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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 14, 2019 03:16 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 32

Hmm, even after translating it I feel like the title doesn't quite match the chapter itself, and usually Mitsuhashi is good at that kinda thing. Granted I get what he was going for, so it's not like completely out there or without merit.

(Top text- A special thanks for your huge response!! The “City in the sea of trees” arc steadily heats up!!)
(Side text- The end of civilization dinner table battle action series!! Volumes 1~3 are in stores everywhere!!)
(Centering text- Within the album is a daily life of days long ago.)

(Side text- Ryoko vs Broccoli!!)
Broccoli: I have no desire to see any more your detestable appearances progress any further in my garden, humans.
You will disappear –your remains scattered as fertilizer for the earth.
(Sfx- Guukuunnn grinnnd)
Rere: Wha?!
(Sfx- Gokaaahhh crasssh)

(Sfx- Goooooooh rmmmmm)
Rere: So this is an ingredient that can understand words and speak too?!
I'm sure bullets ain't gonna work on him, but it's not like it's gonna just let us run away either, yeah?
How do you wanna tackle this one, Ryoko?!
Do you have some kind of battle plan?
Ryoko: Rere-san, you stay here.
Rere: Wha?
(Sfx- Baahhh whoosh)
Rere: Hey Ryoko?!
Isn't rushing this thing head on a bad idea?!
(Sfx- Chatsuh click)
(Sfx- Kan kan tmp tmp)

(Sfx- Kann clack)
Ryoko: Hey,
I have a proposal for you.
Lend me your strength.
(Sfx- Zatsuhh dadoom)
Rere: Huh...!?
Wait a sec Ryoko, what are you talking about?
Ryoko: Of course I don't mean to ask you to help me for nothing. This is a trade.

Broccoli: …...
A trade you say?
Ryoko: That's right. After all, it's not our objective to fight you.
We've come here looking for our beloved friends and family!
(Sfx- Zakuh tok)
Broccoli: It is the same for me. Thus I must kill you filth.
So you don't get a choice in the matter –this will be a battle to the death.
Ryoko: We only hunt the bare minimum necessary to support our daily lives.
I want to avoid any unnecessary taking of lives.
Rere: Get down from there right away! It's gonna kill you!!
Broccoli: You dare...

Broccoli: Provoke me with your nonsense!?
(Sfx- Dotsuh thooom)
Broccoli: You grossly overestimate your worth as one human girl!
Do you think your words alone will sway me –the master of the very garden you stand in?!
Rere: Are you okay?!
(Sfx- Gooooooooh whoooom)
(Sfx- Buukuhh)
Broccoli: Why are you still standing?
Ryoko: I...
Want to settle things with Kogarashi and take everyone back home!!
(Sfx- Kiiiii)

(Sfx- Ooooooooooooohhhh whooooom)
Broccoli: Settle things?
You intend to oppose them then?
Ryoko: So you know his name, huh?
I figured since you said you didn't want any more humans here that he had come this way.
Seems I was right about that.
Moreover it's safe to assume you're none too thrilled with him being here either.
But then if that's the case why didn't you chase him out immediately?
Broccoli: It was just a moment ago! There was a being of incredible strength backing him up and a direct confrontation would have been dangerous for this place.
If it weren't for that being I would have killed him without a second thought!
Ryoko: So in short, you can't touch him.
Then, let me do it for you –I'll chase him and all of them out of here.

Broccoli: Little brat! I give you a moment of mercy and you continue to test my patience!!
(Sfx- Bogaaaahhh craaaash)
(Sfx- Gooooohh whoooom)
Ryoko: Then are you saying you'll continue to let detestable humans into your territory forever?

Broccoli: Why do you stand up?
Why do you not fall?
Ryoko: The people I search for are irreplaceable to me.
So until I save them I will continue to stand up as many times as it takes.
This deal will ensure that the unnecessary elements in your midst are removed as well.
I can't imagine it's a bad deal for you either.
Broccoli: ….Fine then.

Broccoli: I will lead you to the underground area those parasites inhabit.
In exchange you will eliminate them without fail.
But do not forget.
The moment you return to the surface, our deal is over.
And it is at that moment I will be rid of you lot –every single one.
Rere: Bastard! So from the start you---
Ryoko: I have no objections to that.

Rere: Ryoko....
Ryoko: It's only this Broccoli that knows the place we're searching for...
So we're going along with it, okay?
Rere: ...I'm asking you for this favor too!
Broccoli: Then it's decided.
(Sfx- Zuuuhh)
(Sfx- Zuzuzuzuhhh sdddddsh)
Broccoli: I will show you where to go at once.

Broccoli: Now come.
(Sfx- Goshaaaah)
Rere: So you want us to just entrust our lives to you?!
Don't screw with us!
Broccoli: There isn't another way. Becoming lost in this forest is the end.
You won't even realize when you have died.
Ryoko: Rere-san, this is...
(Sfx- Nunuuhh grrrrr)
Broccoli: Now get on.

(Sfx- Gogogoggo Rmmmmmble)
(Sfx- Zuzuzuzzunnn dddshhh)
Ryoko: It's so bumpy....
Rere: Be gentler to my butt as you move, dammit!!
Geez, first the Abalone, and then the Broccoli...you just keep doing incredibly crazy things....
(Sfx- Goooooooo rmmmmmble)
Ryoko: I—I suppose you're right. I didn't think I'd be able to make a deal with a foodstuff....

Broccoli: It's here.
That giant hole connects everything here in the forest of wandering.
I'll cut through everything until you reach your place of destination.
Rere: Awwright, I'll sock that Kogarashi dude a good one.
{Wait for us Zen-kun, Ryousuke...!!}
(Sfx- Goooooooooh whoooooom)

Parsley: Oh if it isn't Broccoli.
And when did you start your new career as a train?
Broccoli: Parsley...!!
Parsely: This just won't do.

(Sfx- Dokuuunnn throooob)
(Sfx- Jiuuuhhhh)
Rere: Wha...feels like he just suddenly stopped moving....
(Sfx- Gooohhh thoooom)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Ryoko: Kyaaaaah!!
Rere: We've been caaaaught!!!

Parsley: Okra...
It's that girl there.
(Sfx- Gyuunnn *grnnnd)
(Sfx- Shururuuhhh winnnnd)

(Sfx- Guuunnn Grnd)
Parsley: How bout you and I have a little fun in the abyss?
Rere: Ryoko!!!!
(Side text- A sudden assault by Parsley! How will this change Ryoko's fate...!!?)

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