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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 28, 2019 19:05 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 38

Two more RYOKO for your viewing pleasure. Out with an old arc, and in with a new is today's theme.

(Top text- The “City in the sea of trees” arc reaches it's climax!! This is the End of civilization Battle action manga!!)
(Side text- The latest volume #4 will be in stores May 17th!)

Kogarashi: GAH!!
(Sfx- Zooonnn fwhoooom)
(Bottom text- Ryoko's one hit strike...!!!)
Rere: Did she get 'im?
Parsley: Darling!!
(Sfx- Zuooo whsss)
Kogarashi: GAAAAAH!!!!
(Sfx- Gyuuunnn)

Ryoko: I finally understand it...
The effects of Parsley's scent...
And the inner workings of your ablities.
You exchanged your life to team up with the foodstuffs, right?
Kogarashi: Don't go suspecting an adult's motives, dammit!!
(Sfx- Goohhh fwhooom)
(Sfx- Jyakiiii clack)
Ryoko: I see.
(Sfx- Gaauhhh thookk)

(Sfx- Gyararararaaaa claaannnnng)
Kogarashi: RYOKOOOOOO!!!!


(Sfx- Dooon thooom)
(Sfx- Kaann)
(Sfx- Bohh fwhop)
Kogarashi: Zuaaagh!!
Give me more Parsley!!!

(Sfx- Dohhh fwhooom)
{The scent isn't able to keep up with how fast his cells are being depleted.}
{So all it's doing in turn is destroying him from the inside.}
Parsley: Kuh..
{The scent won't be able to recover anything...}
{When his body is being sliced down this much!!}
Kogarashi: Ugh...there's no way..
(Sfx- Shuuhhhhh)

Kogarashi: No matter how many times you cut me down...
I'll come right back!!
(Sfx- Borooohh wibble)
Kogarashi: Until I've taken everything from you, I'll...
(Sfx- Boro boro wibb..)
Kogarashi: Honey! What the hell are you doing, hurry up!
(Sfx- Sosaaa dddsh)
Kogarashi: Hurry up so I can
(Sfx- Borooohhh wibble)
Kogarashi: Pound her miserable little face into the ground...
(Sfx- Zuzuzuzuhhhh draaaag)

Ryoko: It's by no means miserable.
Kogarashi: If that's the case then...
Quit making such a miserable face as you cut a guy down.
(Sfx- Chira glance)
Kogarashi: Dammitall. The preservative properties of my honey's scent have reached their limits.
This is it.

Kogarashi: Kill me.
Tip the scales in your favor and take the peace you so desire into your hands.
Kogarashi: And let me make this clear. If you decide NOT to do it and I somehow recover..
I WILL come back and kill your family.
(Sfx- Zokuuhhh throb)
(Sfx- Kyuuhh grind)

Kogarashi: That's right...
Kill me with some style.
(Sfx- Gobaaah craassssh)
(Sfx- Goooooohh fwhoooooom)
Parsley: My control over Broccoli is no longer in effect!!
Run for it, darlin!!!

(Sfx- Zobaaaah fwhooooom)
Parsley: Wha...
Kogarashi: You're...
(Sfx- Gaah tok)

Ryoko: I will never in my life ever forgive you for this.
I will never forget...
How you hurt my family and people precious to me.
And I will hate you for the rest of my life.
But...even with that.
Even if you're a person I detest with every bit of my being...

(Sfx- Gooooohhh whooooom)
Ryoko: Even you should...
be able to eat tomorrow and then on too.
I hate you, but you deserve to live and eat.
(Sfx- Para para clatter)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmmble)
Ryoko: We have to leave this place now.
Kogarashi: Go then.
Ryoko: We're not leaving you behind.
Kogarashi: I'll be able to regenerate given a little time since Parsley is here with me.
Of course if you want to assure your safe passage now's your chance.
I'm standing up, yeah?

(Sfx-Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Kogarashi: What are you doing Honey...
You get out of here too.
Despite what I said, this is the end of the road for me.
Parsley: And that's why I'm staying.
Us sinners should be together until the very end at least.

Parsley: I'll use the remaining scent I have on you.
I won't control any other foodsuffs.
That way we can watch the end together.
Kogarashi: No, get out of here.
Parsley: Why?
Kogarashi: It's true that stories of loyalty are the most glorious of them all...
But in truth what we really want...
is the ones that we love to live.

Parsley: That goes for me as well.
(Side text- The conclusion...!!)

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