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Saike Once Again 123

Save and Continue

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 9, 2019 19:15 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 123

Time for me to pick up my last save and continue where I left off. It's highly unlikely I'll finish Saike before the end of the year, but I can make it one of the first things I complete in 2020 maybe.

Chaotic scans only

Take 123: Save and Continue
Take 124: 5 second rooms (2)
Take 125: Pain (2)
Take 126: Corrosion (2)
Take 127: Corrosion (3)
Take 128: Ringleader
Take 129: Light.
Take 130: Monster
Take 131: What is “normal”?
Take 132: Prophecy

Take 123: Save and Continue.
{What save point would you like to continue from?}
{One hour earlier, 2 hours earlier, 3 hours earlier.}
(Sfx- Pihh beep)

(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(Sfx- Kacha click)
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
{You will resume your adventure from three hours earlier.}

Take 123: Save and Continue.

{Before entering Will's mansion...}
Ana: Dammit we've only got one more hour until the full moon rises!!
If we don't hurry then Hizu's done for....!!
Johann: Calm down Ana.
Silva's doing everything in his power to find Will's hideout.
It's 100 times better than trying to search randomly on our own.
Ana: We say we're searching but these are “resort grounds” ya'know?!

Ana: There are tons of vacation houses here where one can see the sunset!!
There's even a heliport!!!
It's not like we can go door to door asking folks “Hey, Does Will live here”?!
Saike: It'll be okay Ana.
Hizu-kun broke their helicopter wide open.
If we can confirm it's their helicopter then we'll know it's their hideout for sure.
(Sfx- Shyururuh wwwfft)
(Sfx- Basaaah fwap)
Saike: Wha?!
Silva: Everyone...I need you to be calm and listen.
???: Silva.

Calim: Let me do the talking.
Everyone: Ca...

Ana: Silva, why'd you bring Calim here...?!
Calim: I'm not here to pick a fight.
Saike: What's going on here?
I mean...aren't you on Will's side....
Calim: I wonder how I should explain it?
Well, to begin...
You all will be killed...
By Will's henchmen after you leave here.
Saike: Ho--
How could you know...
Calim: Because I do.
I saw it with my own two eyes.

Calim: I've returned.
With the same ability as yours.
I received the oracle to “Reverse time”
Four months back....
The same day that I fought Hizu.

Calim: Before I left the scene,
I was bitten by the Lesser Panda.
The oracle to “Turn normal people into oracle users”
Which is to say any person bitten by it in turn gains an oracle.
Saike: Ah...
Calim: Back then I had a strong affinity –a wish to be a hero.
{Now give up.}
{You've lost.}

{I lost?}
{There are no 'Game Overs' for the hero.}
{No matter how many times he's defeated all he has to do is 'Continue'.}
{No matter how many times he's defeated all he has to do is 'Continue'.}
Calim: The Lesser Panda awakened an “oracle” based on those thoughts of mine.
That would be this...
{“Save and Continue” --The Hero's privilege.}
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmmmble)

Saike: Sa---
Save and Continue....
Calim: I said that we have the same oracle....
But actually it's slightly different.
My oracle is an “auto save” type.
(Sfx- Kachi kachi click click)
Calim: So about ever hour the save function kicks in automatically,
and I can choose a save point from where I'd like to continue from.
However I can only choose three save points to return to.
{What save point would you like to continue from?}
{1: The time before, 2: The time before, 3: The time before}
(Sfx- Viiinn veeen)
Calim: And the furthest back I can start from is 3 hours before.

Calim: So I have returned us to a point and time three hours before hand...
after you were all killed in Will's villa.
I figured you all would be looking for a helicopter.
So I waited for Silva to show up,
and had him bring me to you.
Ana: I don't get you!
If that oracle is the real deal...
Then why would you come here to us?!

Calim: So that I could tell you everything that will happen after this.
Knowing you with this information
you could probably find a means to change the results.
Whether you believe me or not is up to you.
I'm just going to tell you what I know.
(Sfx- Pachi sst)
Calim: And with that I've told you,
everything that I saw that'll happen in the future.

Ana: And how are we supposed to believe you?!
You get absolutely nothing out of telling us...
Their abilities and how they use them!!
Calim: You're right...
It's weird really...
Even I'm not really sure why I'm doing this in all honesty.
Saike: Hizu told me....
That you're a person...
Who needs saving, Calim.

Saike: If someday my voice will beat down on the wedge that'll break Calim's chains....
Then losing my sight isn't a big deal....he said.
It seems...
His voice really did reach you.
So I believe you....
The one that Hizu believes in.

Saike: Let's fight together,
Calim: I'll pray your ridiculous optimism...
doesn't betray you someday.

Calim: I no longer have an obligation to use my power for anyone.
Be it you...
or Will.
So make sure you get your act together and don't die this time.
{Thank you Calim.}

{You will restart.}
{You will resume your adventure from three hours earlier.}
{By doing so you will burn away some of your lifespan. Is this okay?}
(TN- I can't really read the last bubble, but It looks like it's a repeat of the “Burning away your lifespan” one.)
{I thought for sure I'd never use...}
{An oracle with a stupid amount of risk like this one.}
{Especially when it's not for my sake.}

(Sfx- Guhh gripp)
Calim: The hero leveled up!!
(Sfx- Tetetetete dadadadadadaaa)
Calim: He learned the special skill “For someone else's sake!”
Just kidding~
{Thanks Hizu...}
{Good Luck Saike.}
Saike: Okay, I've devised a plan based on the information Calim gave us.
In honesty? It's pretty messy and I can't guarantee things will work out well.
What do you guys wanna do?

Ana: Let's give it a spin.
Silva: We feel the same way.
Saike: Thanks guys.
But this time we can't expect any miracles.
This time is the real deal!!
The final battle take two!!

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