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Saike Once Again 106

A New dream.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 15, 2019 02:06 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 106

Wasn't planning on doing this today but it's Saike's birthday (Though I missed it by several hours in Japan), so I had to do something for my boy.

Chaotic scans only

Take 106: A New dream.

???: Woooow!
{Mexico: Ruins of Chichen Itza.}
(TN- So in Japanese the normal spelling for Chichen Itza is “チチェン・イッツァ” but Fukuchi spells it “チチェラン イシェア” Which sounds the same but isn't. It'd be more like Chichran Ishea. I'm not sure if he's purposely modifying the name or if it's a misspelling –I think it's the latter, but to err on the side of caution I'm using the regular spelling. This might change later, maybe.)
Sumire: So this is the Mana civilization in all of it's glory, huh?
I'm so excited, Silva!!
(Sfx- Wai! Wai!)
(Sfx- Puru puru puru puru shake shake shake)
???: Amazing....

Johann: There's a good chance that the “roots” of oracle holders are here!!
At long last I'll finally find out what I am!!
I can't bear the excitement!!
(Sfx- Wa wa wai!!)
Silva: Cool it!!
(Handwritten- Be quitet!)
(Handwritten- What's going on over there? You okay Silva?)
Silva: Don't forget that we're keeping our “powers” a secret from the other students.
We have to at the very least make it look like we came here to “Investigate the Mana ruins.”
(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)
Johann: Roger that.
??? Heehee...

Sumire: I too...
Have always thought it strange that I was different from other people.
Why am I the only one like this?
I'd ask myself...
There's a chance we'll learn something that no one else has ever heard of here..!!
It's the best, right Johann?!
{Sumire was the first girl that Johann and I met who possessed special abilities.}

{“We're different than other people.”}
{It was through we lived on the opposite side of a wide rift from the rest of the world during our childhood days.}
{I'm sure Sumire had the same experience.}
(Handwritten- Now, let's do our best!!)
(Handwritten- But do our best how, I wonder?)
{Having to deal with the unpleasantness that would occur if our oracles were discovered...}
{And blaming ourselves if anything strange ever happened...}
Silva: That's what kind of people we were.
Despite how sure I was, it just didn't feel as if Sumire had the same experiences in her past as us in the slightest.
Perhaps it was her carefree smile...
That saved our hearts.

Silva: And our first love.
{We soon found what it was we needed to do.}
Silva: Johann,
I found it last night.
It's here.
The fourth excavation site in the E7 sector.
It's about 12 meters deep.
There's a “relic” that's clearly different than that of the Mana civilization buried there.
Sumire: Wha?!

Sumire: H—How do you know all that?!
(Handwritten- Why?)
Silva: My oracle is “Diving Fish”.
It's an oracle that allows me to move through the earth.
(Handwritten- Though I can't actually move anything buried in the ground with it though.)
Johann: Sumire, Silva and I are traveling the world...
Using his oracle to investigate all the ruins we can.
(Handwritten- Night after night.)
Johann: We're thinking that if we go to different places where many oracle holders have been discovered,
and find the “ooparts” that differ from the civilizations they're discovered with...
It's not far fetched to think that we'll learn more about the “key” that is the root of oracle holders!!
This is awesome!!
At long last our “dream” will come true!!
What kind of oopart is it?!
Silva: Hmm, it's probably about this big...

Sumire: Leave it to me!
I'll take the image in Silva's mind...
And turn it into a “photo”!!
(Sfx- Zuwaaahh fwhooom)
Sumire: Cough.
(Sfx- Suuhh sffft)
Sumire: Wah! What's this?!
A box?
Silva: Yes, and it's likely made of metal.
Johann: And the Mana civilization didn't have any metals! (Handwritten- It's without a doubt an oopart!)

Silva: How long is the excavation going for?
Johann: There are 3 weeks left after this.
Silva: We're really going to be cutting it close trying to unearth this one.
(Sfx- Nima nima sneeer)
(Sfx- Bikuhh poit)
Johann: Huh?!
Silva: What is it Sumire?
(Handwritten- You're being kind of creepy.)
Sumire: Sooo, since we're doing this anyway,
why not try this?
Our dream is to find out our roots right?
But depending what's in this box, that dream may or may not come true.
and I was thinking..

Sumire: When we open the box...!!
Everyone should come up with a “new dream”!!
How about it?
Should we dig up that box, then we'll all be able to take a step forward.
So we should all take that first step together!!
It's a...

Sumire: C'mon!
(Handwritten- Let's shake on it!)
???: Yeah...
It's a promise.
Sumire: Yay~!!
(Handwritten- Okay, first then...)
(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)
Dude: What's up Steve?
(Handwritten- We'll start excavating this afternoon!)
Steve: Nah...
It's nothing.
Dude: Huh?

{From there on we didn't even spare any time to sleep as we kept digging.}
{It was Johann who somehow kept the other people in the excavation group from getting in your way.}
(Handwritten- Please prof!!)
{We dug...}
{And dug...}
{And kept on digging.}
{It was a strange feeling...}
{We were digging deeper into the earth...}

{But our hearts felt like they were soaring.}
{A feeling as if they could touch the sun.}
Sumire: Cough..
Silva: What's wrong Sumire?
(Handwritten- Do you need to rest a bit?)
Sumire: Ah! No..
I'm fine!
Sumire: Just gotta put my back into it again!
(Handwritten- I see...)
Johann: Silva...
Silva: Yeah?
(Handwritten- Doriyaaaah!!)
Johann: What do you think of Sumire?
Silva: What do I think....
She's a good person.
Johann: Well...

Johann: I love her.
Once we open the box...
I plan on telling her how I feel.
I know how you feel.
So I don't want you to try to get a leg up on me in secret.

Johann: Once we open the box we'll both confess to her.
And there will be no hard feelings.
What'll you do?
{I already knew full well...}
{That it's likely Sumire...}
{Loves Johann as well.}
(Handwritten- Oriyaaaah!!!!)

(Sfx- Zaatshhh ddsh)
{To me that was absolutely fine.}
Silva: Geez...
If you lose don't come crying to me.
{The reason for it?}
{Because I care about them both.}
Johann: Hey, that's my line!

Sumire: Hey!
What are you two talking about down there that's so entertaining?
Johan: Hehee, it's a secret!
Sumire: No fair!!
(Sfx- Keho cough)
(Sfx- Geho geho cough cough)
Silva: I'll burrow down to see how much further we have to go.
(Sfx- Basaah fwaaap)
Johann: Thanks, Silva.
(Sfx- Dopuuun bloosh)
(Sfx- Suuhhh wffff)
{It looks like about 7 meters left....}
(Sfx- Basaaah fwapp)
Silva: Johann, there's seve--
Johann: Sumire! Hey!! Sumireee!!

{I had no idea.}
Johann: Hey!
Hang in there!!
{“We'll talk about our dreams at the time we open that box”.}
{That small promise...}
{Would be one that would bind Johann...}
Johann: I just called the teacher...!!
(Sfx- Hah hah hahh)

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