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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 8, 2019 19:02 | Go to RYOKO

-> RTS Page for RYOKO 41

Man, I think I'm actually rusty. This took a lot longer than I wanted it to. Guess I really need to get back to translating something more than tweets.

(Top text- Eating Sushi at the end of the world. The dinner table battle action manga!)
(Side text: Volume four of the manga is now out in stores everywhere!!)

(Sfx- Oooooohhhhh)
(Bottom text- A King Salmon after 4 years of training makes his appearance...!!)
Rere: Whoa! A body of bones? That's pretty friggin' rough!!
Zen: Whoa, for Rere to be talking about another girl's body as rough....
Rere: I'm obviously talking about the salmon, dumbass.
(Sfx- Paaan thok)
Zen: Oh right.
Ryoko: I never would have imagined you'd strike down a fellow Salmon...
Just what were you thinking?

King: Oh that?
It is a simple matter, really.
Rushing a long distance over the waves and testing my mettle by waging life or death battles, my swordplay has...
come to yearn for the souls of larger prey.
And then I remembered that I had a former friend...
Who often boasted about his scales that no-one could break.
Which is to say we are sword and shield.
It only makes sense...my path is one that I must continue testing myself.
{He only did it to test himself?}

King: But more importantly....
You were able to render my certain kill blade “Katsuobushitou”s strike ineffective.
That more than anything else proves that you have true mettle.
(TN- His sword art? Blade? Style's name is kind of a pun. “Katsuobushi” is small pieces of sliced bonito. The “bushi” in this can also mean warrior, which is why I didn't translate it directly.)
King: There isn't a single being that has been able to block my second attack.
Take this.
Rere: What's with this dude and suddenly making this sound like a one-on-one fight?
Hellooo? I'm right here!!
King: I suppose you are.
(Sfx- Zooohhh)

Ryoko: Get down everyone!
(Sfx- Fuhhhh shffft)
(Sfx- Zuugaaaaaan craaaaaash)

Zen: Ouch!!
Rere: Wah!!
He was able to cut that much with just his will power!!
Zen: Wh—whoa...
(Sfx- Zuzuzuzuzhhhhh)
{There's no way my blade could take that...}
King: You dodged it...
but your instincts are sharp.
Rere: Dammit, we'll see how calm you are when we counterattack!!
Zen: Yeah! Let's show him what we've got!

King: I have no interest in anyone other than warriors.
But try if you wish.
Rere: You said it now, fishface!!
(Sfx- Gagagagaga thoomthoom)
King: Hmph.
(Sfx- Baahhh fwapp)
{He didn't soak it up with his scales....he actually avoided it?!}
(Sfx- Dahhh wifffff)
King: This sensation...so you must be the germ, huh?

Zen: Bloody Swing!!!
King: Hmph.
(Sfx- Baahhh fwaaap)
King: Using your blood.....quite clever, Germ!!
Zen: Rere!! He's above me!
Rere: Just a sec.
{If he's in the air, then I can blast away all I want and not have to worry about hitting an ally.}
Rere: You can't get away from my shots up there!!
(Sfx- Don don thoom thooom)

(Sfx- Gikaaaannn clannng)
Zen: Noaaaaah!!
Rere: He swung his sword and the shockwave reflected the bullets?!
How the hell is that even possible?!
King: You are only dulling my blade.
Rere: Geh?!

King: Guuhh!!
Ryoko: Rere-san get away from here quickly.
Rere: My bad!
(Sfx- Tataahh)
Rere: How'd your katana have an effect?
Ryoko: He dodged the gunfire.
So I was right that his scales when compared to the previous King Salmon are weaker.

King: Ho...how could you...
To abandon your blade....your soul itself...!!
This is a foolish act not befitting a warrior!!
You have disappointed me, woman!!!
(Sfx- Suhhh sffft)
(Sfx- Kaaan tok)
(Sfx- Kankankankankn clopclopclop)

(Sfx- Fuuunnn fwhooom)
(Sfx- Kan clop)
(Sfx- Zuugaaaah thoooom)
(Sfx- Gaririririrrih grinnnnnnd)
(Sfx- Gahhh shffft)

Ryoko: It's true your swordplay is fiercely strong.
And there's no way I could take it on.
If you've got your four years of mastery of the blade,
I've got my single body and different ways of hunting all kinds of foodstuffs to smack you down with!!

(Sfx- Zuraaaaaaah dssssssh)
King: Incredible...

Rere: Awesome!! You're amazing Ryoko!!
Ryoko: Forget about that and find me a towel, quick!!
Rere: Aww, just let it go already! What's been seen has been seen! And you're cute!
You think so too, right Whitey?
Zen: Y—yeah, I guess.
Rere: There ya go! Now Ryoko let's head back and get that rice cooking!
Ryoko: Ugh...Rere-san...
Rere: We're gonna drink till we're plastered Ryoko!!
Ryoko: Not till I'm of age!

???: Ooooh! Sushi!!!
Ryousuke: Yay!! Thanks so much big sis!!
Ryoko: Heheh! Dig in!
Rere: Yeah! Let's hurry up and get started!
Ryoko: Well then...
Thanks for the food!!

(Text- So gooooooddd!!)
Kazuo: Ahhh...it's like right now I can see nature and the milky way after four long years...
Rere: You probably used too much wasabi sauce...
Ryoko: I haven't tasted this since elementary school....
???: Oh? Is that sushi?
Ryoko: It sure is...
???: Can I try one?
Ryoko: Of course! Eat up, please!
???: Then, here I go.
Ryoko: Huh?
???: Nuhahahah, man this is awesome.

???: That you've matured enough to hunt down something as strong as salmon...
makes me really happy.
That's my student for ya!
(Side text- Ryoko's master has returned!! The story is moving at breakneck speed!!)
(Next issue is a break.)

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