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Saike Once Again 121


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 4, 2019 19:16 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 121

#1 For today and the penultimate chapter of volume #13. Not much to say here other than ouch does that look painful.

Chaotic scans only

Take 121: Corrosion.

Will: Pf..
That was fast!!
Those two were taken out in record time!!
Did'ya see Calim?!
Johann acting all calm...
and Ana acting all flustered!!
(Handwritten- Heeehee)
(Handwritten- She was like “Don't get any closer!”)

Will: And here I was thinking they'd last a little longer than that...
But they failed expectations so hard that it's actually boring?
(Handwritten- Man that was hilarious.)
{He's a guy...}
{I respect more than anyone else.}
{What the hell..}
{Are all of them nutcases?}
{Why are they doing so much and going so far for perfect strangers?}
{You're me before I met Saike.}

(Sfx- Giriihh grip)
{Since they met Saike...?}
{So that's what caused them to change?}
{Just what's so great about that brat anyway?}
{Without his oracle he's basically noth--}

{Basically nothing....?}
Will: Saike's quite resilient.
Especially considering he can't use his oracle on this island....
His eyes...
They scream. “Even without my oracle, I have no intention of losing”.

Will: But how long will he last against Sieg,
With “that oracle”?
(Sfx- Hyyoooohhh whoooom)
(Sfx- Shaauhh thok)
(Sfx- Bakiii crack)
(Sfx- Zatsuhhh ssshhht)

(Sfx- Hah hah hah)
Sieg: You did it again.
You were able to slightly your center...
Kid, do you have martial arts experience?
Saike: Martial arts, huh...
I don't no.
It's just...
I've had several run ins and confrontations with a “pro boxer” and a “practitioner of karate” that I couldn't avoid.
I've just gotten pretty decent at learning by “seeing”.

Sieg: I see.
You're an opponent that'll be a bit troublesome to take out without using my oracle.
(Sfx- Bouhh fwhoomph)
Sieg: You use your oracle as well.
From now on is the main event.
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmmmble)
Sieg: I have the same “Time manipulation” oracle.
So this fight should be rather interesting.

(Sfx- Gaooohhh fwhoooom)
Saike: Whoa!
(Sfx- Zatshh sfft)
(Sfx- Zukii throb)

(Sfx- Beroonn bloop)
(Sfx- Becha splat)
(Sfx- Dododododo rmmmmm)
Saike: Wha...?
Sieg: Is this the first time you've seen your flesh?
(Sfx- Gugu gugu)
Sieg: I can rot any material at all....
By simply touching it.

Sieg: And whatever I have corroded away cannot be healed by even the most talented surgeons.
You have a wound that will never recover.
Sieg: Not being able to recover is beauty itself.
(Sfx- Zatsuh Zatsuh shfft shfft)
Sieg: In this world the most beautiful means of distruction...
Is corrosion.
Saike :Aagghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
(Sfx- Bechohh plorp)
Sieg: My oracle forcefully advances the “time” on whatever I touch causing it to rot.
(Sfx- Kun kun Sniff sniff)
Sieg: Even I can't reverse this effect.

Sieg: A pity--

(Sfx- Dogooohhh WHOMP)

Sieg: Wh...
(Sfx- Zuzaaahhhh thud)
Saike: I won't be able to recover?
So what?
(Sxf- Zaatsuhhh sfft)
(Sfx- Gujuuh sting)
(Sfx- Zatsuh shhhft)

Saike: Losing a close friend would be a wound....
That would be far more severe than this flesh wound, and one I'd for sure never recover from.
Not being able to recover is beauty?
Screw that!!!
Saike: I will take Hizu-kun back!!
If I can't redo this day, then we'll just have to save him “today”!!!
If you intend to stop me then go ahead and try.

Saike: Your ability will never...
Be able to corrode my heart!!


Sieg: Heheh...
So I can't corrode your heart you say?
Now that you've gone and said that I've become that much more interested...
(Sfx- Puhh spit)
Sieg: In...
Corroding that heart of yours.
Saike: I'd like to see you try, rotten bastard.

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