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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 28, 2019 19:07 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 39

Now this chapter was a ton of fun. I feel like it should have taken place *before* the City in the sea of trees arc since that would have made a way better ending than what happened, but hindsight is 20/20 I suppose.

(Top text- Hello, welcome to a new arc's start.)
(Side text- The latest volume #4 is out in stores!)

(Side text- The deathmatch has concluded! But now even the city in the sea of trees is collapsing..)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Ryoko: The city is....

(Sfx- Doooooooohhhh whooooom)
Ryoko: Is this really the end?
What's this?
I thought it was a tree, but it's actually Broccoli?
I wonder if there's some mayonnaise I could use anywhere...
(Sfx- Oooooooohhh)

Ryoko: Ryousuke, Zen-kun, and Rere-san are here...
And Dad's going to wake up for sure...
Yeah....we can go back.
We can all go back and eat together.
(Sfx- Poro poro drip drip)

{I don't know if that man known as Kogarashi or Parsley managed to get away.}
Ryoko: Now, let's go back home.
Rere: Yeah, for sure.
Zen: Yup.
{But we had finally managed to come to the end of a very long day.}
Ryoko: Ryousuke, are you hungry?
Ryousuke: Yeah.
What do you want me to make for you when we get home?
{While holding onto our respective feelings...}
(Sfx- Kasaaahh fwap)

{A few weeks later.}
Ryoko: Can you walk, Dad?
Just take it easy.
Kazuo: Man...
I know I'm in recovery, but this makes me feel like I'm ready for a retirement home.
(Handwritten- I'd better make a prosthetic leg soon...)
Ryoko: Your priority seat is right this way.
Kazuo: I'm so jealous of you youngsters and how fast you recover.
(Sfx- haaah)
Ryoko: I can feel the weight in those words...
Ryousuke: Big siiiiis!!!

Ryoko: What's up Ryousuke?
Ryousuke: So, so, y'know what?!
I wanna eat Sushi!!!
Both: Sushi?!
(Sfx- Gashaaannn)
(Sfx- Dara drip)
Ryoko: U—umm...
When you say Sushi, do you mean that thing packed with vinegar rice like this?
Ryousuke: I think so, yeah!
Kazuo: Oh no...those words rocked my soul so hard that the tears came from my mouth rather than eyes and won't stop.

Ryoko: Did you find that flier and want to give it a try?
Ryousuke: Yeah!
It just looks like it's all kinds of fun from what I saw here.
Plus I wanna eat that red thing most of all!
Ryoko: I see...
That's right, Ryousuke you haven't been able to eat sashimi yet have you...
(Handwritten- You were only introduced to rice recently...)
Ryoko: Wh—What should we do...it's been four years since there's been sushi...
Kazuo: We still have rice....
I would like to eat some.
Ryoko: And we can make vinegar. The problem is getting the materials...
(Sfx- Hmmm)
Rere: 'Sup?
Zen: We're back.

Ryoko: Hey! Welcome home.
Zen: Hey Ryoko, listen to this!
We saw some huge foodstuffs swimming in the river!
Rere: And it was like...
thiiiiis big.
Ryoko: That's it!! Where is this river?!
Rere: Whoa.
You wanna eat it that bad?
Zen: What's got you all hungry anyway?
Ryoko: So guys...
How would you feel if I said...
Let's eat some sushi?
(Sfx- ton pat)

Zen: Whaaaat?! We gotta, we just gotta!!
Rere: But the foodstuff is in the water! What are you gonna do?
Ryoko: No worries!
I have this after all!!
Rere: Are you serious Ryoko.
Ryoko: I'll go change in a jiffy!!
(Sfx- Bikuhh poit)
Rere: Whoa.

Ryoko: Um...actually...
Let's just forget about this foodstuff.
Sushi's off.
Rere: Whaa?!
What the hell are you talking about all of a sudden?
Quit sneaking around in there...
Ryoko: Waaaah!! Don't look!!
Rere: Geh.
Just how long have you been wearing that?
Ryoko: Since third grade.....

Zen: Sooo is someone gonna tell me...
Why we came to a department store,
instead of going to the river?
Rere: Obviously we're gonna need outfits that make it easier to move in water.
Zen: I getcha.
Rere: Like hell am I going to wait even longer for sushi when I have had to put up without it for this long already!
We're goin' in.

Zen: Awwright, so what should I wear...
(Handwritten- Anything interesting~)
Rere: You put this on and wait outside.
(Sfx- Zuunnn dooom)
Zen: Eh? Why?
Rere: We haven't changed yet.
And will be changing now.
Which means exactly what it sounds like.
Get it?
Good. That's taken care of.
Ryoko: Rere-san...
(Handwritten- So forceful..)
Ryoko: Hmmm, so the largest one should be over this way I think...

Rere: What are you looking for?
Ryoko: One that's a size bigger!
Rere: Listen, I get that school has a strong impression on you, okay?
But the real challenge for you this time around is...
(Sfx- Dohhh)
Ryoko: Whaaaaaaat?!
I can't possibly wear something that embarassing!!
Rere: But you're always fighting with your bellybutton showing??
Ryoko: N—Not because I want people to see it?!
Besides there's one other issue here....

Ryoko: Whenever I look at that...that thing....
I start thinking about how it looks like underwear and can't put it on!!
(Handwritten- Haaaaaaah)
Rere: But whenever you're doing laundry, I see you trying on my clothes that are way more revealing and admiring yourself in the mirror?
(Sfx- Gikuhhh gulp)
Ryoko: Y—you knew about that?!
Rere: This is your chance to be more of an adult, y'know?
I'll even pick one out for you.
Ryoko: But that one just doesn't suit me....
Rere: Ugh, it's not like people are gonna care in times like these...
So what are you freaking out ov--
(Handwritten- coarse)
(Sfx- Hah)
Rere: People...?

Rere: No way....Ryoko?
Zen: Seven, eiiiiight, niiiiiine.
(Sfx- Baah fwap)
(Sfx- Moyaaah)
Zen: Ahahaha! That looks weird!
Man I'm having a blast messing around with these shadows.
Rere: Hey whitey, sorry for chasing you out earlier.
(Sfx- Zaahh sfft)
Zen: Oh?

Rere: Been waitin' long?
Zen: Ryoko, you're wearing something mighty nostalgic there...
Where's your swimsuit?

Ryoko: Y—You're not allowed to see it.
(Sfx- Jijijijijiji siiiiilence)
Zen: Uh?
(Sfx- Gopopopopo blooosh)
(Side text- Next issue, swimsuits and then sushi.)
To be continued in issue 26 (Out Wednesday May 29th.)

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