashi: Hey girlie.
(Sfx- Batsuhhh whoom)
Kogarashi: Cut me some slack here.
This isn't funny....
Are you saying you won't cut me down?
(Sfx- Chakkiii clack)

Kogarashi: You've thoroughly disappointed me, missy.
Well, whatever.
Guess work comes first. Gonna finish this job up and get up out of here.
(Sfx- Sutsh sfft)
(Sfx- Shuuuuu whoooohhh)
(Sfx- Biki biki crackle)
Kogarashi: And here I was so happy to have finally found a friend.
This sucks.
(Sfx- Buwaaahh)
(Sfx- Gukyaaah clang)
{It's so heavy!!}
(Sfx- Mikyo mekyoo grrind grrind)

(Sfx- Doshaaaah thuuud)
Ryoko: Guhhh!!!
(Sfx- Guru spn)
(Sfx- Guuun whooom)
(Sfx- Doshaaah thoooom)

Kogarashi: Sorry to keep you waiting Ryoosuke-kun~
(Sfx- Nico smile)
(Sfx- Gyuuuun whooom)
(Sfx- Zokuuuh onnnng)
(Sfx- Biri biri biri ripriprip)
(Sfx- Hitaa)
Kogarashi: Hold it.

Ryoko: Giiigh!!
(Sfx- Gagagagagagaga sssssssssh)
(Sfx- Pitaaah tmpth)
Kogarashi: Ooh.
(Sfx- Paaaaaaaa)
Ryoko: Hngh..

Kogarashi: Shut your noise hole,
and give me the germ.
I knew from the start that they're here.
Or, what, do you want to have a front row seat to me beating your brother to death with my bare hands?
I'm down with that option too, really.
Ryoko: No...wait...please...
Kogarashi: Heh...Now's a good time to speak up and maybe I'll let you go without hurting him.
I'd like to head back home with my honey now.
(Sfx- Dokun dokun throb throb)
???: Hahah....
???: Is that the truth?

(Sfx- Deennnnn)
Ryoko: Ze---Zen-kun?
Zen: Sorry for bein' late.
I got caught up with some potatoes.
Kogarashi: So you're the one I need. Get down here.
Zen: If you need me, I'll come with you.
But in exchange you have to promise that you won't hurt any more of my friends!

Kogarashi: Kid, you do realize in this situation I'm the one calling the shots?
For one thing you can't threaten me when I've got nothing to lose.
(Sfx- Goooooo rmmmmmble)
Zen: Izzat so? How about in one go I rot the whole damn neighborhood,
leaving nothing behind?
(Sfx- Birii zzt)
Zen: I seem to recall someone saying they wanted to go back with their honey, no?
Kogarashi: Bastard, so you found her huh?
{An entire area?!}
{Zen-kun doesn't have that kind of power....}
Kogarashi: I get it, okay?
I swear to God I won't hurt anyone.
(Sfx- Paahh)

Ryousuke: Cough...
Ryoko: Ryousuke!!
Kogarashi: Don't you move yet, missy.
(Sfx- Zuta tmpth)
Zen: Allrighty. Now what.
Kogarashi: I'm supposed to take you to the City in the sea of trees.
Zen: I go where you go.
I'm going out for a bit Ryoko.
Ryoko: Zen-kun? Wait....
Kogarashi: Thanks a lot...
(Sfx- Gosu thok)
Ryoko: Ah...!!

Zen: Hurngh!!
(Sfx- Bushii blorsh)
Ryosuke: Zen-bro....!
(Sfx- Goronn thud)
Kogarashi: For God's sake, you people really made me hustle for that one.
You're lucky I can't just kill you or you'd be dead, brat.
Parsley: You done?
Kogarashi: Yeah, I found the germ so let's get out of here.
Parsley: What about those kids? You're not going to kill them?
Kogarashi: I'd like to, trust me. But that one there is trouble.
If little missy there loses what's important to her she's bound to get even stronger.
I caught the whiff of one badass killing intent from her.
Even you'd have trouble if you were to fight her right now, honey.
I know,
How about we add an abduction to this order, hm?

Kogarashi: And with that, I bid you adieu, missy.
If you gotta hate someone, I'd say you should start with yourself.
It's fitting for someone who's naive enough...
to think that she can get by without killing people.
(Sfx- Basaaa fwap)
Kogarashi: Welp, if you'll excuse us~
Ryoko: ..I will..
Definitely save you both!!!
(Bottom text- Ryoko can only watch as Zen and Ryousuke are taken from her....next issue new developments in the forest of abundant trees.)

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