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Mahoujin Guru Guru 5

North Town 1

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 12, 2019 21:09 | Go to Mahoujin Guru Guru

-> RTS Page for Mahoujin Guru Guru 5

This was mostly done to show that I haven't forgotten about it. I would like to get back to translating this more often, tbh.

Chapter 5: North Town 1

{Thanks to Kukuri's offensive magic 'Lizard's tail” our heroes were able to defeat their first enemy “Kaseki”.}
{Their first battle complete, the two had....}
Nike: We somehow managed to start an adventure...
But it really would be good for me to learn how to use a sword..
{Various thoughts in their minds.}
Kukuri: My magic really isn't any good...
I've got to do better to learn more about the guruguru....
{However it is with these feelings that their long journey begins.}
Nike: I'm starving.
I wish I were rich.
Kukuri: I wanna take a bath...
and wear pretty clothes.

(Sfx- Gashaah swissh)
Old guy: Oh wonderful!! Beautiful!!
Amazing! Simply amazing!!
You two really are the saviors of this world!!
Why you could even be legends!!
You're heroeeeeeeees!!!
(Sfx- Pon Pon whwffft wffft)
(Sfx- Pon pon pop pop)
(Sfx- Buruburuburu wfffwffff)
(Sfx- Zozozozozo shhhhhh)
Old guy: Heroes heroes
(Sfx- Don poke)
{Kukuri became frightened!}

Kukuri: Ah! I just without thinking.....
But who is he?
Nike: Just some old dude. Don't worry about it.
Old guy: I'm the mayor of North town.
I have to thank you somehow...
Nike: Have you been hurt good sir?!
{The Hero has flip-flopped!!}
{And so they head to North town.}
Mayor: You can see it now....
At the foot of “Saw mountain” is North town.
{And soon arrive.}
Nike: That's North town!!
Kukuri: Ooh it's....

Nike: Clearly cursed.
Mayor: Yup, it sure is.
(Sfx- Mowaaaan)
Nike: So uh, if you'll excuse us...
(Sfx- Gabaaah grab)
Mayor: I'm begging you to give us a hand here! A monster living in Saw mountain has cursed us!!
I'm sure that the two of you can save our quaint little town!!
Heeeey villagers! The hero has arrived!!!
(Sfx- Puooooh beooooh)
{The Mayor called his allies!}
Nike: Wh—where'd you get that conch from?!
Ahhh!! The villagers are...!!
{The villagers appeared.}
Everyone: Heeeero!!!
(Sfx- Dodododdodo)
(Sfx- Washooi Waashooi Hip hop hurray!!)

(Sign- The hero has come!! Traveling hero arrival party)
Kukuri: They're sure making a big deal of this, Mr. Hero...
Nike: Well it is what it is, I guess...
(Sfx- Gaya gaya gaya rabble rabble)
(Sfx- Paku Paku chew chew)
(Handwritten- Juice.)
Mayor: Now then, don't hold back. Eat your fill!
Today was a simple town fest but we're changing it to your welcoming party.
Now that you're here our city is saved!!
(Sfx- Ahahahaah)
Kukuri: It's like a kung fu movie.
Mayor: The kitakita dance handed down through our town has begun!
(Sfx- Pi hyurara)
Nike: Um...we don't really need all of that, so if you could just tell us what you want...
Kukuri: Pfft.
Mayor: You heard the man. That's enough.
Old man: Huh?
(Sfx- Gannn)
{He had been practicing this for three days!!}

Mayor: You'll be headed toward “Saw Mountain” there.
{Saw mountain.}
Mayor: For some time now we've gathered “stardust” from that mountain.
Nike: Huh? Stars? You mean from the sky?
Mayor: That's right. Shooting stars go across the sky and pile up there.
{The one who discovered the stardust is the first king of ancient kingdom who used those proceedings to create North town and then increase the country's prominence.}
{Ulga the first.}
{The 'stardust' can also be used to create weapons of the finest caliber –and can only be gathered from Saw mountain.}
Mayor: However lately there have been monsters lurking around that mountain.
It's because of them that the city has been cursed with never-ending fog and thick grass.
Please, no matter what it takes you have to eradicate those monsters!!
If you can do that we'll give you the hidden treasure passed down in our town.

Nike: Maan....
Can we even pull off a job that big?
Kukuri: I wonder what the monsters of the mountain are like?
Hm? I think someone is nearby.
Nike: At this time of night? Is it a monster?
Kukuri: Mmm, It doesn't seem like it.
It's across from that house...
Nike: Maybe it's a spirit creeping from house to house in this town at night all the while moaning...
“Give me your experience poooooints”
Kukuri: Kyaaaaaaah!!!
(Sfx- Pyooonnn bounce)

???: And who's creeping around!?
Nike: Ah...
(Sfx- Kasaah sfft)
???: Good evening “Hero”.
It wasn't my intent to surprise you....I just find you interesting.
My name is “Zaza” and this here is my little sister “Migu” who is accompanied by “Toma”.
Migu: Do you really intend on exterminating the monsters in the mountain?
Nike: Er...something like that...
I am a hero after all!!
(Sfx- Dooooon)
Toma: He's pretty upfront in antagonizing you.
Zaza: “Hero” huh? Heh heh heh....
Nike: Huh? What's so funny??

