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Saike Once Again 113

A normal Will.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 30, 2019 17:57 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 113

This chapter was chilling to translate. How many of us have lived our lives steadfast to this idea of "normal" just to realize in the end it doesn't do us a damn bit of good? It's less Will's ambitions that make this more than it is the real life implications around them. Even Fukuchi had to assure people that he wasn't writing this from a place of experience which says a lot. Also, welcome to Saike volume #13. Hoping to do two chapters a day until it's done.

Chaotic scans only


Take 113: A normal Will
Take 114: Cistern of the Heart
Take 115: Just you wait.
Take 116: Feudal Lord's castle
Take 117: Clue.
Take 118: Landfall.
Take 119: Five minute rooms
Take 120: Pain.
Take 121: Corrosion.
Take 122: Full Moon


Take 113: A normal Will.

(Sfx- Babababa fwapfwapfwap)

Will: I'll tell you Saike.
Everything about me.
About this 100 year scheme...
To get my hands on the “Akashic records”.

Saike: Will....
What are you saying?
Will: Heh.
(Sfx- Gyuoohhh fwhooom)
(Sfx- Donnn thoom)
(Sfx- Baaashiihhh snap)

Mikan: Sa......
(Sfx- Baaaan slaam)

Mikan: Saikeeeeeeee!!!
(Sfx- Babababa fwapfwapfwap)

(Sfx- Bababababa whooooom)
Will: Sorry.
Didn't mean to forcefully bring you in like that.
Now then.
What should I start with first?
Hizu: How about why just us?
Is there something that you couldn't say in front of everyone?

Will: What I'm about to talk about are my memories.
It's not the kind of thing you wax on about before a crowd, y'know?
But the two of you have been dancing in the palm of my hand.
So you get special permission to hear this.
Besides if I leave Saike alone he'll just go and repeat “today”.
Which is to say I'd lose the Akashic records that I worked so hard to get, no?

Saike: Just what is the...
Akashic Records?
Will: It is the world itself.
Everything that has happened since the planet came from the cosmos..
All of humanity's experiences and emotions.
A record of any and all phenomenon.

Will: Whomever looks at what is contained in here..
Will become “God”.
After all they'll know everything about the world.
Saike: So are you saying you want to become God?
Will: Pfft...

Will: Ahaahahahahaha!
Me? God?
What would be fun about that?
Inside of this thing...
Is an unfathomable amount of information.
If all of this were to be compressed into the mind of a human, what do you think would happen?

Will: They'd be unable to bear the sheer volume of information.
Their brain would rupture and they'd die.
Being God for a moment at best....
Isn't worth it.
Hizu: Saike.
There's no reason to listen to this brat prattle on.
Let's just kick his ass and land this helicopter.
Will: I'd advise against that, actually.

Will: Should something happen to me...
Calim has been automatically programmed to crash this helicopter.
Brainwashing is a convenient thing~
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Will: But hey, if one of you two knows how to fly a helicopter then that changes things.

Saike: Why...
Why would you do something like this?
Will: Ah so you finally feel like hearing about that huh?
Awwright, let me tell you.
Let's take a visit back in time...about 120 years.
I was born in the countryside in the state of Pennsylvania in America.
(Sfx- Korokorokoro rollll)

Will: You called me a “brat” just now, but the truth is....
Despite my looks I'm your senior by 120 years.
Though that really shouldn't be a shock, should it?
There are all kinds of ability users around the world.
(Sfx- Pin flick)
(Sfx- Pakuh chomp)
Will: I have a comrade....
Who has the ability to de-age others.
(Sfx- Korokoro rooool)

Will: But let's start with the story of me before I met them.
{As a child I was as 'normal' a boy as they come.}
{Though in honesty it wasn't a normal kind of 'normal'.}
{Everything about me was 'average'.}
{I wasn't extraordinary good or bad at anything.}
{My grades weren't exceptional –each grading period on a scale of A-C I was an average “All B's”.}
(Note- Will is a good boy who doesn't bother others and greets people kindly.)
{Even my teacher's comments were as cliched and tepid as they come.}
{I never had any major gaffes or did anything wrong either...}
{But I also didn't stand out in any way either.}

{I had no special skills and after a while I didn't particularly have any dreams or ambitions either.}
{I just went to school normally and then found a job normally.}
{I wasn't a fast talker so being a Salesman seems like it'd fit me least but...}
{I figured it works and went with it.}
{However when I was 30 years old...}
Will: An elementary school class reunion, huh?
Y'know, I haven't seen Bill and Mike for years now.
I wonder how our teacher Mr. Abe is doing?
Will: Hey Bill! Been a while, huh?
(Handwritten- Ah! Mr. Abe seems to be doing well too!)
Will: Huh?
{I couldn't believe it.}

{Not a single person there remembered me.}
Bill: H—hey?
Someone: Who's he?
Someone else: Dunno...
{My friends, and even my teacher....}
(Sfx- Zawa zawa zawa whisper whisper whisper)
{Turns out I only got an invitation because my name was on a past list of registered students and the mailing was done automatically.}
{In essence, I who was completely normal existed in a “void”.}
Will: People have at least one charm associated with them, you see.
Of course those who are talented have it...
And even those who are bad people conversely have charm in their wrongdoing.
I thought back about it and I never really had any results at work...
and hadn't even been able to get a lover.
{I don't really wanna buy anything from you for some reason...}
{I don't feel any kind of charm or chemistry towards you.}
Will: It's because everything about me was simply “normal”.

{It was then I realized...}
{If this keeps up...}
{Will I be killed 'normally'...?}
{But why?}
{What did I do to deserve something like that?}
{Because I'm normal?}
{All because of normalcy?}
{I didn't bother anyone?}
{Why am I the only one at a disadvantage?}
{It's not my fault! The ones at fault here are those who didn't acknowledge me!!}
{That's right, I didn't do anything wrong.....!}
{They're the ones who should recognize me!!}

{Something inside of me snapped.}
Will: Bill...
It's me....
Bill: Huh?
Will: It's me Will!!
We used to play together a long time ago!!
Bill: H—hey!!
I'm telling you I don't re--
It's you Will.
Hey everyone!!
Will's here!!

Bill: It's Will!
Didn't we used to play with him as kids?!
Will! Good ol' Will!!
Didn't we used to play with him as kids?!
It's Will!!
Didn't we used to play with him as kids?!
Will: H—Hey Bill...what's the matter?
{At first I didn't understand what was happening.}

Will: I'm Will.
Lady: Ooh! Will!
It's been a while!
{But then I understood.}
{It was like God was watching...}
{And gave me a 'gift”.}
“Heart breaker”.
My ability like an egg had hatched in that moment.
(Sfx- Korokoro rooolll)

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