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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 27, 2019 21:55 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 35

I really dig it that even in a series which has an over the top premise like "Food comes to life and eats Japan" that the main villain (so far)'s backstory is as surprisingly domestic as Kogarashi's. Also 3 chapters in one go! I can do it when I try.


(Sfx- Gobaaaaahhh crarasssssh)
(Sfx- Gagorogorogorogoro roolllllll)
(Sfx- Zuzaaaahhhh dsssshhh)
Ryoko: Zen-kun!! Ryousuke!
Ryousuke: Sis!!
(Sfx- Kan kan clop clop)

(Sfx- Gyuuuhh huuuug)
Zen: Hey Ryoko, sup? You came at a good time...we were in a real tight spot....
Ryoko: I'm sorry...sorry I was so late...!
Thank you for protecting Ryousuke....protecting my family...!!
Zen: It was the Grand General here who saved me.
Ryousuke: Yeah!
Zen: By the way....where'd that foodstuff from earlier get to?
Ryoko: Huh?

Ryoko: Parsley is gone...
What's going on...?

???: Kogarashi, the bags on your eyes have gotten worse.
Kogarashi: Seems that way.
???: Seems that way? You always act as if it's someone else's problem...
Kogarashi: And you've said that today too.
???: It's great you come into work every day and put your utmost effort into it...
But it'd be trouble for me if your body breaks down on ya.
Heey! Break's over!

Kogarashi: I'm done for the day.
???: Oh, hey Kogarashi...
We were gonna hit up the Pachinko joint now, you should come with.
Other dude: You were the first one in this morning, right?
Kogarashi: Hahahah, I've got family waiting for me at home,
So I've gotta head back.
Sorry about this, really.
???: Man, talk about unable to read the mood.
Other dude: It's cause he can't think of anyone other than himself.
(Sfx- Chichichi tweet tweet)

Kogarashi: I'm back.
???: You're late.
Where'd you run off to and leave your poor parent behind?
Kogarashi: I have part time job at night.
I wish you'd remember that.
(Sfx- Gasa gasa rustle rustle)
???: And you mean to tell me they keep you this late? You're really out there screwing around aren't you?
Kogarashi: Work's hard, okay?
Now, let's have breakfast.
???: What's this?
(Sfx- Gasaah rustle)
Kogarashi: Hm? Oh right, a boxed lunch I got from the convenience store...

Kogarashi: But why....
???: When you were a kid what kind of Breakfasts did you get?
Answer me!
Kogarashi: Hand made, right?
???: Exactly!
So you too have to make these yourself!
Kogarashi: I'm sorry mom. I'll make it right away.

{Three years ago, while on their way to a travel destination, my parents were in a car accident.}
{Unable to wait for the traffic signal, they crashed into a truck. Other cars were involved, and it became a huge accident.}
{Three people were killed in the accident. While they managed to save my mom, she returned half paralyzed.}
{However at the time her new husband she had just gotten married to wasn't able to be saved..}
{And my third Dad who wasn't that far from me in age died.}
{Dad left behind a difficult mother who can't use the bathroom on her own, and all of his major debts.}
{And in the middle of this was that mother's only son.}
(Sfx- Shaaaaah ssssshhhhh)
(Sfx- Kacha kacha clack clack)

{At night, I worked to pay off my mother's medical expenses,}
{And passed the days as my mother's caretaker.}
{Unable to do anything for herself, my mother just ate.}
{And slept repeatedly.}
{Whenever she was awake, her thoughts were...}
Mom: Is the food ready yet?

Mom: You're always so spendthrift when it comes to food!!
Can't you get me something higher class to eat?!
Kogarashi: Should I make it again?
Mom: After I've eaten everything, you can.
(Sfx- mucha kucha cheww munch)
{My mother's appetite...}
{Won't be satisfied with just this...}
{Eating that much...}
{And somehow staying alive...}
(Sfx- Bahh fwap)

{How could I think such a thing...}
Kogarashi: I'm headed out for a bit tomorrow, Mom.
I'll make more rice and leave it behind for you.
Mom: Huh?
Did something happen?
Kogarashi: Tomorrow's the third year anniversary of Dad's death.
Guy: What did you come here for?

Kogarashi: I'm sorry.
I'll be leaving right away, but I just wanted to leave this..
Flowers from my mother.
Guy: We don't want it!
(Sfx- Bashiii fwap)
Guy: That middle aged harpy can stay the hell away from us...
And we don't want to see her son here ever again either!!
Lady: That's right!
She's a seductress who took doesn't know her own age and decieved our child!!
And then she saved herself...!!
Your mother is a murderer plain and simple!!
You're her son aren't you?
Then say something!!
Kogarashii: Hahahah....

(Sfx- Gatan goton gatan gotooon)
{And after that...}
{The world was suddenly broken.}
{Outside of the train too was the picturesque of hell.}
(Sfx- Guraaaaaah rarraaaahhhhgh!)
Kogarashi: I'm sure glad I made everything we had yestrday...
(Sfx- Gyaaaaaaah)

{I actually got to watch as my limbs were ripped from my body.}
{With this I couldn't take care of mom anymore.}
{If I died my mother would also starve to death.}
{She wasn't a good mother by any stretch of the imagination...}
{But even then I loved her as the only blood family I had.}
{Right now it was obvious I'd lose the most important person to me.}
Kogarashi: However...why...
Despite this much...
I still want to be saved?

{Ah my new Goddess...}
{Rescue me more...}
(Sfx- Pachii blink)
(Sfx- Mukuuhh)
Parsley: So you're finally awake.
Kogarashi: Parsley...
Why are you here?

Parsley: I came running when I heard you had been defeated, darlin'.
Right now those kids are making their escape with the germ.
Kogarashi: With him?
Then that means Ubume-san has run away then?
You're quite persistant...
{You're the one who defeated the Abalone, huh?}
{It's us.}
{Big sister will take care of them.}
{Fight me, coward!!}
{If you wanna hate someone, hate yourself.}
{I'll save them for sure.}
{Once you've lost something...}
{You'll understand too.}

Kogarashi: We're going after them.
Parsley, use your scent on me directly.
Parsley: ….You'll lose your humanity, you know?
(Sfx- Bushuuuhhh wfhooooom)
(Sfx- Bakya bakya bakya crackle crackle crackle)
Kogarashi: I stopped being human a long time ago, Honey.
You and I are the same now.

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