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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 25, 2019 21:46 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 29

Maybe another one tonight? Who knows. I'm knee deep in Dr. Who and while RYOKO is important to me, my obsession of the day is much more compelling.

(Top text- The end of civilization dinner table battle action accelerates into even more shocking developments!!)
(Side text- We recommend reading all three volumes in one go! The latest volumes 2 and 3 are out in stores everywhere!!!)
(Middling text- Zen's talking about hamburgers! (I wanna eat some!)

(Side text -Zen and Ryousuke have been taken! This new place is filled with an oppressive creepiness...)

Parsley: He seems heavy, Darlin'.
You want to trade with me?
Kogarashi: No way. If I'm so bad off that I need to give you this...
then I'd be better off just disposing of this garbage now.
Parsley: Is that so? Then scoot along quickly to the gathering place. I'd like to get there today if you don't mind.
Kogarashi: Fiiiine.

Kograsahi: Here, right?
Parsley: Oh my, it's quite an open space, huh?
???: I”ve been waiting.
You did bring the germ with you right?
(Sfx- Zooooooohh whoooooom)
???: Kogarashi-kun.
Kogarashii: And why are you here?

Kogarashi: Ubume-san.
Ubume: Well it is my garden, no?
It'd be stranger if I wasn't here.
Kogarashi: We're here as ordered. Where are the rice superiors?
Ubume: Heheh...the inquisitive type are we?

Ubume: They're a little busy with something that they can't tear themselves away from, so I'm standing as their representative.
Until they come this place will serve as a detention area.
Kogarashi: Hmph, if that's the case then I'll leave 'em here and be done with ths job.
Parsley: Perfect.
(Sfx- Dosaah thud)
Ubume: And the child?
Kogarashi: I met a dangerous little lady...in fact she's like you, Ubume-san.
I'd like to see how dangerous she'll get, which is where the hostage comes in.

Ubume: Sounds troublesome.
Kogarashi: Heheh, by the way that little lady is on her way here to take those two back.
It's likely she'll come through you to get to me.
Ubume: That's fine.
(Sfx- Zuzuhhh ssshft)
Ubume: I'll give her a warm welcome.
Children who lose their way and end up here are never seen again.
This is the city in the sea of trees –the forest of wandering.

(Sfx- Boyaah whfft)
(Sfx- Baahh fwap)

(Sfx- Gabaahh rstle)
Rere: OW!
Ryoko: Rere-san!!
Rere: Ryoko?!
What the hell is going on---wah!
Ryoko: Rere-san!! Thank goodness...
Everyone's been....*sniffle*
Rere: It's okay...
Just take it easy, all right? Calm down.

Rere: So that's it huh....
Ryousuke and whitey were taken to the city in the sea of trees...
And Dad's fast asleep...
Ryoko: Yeah....
Rere: How the hell did this happen, dammit...
{After everything Dad moved without hesitation.}
Dad: Uuugh...is everyone okay?
Ryoko: Dad! You're still conscious?
Dad: Ryoko, is that you? Thank goodness...
{He kept my courage up and gave everyone medical treatment.}
{He nearly lost consciousness a few times but still kept the faith.}
{Meanwhile I...}
Dad: Hah...hah...
All right, where are Zen-kun and Ryousuke?

Ryoko: I—I'm sorry....
Dad: No way....
Ryoko: I wasn't able to protect them....
Dad: ...Why is it always...
Me who has it so hard?
If her daughter is making that face, then Mama's going to yell at me.
{It was so frustrating...}
Dad: It's not your fault Ryoko....
{I was the one who said I'd protect everyone...}
(Sfx- Zurururu ssssh)
{I'm the one who's most worried about the family...}
{So I should know it best...}

{How Dad and everyone else's desires didn't come true...}
(Sfx- Gata clatter)
Rere: And so,
It's obvious we're gonna go rescue them, right?
Ryoko: Yup! But I don't know where the city in the sea of trees is...
Rere: No worries, I have a pretty good idea of where to find it.
Ryoko: Huh? Really?
Rere: Yeah, When I broke out and was making my way to Dish city I saw a place where a name like that would be totally fitting.
There was some really freaky stuff going on in the scenery there....I still remember it even now.

Rere: Though going there is one thing....
You do know we're gonna have to fight with that Kogarashii dude again, yeah?
{Even if right now I don't have the strength required to make that desire come true...}
{I'll keep reaching out toward it until the very end.}
Ryoko: Even then we will bring those two back home!
Rere: Then it's decided.
I'll show that asshole what it's like to piss off an older sister!

Rere: We should reach it once we pass through Dish city!
Ryoko: Okay!
(Sign- From this point forward: Kurokogawa City.)
{This is the first time I've been so far from home...}

{It's all places and things I haven't seen...}
Rere: Ryoko! Ahead!!
Ryoko: Waaah!
Rere: Gah!!
That was close....
(Sfx- Dooooooooo)
Ryoko: This is...



Rere: Yeah, I remember this all right....we're here.
Ryoko: What kind of place is this?
The ground has given away and she shape has changed...
The fallen buildings have become a part of the earth...
Rere: If what you heard is right, then...
Ryoko: Zen-kun and Ryousuke are somewhere in this forest..!!
(Side text- The place where Zen and Ryousuke are held captive....That is the city in the forest of trees where mysterious things live...Take back your family and friends!!)

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