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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 14, 2019 02:17 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 31

Been a while. Too long, probably. Gonna shoot for the normal two per session, so stay tuned.

(Top text- The end of civilization dinner table battle picks up speed as it heads into the “City in the sea of trees arc”!!)
(Side text- Ryoko dashes!! She slices!! She eats!!! Volume 1~3 are in stores everywhere!!)
(Middling text- Books are a precious commodity in this world.)

(Side text- What nefarious plans does the mystery woman Ubume have for Zen who is captive in the City in the sea of trees?)
Ubume: Now then Germ, if you would show me the true extent of your powers...
Zen: Huh?
You seem a bit different than the person who brought me here...
Who are you?
Kogarashi: Talkin' about me, Germ?
Zen: You didn't do anything to my friends, right?
(Sfx- Birii zzt)

Kogarashi: Of course not. I swore to god and all that stuff back then, yeah? I didn't lay a finger on your buddies.
Moreover you shouldn't go doubting folks like that unless you wanna lose friends.
Zen: Wha...you kidnapped Ryousuke too?!
Kogarashi: Hm?
Oh whaaaat? You mean this little tyke was one of your buddies too? You shoulda told me that sooner,
Ubume: Fufu...You seem to be quite acquainted with the Germ, hmm?
Things would go smoothly if you just did as I said, but it doesn't appear you will listen.
It is good that bait was brought along after all.

(Sfx- Mukuhh tpmth)
Zen: It's crazy....
How just one or two words...
Have made it clear that I need to think of you as bad guys.
Ubume: To be able to rot the stems in mere seconds...the power you possess is incredible.
Please allow me to test it in other ways.
Kogarashi: Now if you'll excuse me Ubume-san, I'm out of here.
I don't have any interest in your –frankly disturbing taste in experimentation.
(Sfx- Gataaa clatter)

Ubume: Oh my, leaving already? It's only going to get more interesting from here.
Kogarashi: Yeah, I have a few things that I need to polish off
I did say it earlier, yeah? There's a dangerous sort out there –a lot like you Ubume-san.
And it's bound to become a major threat someday.
So while we're able to use Ryoosuke-kun as a shield...
I gotta kill that little lady.
(Sfx- Basaaah fwappp)
(Sfx- Dadaaah daaaash)

(Sfx- Shushushuuhhh whiiiiff)
Ubume: Potatoes.
(Sfx- Shyuwawawahhh wffffffttt)
Ubume: Give him more.
(Sfx- Gashiiii graab)
(Sfx- Gattsuhh dddsh)

(Sfxz- Gakunnn tak)
Kogarashi: Hm? So lil' missy is your friend too? That's news to me.
(Sfx- Oooooooooh whoooooom)
Ubume: Be that as it may, your opponent is this potato I grew personally.
(Sfx- Guuuhh grinddd)
Zen: Ahh, I get it. You guys don't have a shred of human decency, huh?

Zen: This time I was just short of reaching you, but...
Eventually this hand will be able to grab you.
So I suggest you keep that umbrella spread enough to keep your head safe.
Because I'm coming, and I'll rot both that umbrella and your head into pieces.
Ubume: Heheheh....so you think you can rot people too? You have such amusing ideas.
Kogarashi: Sounds fun germ. I'll be waiting for it.

Kogarashi: That is of course you can find a means of dealing with the dangerous situation you're presently in.
Tell ya what, I'll pray that your death is quick and painless.
You're underestimating Ubume-san too much.
Smell ya later...

Kogarashii: Well, well. If it isn't my precious honey-bunny.
Parsley: You sure took your sweet time despite knowing how much I dislike that woman.
Kogarashi: Heh, it's all good. That guy was just a bit on the energetic side is all.
More importantly, how's the vibe outside been?
Parsley: She's here, and was raising all kinds of hell until she met up with the Broccoli.
Kogarashi: I knew she'd show up. Though it seems a lot of people around here don't get why I took a hostage in the first place.
Though really I was more hoping she'd take it as a “don't follow us or else” threat when I kidnapped the kid.
Putting that aside, she's gotta have some guts to get this far out here in the first place. Right? Honey.
Parsley: Hmph, weird thing for the guy who dropped fat hints telling her how to get here to say.

Parsley: Are you interested in that girl?
Kogarashi: Yeah...
She's a monster.
(Sfx- Oooooonnnn veoooooom)
Ryoko: Ah....

Ryoko: That's just the head?! How huge is it....?
Rere: It's just one after another....we didn't come here to see matryoshka dolls!
(Sfx- Mogo mogo chew chew)
(Sfx- gara gara gara clatter clatter)
Ryoko: We've gotta create some space between us while it's eating the nappa cabbage!!
(Sfx- Kanakankan clak clak clak)
Rere: Fully agreed. So what's next, are we going to hide?
Ryoko: We'll avoid it by climbing up over the debris and taking the high road!
Rere: Got it!
(Sfx- Gyorooo glare)

Rere: Gaaah! My ears!!
Ryoko: The ground is shaking?!
(Sfx- Pishi pishi crakle)
Rere: Ryoko! The ground underneath is giving way!!
(Sfx- Zuzuzuzuzu dssssh)
(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmmble)

(Sfx- Bogooooh crash)
(Sfx- Dabadabadaba dbllllsssh)
(Sfx- Gogogogogogogo rmmmmmmble)
(Sfx- Gobaaaah craaaash)
{The city in the sea of trees...}
{It's a foodstuff that's become so huge that it became the ground itself.}

{A surface layer of food.}

(Sfx- Zuzuzunnn doooom)
(Sfx- Guuun whoooom)
(Sfx- Gargarigari clatterclatter)
Rere: Kyaaaah!!

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)
(Sfx- Zuzuzuzuhhh dddsssssh)
{It moves just a little and changes the entire landscape...!!}
{It's far too huge for me to take it on...}
Ryoko: Ngh...
Rere: What the hell can we even do to something like that? Should we run for now?!
{It's true that a single katana won't defeat that thing.}
{I know that, but....}
{I came here to save Zen-kun and Ryousuke.}

{And that's why...}
Ryoko: It doesn't matter how big the foodstuff is..
If it's preventing me from going where I want to go..
Then I'll just force my way through.
Broccoli: Human....
The abominable creator...!
(Side text- Next issue: Broccoli.)

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