Zaza: My sister's tickling me on the side.
(Sfx- Dahahahah)
Nike: Could you tell her to stop that, maybe?
Zaza: In any case, I don't believe in anyone who came from Ancient kingdom.
Nike: Oh? Why's that?
Zaza: Now if you show me some magic I MIGHT believe you.
(Handwritten- Acting like a big shot.)
Nike: I asked you a question!!
Migu: Big bro is a magic maniac who wants to see a spell or two.
Why, even last night he...
What are you doing big brother?
Zaza: FIRRRE!!
You idiot! Don't tell them anything else!!
(Handwritten- Completely outed!!)
(Handwritten- You guys...)
Toma: I wanna see magic too!
Nike: You heard 'em Kukuri. Give 'em a show.
Kukuri: Huh?!
Everyone: Yaaay!!
(Sfx- Pachi pachi pachi Clap clap clap)

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)
Kukuri: I was somehow able to draw in the ground...
Migu: You don't need magic spells?!
Zaza: Shhh!! Don't be so loud!
Kukuri: Please back up, it's dangerous....
Migu: It's soooo much fun to have everyone gathered out here at night~
I'm 9 years old. How old are you Nike?
Nike: Huh? Uh, 13.
Toma: Hey, so since we're all out here how about some scary stories?
(Sfx- Gayaah)
Zaza: Hey! Quit trying to turn this into a party!!
(Sfx- Biyuuunn baboooing)

Toma: Wh---what was that magic just now.
It looked like a fire dug into the ground or something...
Migu: It happened so fast I didn't see.
(Sfx- Zawa zawa hustlebustle)
(Handwritten- Burnt.)
Migu: Big brother, what's wrong?
(Sfx- Wanawana)
Migu: Looks like he's too choked up to move.
Nike: Uh, he looks more terrified to me.
Kukuri: How strange. When there aren't any monsters present it should just stand straight up on the ground..
I wonder where it went?
Migu: Awww do it again!!
{Manbeast: Tatejiwa Mouse.}
(Sfx- Dododooon)

Mouse: Hmmm, what a raggedy looking town.
Is the “hero” really here?
No idea....but it was here that “Kasegi” was defeated.
“Kasegi” was an idiot unlike us.
{Tatejiwa Surprise attack platoon leader.}
We were wise enough to attack the hero in the middle of the night like this.
In any case, Lord Giri has said that the “guruguru” is more important than the hero.
(Sfx- Bokoohh fwoop)
Mouse: Guruguru? Does that even exist?
(Sfx- Bokohh Bokooh bokohh fwhooop whoop)
Mouse: Whether it exists or not doesn't matter. It has the potential to become a great enemy to the “power of darkness”.
Though I say this, it's tiring to put on airs like this....
Yeah, I don't really get what's going on even if I'm the one saying it.
I can't promise anything.
Now then!!
Let us go and kill the hero!!
(Sfx- Zunnnnn whooom)

(Sfx- Bokuhhh fhwooop)
Mouse: Eh?!
{Guruguru LV1 magic: Land Snake. Usage accompanies the fire symbol 'triangle' It is a fire snake that reacts to sound and digs through the earth. It is a magic used to attack any monsters it hears.}
Kukuri: Awwright.
I'll do it one more time!
Make sure you're paying attention!
Everyone: Yaaaay!!
Nike: This should be more favorable to her magic...
Though will it help her in battle to do it in a gathering of people....?
Kukuri: Ah...
I messed it up.

{The next day...}
Mayor: As expected of the hero!!
He's already defeated the monsters!!
(Sfx- Gaya gaya gaya)
Mayor: But....they sure look like fools.
This is unique even for monsters.
Moreover, what the devil is that?
(Sfx- Hahahahaha)
Nike: Uhhh don't worry about it! It's uh, uh, a guardian spirit!
Kukuri: That's right! It's not dangerous or anything so...
Nike: Hey how long is that failure sticking around?
(Sfx- Hahahahaha)
Kukuri: Hmmm about three days?
...If we're lucky.
(Sfx- Zann tap)

Zaza: Good morning Sir Hero?
(Sfx- Soobiiii)
(Sfx- Jaaaaan)
Nike: Huh?
Zaza: The magic we saw you use last night...
It was terrifying but I was moved to tears!!
Nike: Can't discourage this one, nope.
Zaza: Now then! We have a monster in the mountains to fight, don't we?
Nike: H—hey, are you serious?!
Zaza: Let's go!! Off to Saw mountain!!
{They've become allies with the town children!}

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