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Saike Once Again 114

Cistern of the Heart.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 30, 2019 18:00 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 114

Here's #2. I realize that's a really esoteric translation for the chapter title but it sounds cool so I went with it. Could see it being vetoed by other parties though, heh.

Chaotic scans only

Will: That was the moment where my ability “Heart Breaker” was born.
It was from that moment on that my life did an about face.
Everyone and anyone would do whatever I said.
My job and my love-life would go exactly as I wished.
Take 114: Cistern of the Heart.

Will: I surrendered myself to my “heart breaker”
as if I intended to take back the entirety of my life until that point.
I used it to gain both status and prestige.
Saike: And it wasn't any fun was it?
You made yourself a world of lies by getting things through brainwashing.
In the end not a single person sees you for who you really are.

Will: Heheh....
Right on the money, Saike.
At a glance it looked as if I was getting esteem from like minded co-workers.
But there was nothing like “respect” in their eyes.
At another glance it looked as if my sweet words were enticing to women...
But that is not “love”.
I knew that.

Will: All of it...
was fiction.
It was as if my heart couldn't be satisfied.
Of course not, they were all lies after all.
It's the same as trying to fill up a cistern with a hole in it. No matter how much water you have it'll never fill.
I soon learned the limit of my ability.
{I had spent around 10 years...}
{Living freely and doing whatever I want without recourse...}
{But the cistern of my heart could never be filled or satisfied.}

Butler: Lord Will, here is today's paper.
{It was a tiny article at the end of the newspaper that caught my interest.}
{Selling youth. For those who have money but not much time left. I'll be awaiting phone calls from those who want to be more than ordinary.}

{I just wanted to kill some time...}
{So on a whim I decided to go meet with this man.}
Dude: Heheheh, so what'll it be boss?
It's just as I said. I've got me the ability to turn back tha' clock and make people younger, that I do.
{His name was Baccus.}
{And before me he had several frog tadpoles.}
{He was an oracle holder.}
{It was my first time meeting someone with abilities other than myself, but...}
{I could tell by instinct.}
Baccus: I'd recommend somewhere around your 20's, yessir.
Cause if you return to that age, your looks and physical strength are at their peak!
You can celebrate your youth~

Will: Six years old....
Baccus: Huh?
Will: Can you make me “6 years old” again?
Baccus: S---6 years old?
I—I wouldn't recommend it, boss.
At six years old you're just a youngun without social status, your body is undeveloped and you're too young to enjoy anything.
Normally you'd wanna...
Will: I don't want “normal.”
Baccus: Huh?
Will: I've been thinking this for a while.
If at all possible I'd like to free myself of “normalcy”.

Will: Say for example if you were able to do factorization as a middle school student that'd be “normal”.
But if a 6 year old were to do it, then...
The entire world would refer to that child as...
A “genius.”
Another one for you, if 10 years of piano practice was mastered by a six year old....
Or if a six year old learned ten years of medical knowledge....?
Would that be “normal”?
In short I want to be able to do what an adult would normally....
But as a child.

Will: That is anything but “normal”.
{And so I who gained the body of a six year old...}
{Once again made a happy miscalculation.}
Will: Thanks.
Here's your payment.
Baccus: You sure are a scary one, mister.

{I retained my “heart breaker” even when I returned to a child's body!}
(Sfx- Gyuuhh grnd)
Will: From now on your are my slave.
In a year you'll make me a year old again.
I will return to being six years old for eternity.
You aren't allowed to die or anything else.
Baccus: As you wish....
{In 50 years from then...}
{The world had changed greatly.}

{I'd learn something, de-age...}
{And then go and learn something else in my youth.}
{There was no need for me to be a genius.}
{I just did what I'd do normally.}
{And it was through this that I became known as a “Child prodigy.”}
{It was the greatest high.}
{I was as ordinary as could be but everyone admired me.}
{The best part? I didn't even have to work hard for it.}
{I just kept existing as an eternal six-year-old.}
{And my heart's cistern...}
{Was full before I realized it.}

Will: Cough...!
Pardon me...
I thought everything was going well.
However, the world isn't quite so simple.
Saike: Will...

Will: I believe you know well, Saike...
That the human brain does not look kindly on time slips.
Although my body had become younger....
My brain (and memories) were continuously on overdrive.
That dislocation rots away at the body.
You know how it goes, Saike.
Ultimately the brain only has a capacity for so much.
It's like the “memory” of a PC.
Both the PC's memory and a human's brain are similar in that they have limits to what they can hold.

{But I didn't want to give up.}
{I wouldn't let go of my happiness.}
{I took control of all sorts of people and investigated...}
{A means of destroying this detestable situation of mine.}
{And then ten years later I finally arrived at an answer.}
Will: That's right....
The “Akashic records”.

Saike: The Akashic Records??
So then why?!
What inside of there could you possibly be interested in?!
If you know everything...
Then the overwhelming amount of data will cause your brain to rupture and you'd die....
Will: That's right.
But I don't want what's inside.
I want the container itself.
If the brain is a “PC” then....

Will: This here is a “Super hi density external hard drive”.
A handy-dandy little item that can magnify the scope of what memories the human brain can store~
With this I can continue to live my eternal youth as a “child prodigy”!!
I can continuously turn back the clock on my days of bliss!!

Saike: To be known as a “child prodigy”
That's it?
That's....all this is for?
Will: Yup.
Saike: Kuroda...
Went through the effort of risking his life gathering partners to save his sister...
Will: Yeah.
Saike: Johann...
For the sake of Sumire-san protected other oracle holders....

Will: Your point?
Saike: And you for...
For such a self-centered reason....
Johann and Kuroda....?
For this...?

Will: Yeah-huh.
Because I'm a “Child prodigy” don'tcha knoow~?

(Sfx- Kata kata shiver)
{Totally different from Kuroda and Johann.}
{He's truly...}

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