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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 27, 2019 21:51 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 33

Brought to you by my recent purchase of volume four which contains these chapters. Dude I'm much further behind than I'd like to be...


Rere: Ryoko!!!
(Sfx- Ooooooooh whoooom)
Ryoko: Guh!
Parsley: Welcome to the depths.
Okra, Toss her to the ground.
(Sfx- Buuunn whffff)

(Sfx- Dahh tak)
(Sfx- Kan kan kan kan clop clop clop)
(Sfx- Zuzazazazaaaah shhhhhh)
Parsley: Okra....that's a wall. You always were lacking in intellgence.
Putting that aside, you're quite the athletic one, aren't you?
Ryoko: You're that foodstuff that was with Kogarashi....

Parsley: “Foodstuff”. What a barbaric way to refer to someone...this is why you're an endangered species.
I have a name you know? It's Parsley.
Ryoko: It's unlikely you'll tell me but I'll ask anyway....where are the two people you kidnapped, Parsley?
Parsley: Tehee. Not telling.
I can smell the scent of your strength. It seems I really do have to be rid of you before you get any closer to Kogarashi.
(Sfx- Haahh fwaah)
Ryousuke: Big Bro Zen!!

Ubume: Awake are we, little one?
Zen: Ryousuke?! Thank goodness you're okay! You're not hurt anywhere are you?
I'm 'bout ready to punish these bad guys here and then we can head home.
So get ready to run on my signal!
Ubume: You're sooo relaxed despite the situation.
I haven't the time to waste so let us continue the experiment.
(Sfx- Doohhh thok)

Zen: Kahah
(Sfx- Patatahhh drip)
Ubume: Interesting...so your sweat and bodily fluids have poisonous properties to them.
And the range of it's effectiveness is whatever it touches.
While it is true you are the rumored “Germ”, I have to say compared to your reputation this is rather disappointing.
I do wonder why that person thought of you as such a threat?
Zen: ...It's like I've been asking....what the hell is a germ?
Ubume: There are loftier foodstuffs than my children who want to use...
the germ's powers.
(Sfx- Gichiiii cleeeench)
Zen: Gah.

Ubume: But I was told that if said powers couldn't prove useful that I could kill you.
Taking your powers into consideration, I believe I'll sentence you to strangling.
Ubume: Take your time dying, germ.
Zen: Guuuhhhhh
Ryousuke: Stooop!!
Don't go, Big Bro Zeeeen!!!
Ubume: That child has more energy than my own....
He will make delicious bait.
(Sfx- Buchhiiiin)

Ubume: Sweet dreams, Germ.

(Sfx-Gooohh thok)
Ubume: How...
(Sfx- Dosaaaah thuuud)
Zen: I won't let you take even ONE of my friends!!
Ubume: How did you get out of those restraints....?!
(Sfx- Botabota drip drip)
(Sfx- Surusurusuru dsshhhh)
{It couldn't be....his blood?! He gouged out his palms to create openings to bleed through?}
{That's utter foolishness...!!}
(Sfx- Garriii chomp)
(Sfx- Batatatata bllllrsssh)

(Sfx- Juuuwahhh bllllrosh)
Zen: Get down here Ryousuke!!
Ryousuke: O—Okay!!
Zen: Nice Jump!!
Ryousuke: Big Bro Zen!!
Zen: You did a good job hanging in there, dude! Though can I ask for one more favor?
Ryousuke: What?
Ubume: You've got guts thinking you can escape from me in the bewildering forest.
Awaken, Melon.

Zen: Ohhh man, things are looking bad again.
(Sfx- Ooooohhh)
Zen: Listen up Ryousuke! If we run, there's an exit up ahead.
I'll hold these guys back!
Ryousuke: Eeeh?!
No! I want to stay with you! I don't wanna be alone!
Zen: They'll capture us both if we stay here! Go, there's no time!!
Ryousuke: No! I don't want to just watch anymore!!

(Sfx- Dobaaah plooot)
(Sfx- Dododododo thothththooom)
Zen: These are seeds....
Cough...I'm beggin ya Ryousuke, go on ahead...
Ryousuke: N—no. I don't want to...
I don't want to go alone! I want to fight with you!!
Zen: Then I won't ask you as Ryousuke, but as the Grand general!!

Ryousuke: Grand...General?
Zen: That's right. From today onward, you're stronger than a General...you're a Grand General!!
And the Grand General relies on his General. It's the General's job in turn to protect the Grand General!!
Because the Grand General's job is to complete the mission!! In order to do that he has to have a whole butt-load of amazing determination!
And it's because I know you have that determination that you can leave this to me, right Grand General?!
Ryousuke: I have amazing determination....
(Sfx- Goshi goshi rub rub)
Ryousuke: Yeah...
You can leave this to me, Big Bro Ze—General!!

Ubume: Your struggles are meaningless!
(Sfx-Tatadd tmptmp)
Zen: And that's how it goes...
My Grand General!!
(Sfx- Gahhh)
(Sfx- Pikuhhh poit)

Rere: Ow....I got separated from Ryoko....Though it's good I'm unharmed..
Looks like this one's no good either...
And the cast on my arm is gone...I'd better find a way to meet up with everyone and fast.
(Sfx- Yoro wobble)
???: Whoa there, looks like we have another guest aside from the one we invited...
Could it be that Parsley thought you wouldn't be much of a threat? What am I gonna do with her.

Rere: You're the suit bastard!
Kogarashi: Better keep cool so the Broccoli doesn't get spooked.
(Sfx- Nitaah grin)
Rere: Hahaha...
To think I'd be the one to find you before Ryoko did.....
Is this an act of divine intervention?
Kogarashi: Hmmm? And what are you muttering about down there?

(Sfx- Boso boso whisper)
Rere: Even though you were stepping on my face, I could hear you wrecking the Tenba's house looooud and clear.
While I did come here to save Whitey and Ryoko's kid brother, in all honesty I was hoping to see you again too.
Ryoko's naiieve, so it's far too soon for her to go cutting down other people. She's too innocent to face a guy like you....
Kogarashi: Dude, could you like...speak up?
I can't----
(Sfx- Dopaaaah blorsh)
(Sfx- Gagangangan blam blam blam)
Rere: I'm talkin' about how the one who acts first, wins!!

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