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Yaiba 129

Moon Being Mangetsu appears.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 2, 2019 01:28 | Go to Yaiba

-> RTS Page for Yaiba 129

These are already up on your friendly neighborhood manga reader --I won't be uploading them until they've been scanslated.

Ahotoxin only.

Moon Being Mangetsu appears.

{Mine house}
Spiderman: Ma'am,
I've done the grocery shopping and got quite the deal!
Lady: Ah, Spider-chan, good work!
I'm sorry for troubling you like this all of the time.
Spiderman: Naww, seein' as I'm freeloadin in your place, doin this much is only natural!
Didn't we leave Onimaru-sama here?
Lady: Oh everyone moved him to the roof a little earlier...
Spiderman: Huh?

Musashi: No, more to the right!
Spiderman: W—wait just a minute!!
Yaiba: Phew...
How's this?
Musashi: Eh, it'll do I suppose.
Spiderman: Huh? Huh?
Sayaka: Though I do feel a little sorry for him....
Spiderman: Ehh?

Spiderman: O—Onimaru-samaaa!?
Musashi: Perfect! Now he really is an onigawara!!
(TN- an Onigawara is a type of roof ornament often found in Japanese archtecture.)
Dude(?): He is most suitable as a talisman against evil spirits, I daresay.
Spiderman: What have you done to the supreme authority that is our Onimaru-sama?!
Musashi: Hmph!
Yaiba: Just you wait Onimaru...!!
I'll defeat Kaguya...
And get you back to normal....!

Yaiba: And then we'll have our rematch!!
Musashi: Now then let's get some grub.
Spiderman: Wait...that's it...!
If Yaiba is able to defeat Kaguya....
And return Onimaru-sama to normal...
He'll reign supreme again!!
You just gotta hang in there a little longer!!
(Sfx- Pecha ploit)
Spiderman: Huh?
Crow: Aho!
Spiderman: Damn you crow!!
How dare you do this to him!!
Yaiba: Hey, time to eat.

Kaguya: Damn you Ryuujin...
Just when I had managed to capture that demon...
And I thought he'd serve me as my retainer...
He went and snatched him from me.
Kaguya: How long will you interfere with my plans before you're satisfied?!
Tsukikage! Have you learned where the Ryuujin is?!
Tsukikage: Y—Yes. We've managed to determine he's in a metropolis known as Tokyo, however...

Tsukikage: But we're unable to get an response as to his actual whereabouts....
Princess if you'd just be a little more patient...
Kaguya: No, I don't want to!
I hate waiting!
I want you to drag him before me at once!
If not then you can consider your life forfeit!
Tsukikage: But princess!!
???: Please leave this duty to me...!

???: Mangetsu!!
Mangetsu: Please take a look at this.
It is a simple matter to lure the Ryuujin out from Tokyo....
First we employ the use of a wall....
One of which is fortified so that the humans have no means of destroying it.
And then surround Tokyo with no means to escape!
Then we merely have to fill this wall with water!!

Mangetsu: If the Ryuujin doesn't break through the wall then...
Tsukikage: Water will overflow in Tokyo and all living things there will be annihilated.
Kaguya: Oho...that is an excellent plan.
Mangetsu: After that you could deal with him in any way you see fit, my leige.
Why, if you so decreed I could eliminate him myself...
Tsukikage: Hold your tongue Mangetsu!!
Mangetsu: Yes sir!
Kaguya: Hohohoho....
You seem quite confident.
How much time will you need to prepare?
Mangetsu: The preparations are in order, my liege.
Kaguya: Fufufu...I find this intriguing. You have my blessing to proceed!!

Kaguya: Go to Tokyo at once and bring him before me!!
Mangetsu: As ordered!!
Tsukikage: Don't screw this up, Mangetsu!!
The Ryuujin despite his appearances...
Is incredibly strong!!
Mangetsu: Heheheh, Oh I am fully aware!
Rather than worry about me, you should be concerned for yourself perhaps?
General Tsukikage....!

Mangetsu: Hmph! Just what kind of general....
does that Tsukikage think he is?
In the event I defeat Ryuujin...
Then I, Mangetsu will claim the seat of General!!
{Mine house}
???: What's this about extract?
Spiderman: Ya heard me! If Kaguya don't go getting her a pretty young thing in a 24 hour period, it's bad news for her!
Yaiba: I get it, so that's why she was suddenly in pain huh...
Guy: Hmph! How pointless...
What's the point of getting flustered over one woman, I daresay.
Spiderman: Moreover, any girl she sucks the extract out of becomes an old lady.

So unless we hurry up and slay that woman....
All the ladies in Japan will become old women?!
Nnngh, we don't have the time to flit about here!
Musashi: And that's exactly why we're doing this –so we can think of a way to defeat Kaguya.
Everyone: Hmmmm.....
Yaiba: A young woman, young woman, huh....
Sayaka: Wh—what's with you?
Yaiba: I know! So we should use Sayaka as bait...
And that'd get Kaguya's attention, right?
And once we do that...
(Sfx- Heheheh)
Sayaka: Uh, no. I don't wanna be bait.
Musashi: We're not trying to capture sparrows here.

Gerozaimon: I've got a good idea!
Sayaka: Hm?
Gerozaimon: We could have all of the men of Japan dress in drag!
Everyone: And then?
Gerozaimon: If we do that, then even Kagyua won't be able to get her extract anymore!!
Musashi: Are you a fool?!
Gerozaimon: Ribbit!
Spiderman: C'mon man, serious ideas only!
(Sfx- Unnnnn hmmmmm)

Yaiba: Wha?!
What the heck?!

Mangetsu: Excellent!
Now begin pouring in the water!!

Mangetsu: Now come on out Ryuujin!!
Your opponent is I, Mangetsu!!
Yaiba: Huh?! Huh?!

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